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European Full Packages

Radio 121 - The Netherlands
  PORS Impact/Thompson Creative "Orlando II" Re-Sings & Station Imaging [MP3]  
AVRO 3 / Radio 3FM - The Netherlands
    AVRO 3 - Top Format/JAM "Skywave" Jingles [MP3]    
    Radio 3FM - 1992 Top Format/JAM "1FM" Jingles [CDR]
4 Cuts with mixouts (43 tracks): JAM "1FM" #4, #5, #6 and #8.
  3FM - 2000 Wise Buddah Custom Jingles [MP3]  
  3FM - 2002 News Beds/Themes [MP3]  
Radio 5 - The Netherlands
  Top Format/JAM "Celebrate" Jingles (Main Mixes) [MP3]  
Radio 10 Gold - The Netherlands
  Radio 10 - 1988 Top Format/JAM "The Only One" Jingles [CDR]  
  Radio 10 Gold - 1990 - On-Air Imaging inc. JAM "The Only One" Jingles [CDR]  
  Radio 10 Gold - 1995 Top Format "Top Gold 1" Jingles (Main Mixes) [CDR]  
    Radio 10 Gold - 1996 Top Format "Top Gold 2" Jingles (Main Mixes) [CDR]    
    Radio 10 Gold - 1997 Top Format/PAMS Series #29 Jingles (Main Mixes) [CDR]    
    Radio 10 FM - 1999 Top Format/JAM/PAMS Re-Sings (Main Mixes) [MP3] [X]
Re-Sings of "Top Gold 1", "The Only One" and PAMS Series #29
    Radio 10 - 2003 Top Format "Top Gold 3" Jingles (Main Mixes) [MP3]    
    Radio 10 Gold 1395AM - 2004 Station Presentation/Promotion    
    Radio 10 Gold 1395AM -  2004 JAM "Only One" Re-Sings (4 Main Cuts) [MP3]    
    Radio 10 Gold - 2005 Top Format "Top Gold 4" Jingles (Main Mixes) [MP3]    
    Radio 10 Gold - 2007 Top Format "Theme Channels" Jingles (Main Mixes) [MP3]    
    Radio 10 Gold - 2007 Top Format "Top Gold 5" Jingles (Main Mixes) [MP3]    
Los 40 Principales - Spain
    1992 (Cadena 40 Principales Barcelona) SAS Producciones Jingles [MP3]    
    1998 Groove Addicts Jingles [MP3]    
  1998 Groove Addicts Update Jingles (Programs & Deejays) [MP3]
Re-Sings of Original 1998 Groove Addicts package for Programs "Anda Ya" and "Supersonido" and Presenters Juanma Ortega, Tony Aguilar, Ricky Garcia and Toni Sánchez.
    2003 SOB Audio Imaging Jingles [MP3]    
  2007 SOB Audio Imaging - Summer 2007 Update Jingles [MP3]  
    2007 SOB Audio Imaging - Christmas 2007 Update Jingles [MP3]    
    2008 SOB Audio Imaging - Summer 2008 Update Jingles [MP3]    
  2009 SOB Audio Imaging - Summer 2009 Update Jingles [MP3]  
Radio 538 - The Netherlands
  1998 Top Format "HitBoost" Jingles [MD]  
Radio 916 - Rijnwoude, The Netherlands
  1994 Music & Images / TM Century WNSR '91 & New York's Best Mix Re-Sings [WAV]  
Radio Apeldoorn - The Netherlands
  Top Format/JAM "Ready: Mix!" Jingles [MP3]  
Atlantis 103.2
    Top Format / JAM "KIIS 'Late' 90's" Jingles [CDR]    
  Top Format / ALFA "Danceman" #12 TOTH Jingle [CDR]  
Avulo FM - The Netherlands
  Top Format 'Girl Next Door' On-Air Jingles (Montage) [MP3]  
Capital 88.7 - Malta/Gozo
  Oct 2000 Steve England Jingles [CDR]
Radio Caroline (Astra Satellite)
  1999 Sweepers & Promos [MD]  
Charivari Radio FM 96.5 - München, Germany
  Top Format/JAM "Yours Truly" Jingles [CDR]  
Radio Contact - Belgium
  19?? Temple Of Tune Jingles/Sweepers [MD]  
Contact 94 - Normandy, France
  On-Air Alfasound and JAM Jingles [CDR]
Radio Cristal - Normandy, France
  Temple Of Tune / JAM "KISS/90" Jingles [MP3]
Delta Radio - Hamburg, Germany
  Top Format/JAM "Skywave" Jingles (Main Cuts) [MP3]
Digitaal Hit FM - Rotterdam, Netherlands
  Top Format/JAM "Laser Image" Jingles (Main Cuts) [MP3]
European Klassic Rock (EKR)
    1997 Dave Langer/Thompson Creative "Country Wildfire" Re-Sings [CDR]
2 x EKR Cuts: "Country Wildfire" #8, #10 - 3 x Night Tracks Cuts: "Country Wildfire" #3, #8, #11
  RB279 - The Final Hour Of EKR + Jingles/Promos [MD]
The final hour of EKR (slightly edited) + 30 minutes of jingles and promos from EKR and it's sister station Night Tracks taken from EKR studio masters.
Energy Berlin - Germany
    2003 Reelworld Europe Jingles (43 Tracks) [WAV]    
    2010 Station Imaging (13 Tracks) [MP2/MP3/MPG]    
  2011 Pure Jingles (69 Tracks) [WAV/MP2/MP3/MPG]  
Energy Rheinland-Pfalz - Germany
  1996 Station Imaging (16:08)  [MP3]  
Europe 2 - France
Programme Europe 2
Production Europe 2 - 1991 Jingles De Detente

