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The Most Wanted


Although I'm interested in the majority of jingles offered to me by other collectors, here now follows in no particular order a list of jingle packages, jingles and production that I'm specifically after full and clean copies of:

Wessex FM
Airforce "Greatest Memories/Latest Hits" Re-Sings
Wessex FM had some custom Airforce cuts produced. However, I'm specifically after the re-sings of the Essex Radio "Greatest Hits/Latest Memories" cuts.

BBC Radio York
1989 Dave Arnold "More Hits More Memories" Jingles
In my opinion this is the best package to have ever aired on Radio York. It was written and produced by David Arnold in the UK, with vocals recorded by JAM Creative Productions in Dallas.I'm also looking for the Tommy Vance liners that accompanied the package, the best of which was, "If you love North Yorkshire, you'll love Radio York!"

BBC Radio Sheffield
Century 21 "K-Lite" and "K-Lite 2" Re-sings 1992

Minster FM
JAM Stay Kool #15 "North Yorkshire's Weather" Cut 1994

Minster FM's 1994 jingle package from JAM Creative Productions included "Stay Kool" Cut #15 as the weather cut with a "Minster FM Weather" front sing. The cut I'm after was a subsequent add-on with a revised "North Yorkshire's Weather" front sing. It was used on an evening when Minster FM linked-up with Yorkshire Coast Radio.

Radio Hallam
1980 Sue Manning "Hallamland" Jingle Package

1982 Sue Manning Jingle Package

Sequel to the 1980 package featuring vocals by Kiki Dee and Gerad Kenney. The strap line used throughout the majority of the jingles on this package was, "if it sounds good, you know where you are."

Radio Hallam
TapeTrix "Soundsonics/The Buzz" Jingle Package
A package of sonovox jingles from the early 80's.

Century 21 Jingle Package 1993/4

This jingle package (also sung for Hereward FM) featured cuts from Century 21's "The New PLJ" package.

The New Hallam FM
Nick Coady Voiceovers/Sweepers & News Intro 1993
When Hallam FM re-branded itself as "The New Hallam FM" in 1993, a set of new sweepers were introduced featuring the voice of Nick Coady. I'm particularly looking for the on-air production; that is the sweepers and stagers that were used on-air.

Viking FM
News Intro 1994

The 1994 JAM Composite jingle package for Viking FM didn't include a news cut; instead the musical outro of "Physical Fascination" from Roxette's Joyride album was used with added production. I'm looking for a copy of the full production suite, or indeed pointers to what music library effects have been added so that I can re-create this news bed.

Viking FM
Rick Dees Drop-Ins 1994

I'm not looking for the JAM Creative Productions Viking FM jingles or the Who Did That Music? Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 cuts, but I'm interested in the V/Os Rick Dees did for Viking in 1994 as featured.

Viking FM
Jeff Davies Voiceovers/Sweepers 1996

I'm not looking for the JAM Creative Productions Viking FM jingles from 1996, but the imaging produced by Beard Media featuring the voice of Jeff Davies.

Coca Cola Euro Chart Hot 100 with Pat Sharp
Show Imaging/Sweepers 1989


RMF FM (Radio Muzyka Fakty FM
Groove Addicts Jingles Circa 1994-2003

I've always been a huge fan of these Groove Addicts jingles ever since atmospheric conditions allowed me to listen to RMF FM here in England on FM for a few hours back in 1995. RMF FM had re-sings from the "Capital FM 1991" package, but also many custom cuts and packages.

I have included short off-air 96kbs mp3 samples of some of the above packages in case it's not clear to which particular package or jingle I'm referring.

For many years I was an avid listener to Hallam FM, my local radio station from nearby Sheffield.  Therefore, in addition to the list above, I  would consequently also appreciate greatly any material that I haven't already got such.

If you can help with any of the above packages it would be much appreciated. Please CONTACT ME to arrange a swap for something in your collection.