Programme Europe 2
Production Europe 2 - 1994 CDécros 3
(ABO 195)

Programme Europe 2
Production Europe 2 - 1995 CDécros 4
(ABO 196)

Programme Europe 2
Production Europe 2 - 1996 CDécros 5
(ABO 197)

Omroep/Radio Flevoland - The Netherlands
    Omroep Flevoland - Top Format/JAM "Spirit Of New England" Resings [WAV]    
  Radio Flevoland - Top Format/JAM "Something Big" Jingles [MP3]  
  Radio Flevoland - 2005 On-Air Imaging from Playout (inc. Top Format Custom Jingles) [MP3]  
Radio Gong 96.3 - München, Germany
  Top Format/JAM "Z100" Composite Jingles and Station Imaging [WAV]  
Radio Hamburg - Hamburg, Germany
  1991 On-Air HLC/Killer Music Custom Jingles and Station Imaging [WAV]  
Harmony FM - Hessen, Germany
  2009 Top Format "Perfect Harmony" Jingles (Main Mixes) [MP3]  
Hitradio, Netherlands
  Top Format/JAM "Z Force" Jingles [MP3]  
Hit Radio 1224
  1995 On-Air Top Format/JAM "Hit Radio" Jingles [MD] [X]  
Hit Radio Holland FM
  1994 On-Air Top Format/JAM "Hit Radio" Jingles [MD] [X]  
Hit Radio X - Günzburg Germany
  2001 Top Format/JAM "KIIS/90" Jingles [MD]  
Radio Hoeksche Waard - Puttershoek, Netherlands
  PORS/Thompson Creative "Dallas Mix II" Re-Sings [WAV]  
Radio Keizerstad - Gelderland, Netherlands
  Top Format / JAM "Hot Kiss/Fresh Kiss" Resings [WAV]  
Kiss FM 98.8 - Berlin, Germany
  Groove Addicts Jingles [CDR]  
Kiss FM - Athens, Greece
  Who Did That Music? "Capital FM 1993 (Package 3)" Re-Sings [MD]
#1 Hot Rock You, #2 Fast To Fast Transition, #3 London's Love Zone, #4 Tarrant In the Morning, #5 Athen's Best Rock, #6 Your Summer Weekend, #7 Fast To Slow Transition, #8 Fast To Medium Transition, #9 Medium To Fast Transition, #10 Medium To Slow Transition, #11 Slow To Fast Transition, #12 Slow To Medium Transition, #13 Christmas, #14 Techno
Radio Kö 87.9 - Augsburg, Germany
  PORS Impact Creative / Thompson Creative "Cleveland's Country" Jingles [WAV]  
Radio KRO - Niemandsland, The Netherlands
  Top Format/JAM Jingles [MP3]  
Radio Le Shuttle (Euro Tunnel)
  JAM "Breakthrough" Jingles (11 Tracks - Cuts #4 & #10) [CDR]  
Lokatel Radio, Kerst - The Netherlands
  Top Format / JAM "Spirit Of New England" Jingles [CDR]  
Love Radio - The Netherlands
  Top Format / JAM Coast Composite Jingles [MP3]  
Radio Lucas - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  Top Format / William B Tanner Jingles [WAV]  
Radio Luxembourg
    1983 Alfasound Jingles (Master Dub) [MP3]    
  1991 TM/Standard Sound "Music At The Speed Of Light" Jingles [MD]  
  1992 TM/Standard Sound Top-Up Jingles & Sweepers [MD]  
Radio Maeva - Flanders, Belgium
    2003 Top Format / JAM "The Big Edition" New Jingle Package Presentation [MP3]
Narrated by Eric Hofman
Magic FM 95 - Hamburg, Germany
    Top Format / JAM "KBIG" Composite Jingles Montage [MP3]    
M80 Radio - Spain
  2005 Moon Works Producciones Jingles [MP3]  
N44 FM - Wassenaar, The Netherlands
  1997 Top Format /JAM Composite "MasterMix/Uni-Que" Jingles [MP3]  
  1997 Kevin McCarthy/Bart Van Gogh Sweepers [MP3]  
Radio Napa FM - Cyprus
    2006 TM Century "Synergy/Synchronism" Jingles [MP3]
"Synergy" #4 (Nathan Morley); "Synchronism" #1, #8, #10 (Nathan Morley & Chris Yearley)
Radio Noord - Groningen, The Netherlands
  1998 JAM/Top Format Jingles [MD]  
Nostalgie - France
  1997 Jingles [CDR]  
  1998 Freeway Music Jingles [CDR]  
  1999 Freeway Music Jingles [CDR]  
NRJ - France
  1998 Freeway Music Jingles [MD]  
  2000/2001 Freeway Music Jingles [CDR]  
Oog Radio - Groningen, The Netherlands
    1996 Top Format / JAM "Breakthrough" Jingles [MP3]    
Radio Parkstad 106.9 FM -  Veendam, The Netherlands
  Top Format / JAM "Spirit Of '76" Jingles [CDR]  
Radio Regenbogen - Mannheim, Germany
  Top Format "Rainbow Colours" Custom Jingles (Re-Sings) [WAV] [#]  
Radio Rebecca - The Netherlands
  1999 Top Format 'Girl Next Door' On-Air Jingles [CDR]  
Riviera 104 - Cote d’Azur
  Otis Connor 'Fire' & 'Touching You' Re-Sings [MP3]  
RMF-FM (Radio Muzyka Fakty FM) - Kraków Poland
  1995-7 Groove Addicts Jingles [MP3] [X]  
RTL - The Netherlands
  Happy RTL - 1991/3 On-Air JAM "Mile High" Jingles [CDR]  
    RTL Classic Hits - 1993 - Top Format/JAM "Mile High" Jingles [MP3]    
  RTL-FM - 2004 On-Air Top Format/JAM "Big Edition" Jingles [MP3]  
RTL Der Oldiesender - Luxembourg
  1996 On Air Syndication Station Imaging and Jingles [WAV]  
104.6 RTL - Berlin, Germany
  Music & Images / TM Century "Southern California's KISS" Jingles [WAV]  
105.7 RTL Die Größten Hits - Germany
  Music & Images / TM Century "Southern California's KISS" Jingles [WAV]  
Radio Schleswig-Holstein (RSH) - Kiel, Germany
    Radio Schleswig-Holstein - 1992 Top Format/JAM Jingles [WAV]    
  R.SH - 1995-6 "Top Hits, Classic Hits, Alle Hits" Imaging (4 Cuts) [WAV]  
Sky Radio - The Netherlands
    1988 Station Presentation/Promotional Tape (Introduction to Sky Radio)    
  1988 Top Format/JAM "Omni-Trax" Jingles [MP3]  
  1989 William Tanner "Portrait Songs" Jingles [MP3]  
  1990 Top Format/JAM Christmas Jingles [MP3]  
  1991 Top Format/JAM "Sky Trax" Jingles [MP3]  
  1991 Top Format/JAM News Intros [MP3]  
  1993 Top Format/JAM My Radio Jingles (Demo) [MP3] [X]  
  1995 Top Format/JAM "Best Of Both Skies" Custom Jingles [MP3]  
  1998 Top Format/JAM Jingles [MP3]  
  1999 Top Format/JAM Custom Jingles [MP3]  
  1999/2000 On-Air Top Format/JAM Jingles (From Studio Computer) [MP3]  
  2002 Top Format/JAM Jingles (Main Mixes) [MP3]  
  2003 Top Format/JAM Jingles (Main Mixes) [MP3]  
    2008 Top Format "Music That Makes You Feel Good" Jingles (Main Mixes) [MP3]    
    2008 Top Format "Christmas Pack" Jingles (Main Mixes) [MP3]    
    2009 Top Format "Transition Pack" Jingles (Main Mixes) [MP3]    
Stads Radio - Dan Haag, The Netherlands
  1994 On-Air JAM Composite Jingles [CDR]  
Stads Radio - Rotterdam, The Netherlands
    Eric Holzhauer "Beste muziekmix" Promos and Sweepers [MP2]    
    Top Format / JAM / ALFA Composite Jingles [MP2]
JAM "Warp Factor" #7, #8, #21, #25; JAM "Z-World" #2, #3, #7, #8, #13, #17, #27,; ALFA "Danceman" #14
  Top Format / JAM "Heartbeat" Jingles [MP2]  
Star*Sat Radio - Munich, Germany
  1991 On-Air Station Imaging & Top Format Jingles [WAV]  
Super 106 - The Netherlands
  Top Format/JAM Composite Jingles [MP3]  
TROS Radio - The Netherlands
  1987 Top Format/JAM "Best Show" Jingles [WAV[  
Radio Veronica - The Netherlands
  1987 Top Format "Hit Radio" Jingles [MD]  
  Top Format "Mega Top 50" Jingles [MD]  
    Veronica 1224 - Top Format/JAM "Hit Power" Custom Jingles [MP3]    
    1996 Top Format "Vernocia TV" Custom Jingles (Select Cuts + Mixes) [WAV] [X]    
    2002 Top Format "Hits Back" Custom Jingle Package ("You're One Of Us") [MP3]    
    2008 Top Format "80s and 90s Hits" Jingles (Main Mixes) [MP3]    
    2009 Top Format "80s and 90s Hits II" Jingles (Main Mixes) [MP3]    
    2009 Top Format "Transition Pack" Jingles (Main Mixes) [MP3]    
VARA Radio - The Netherlands
  Top Format/JAM "We Talk New York" Jingles (Jaren 80 In 80 Uur) [MP3]  
VOA (Voice Of America) - Europe
  JAM "Music & More" Jingles [CDR]  
  ???? On-Air Jingles/Sweepers [CDR]  
Radio Waddenzee - The Netherlands
  2004 - Ziaja & Dorst - Tanner "The Best" Re-sings [MP3]  
Studio West Ijsselmonde - Rotterdam,The Netherlands
  1992 PORS Jingles [WAV]  
Yorin FM - The Netherlands
  2002 Reelworld "Key 103 2002" Jingles (Package 1) [MP3]  
  2002 Reelworld "WLIT 2002" Jingles (Package 2)  [MP3]  



[CD] - Master CD from Production Company
[CDR] - CD copy from Collector, Radio Station or Production Company
[MD] - MiniDisc copy from Collector or Radio Station
[MP3] - MP3 Media File copy from Collector, Radio Station or Production Company
[X] - Package not as original (i.e. a few cuts or re-mixes may be missing
[#] - Sound quality not perfect
[E] - Cuts have been edited (e.g. Where package has been dubbed from 7.5 ips reel and fades have been added to reduce hiss)


  • The above list is not necessarily a list of items available for trading. Certain items on this list may be not be available for swaps due to circumstances beyond my control.

  • Most of the jingle packages within my collection were copied from the master disc/tape sent to the radio station by the audio imaging production company (or a generation of that disc/tape). However, certain packages were copied from the actual radio station studio carts, DAT, MiniDisc or computer playout system (or a generation copy) which therefore include only the imaging used on-air. These packages may have certain jingles missing from the original full package but will include additional station internally produced work and sweeper mixes. They are described on my above list as 'On-Air' Jingles.

  • I have the capability to provide jingles for trades as MP3 files (or WAV files where applicable) via the internet or on CDR via conventional postal services.

  • I do not sell jingles from my collection; trades only.