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BBC Full Packages

BBC Radio 1
  06/1966 PAMS "Series 31 Music Explosion" Jingles [CDR]  
  10/1966 PAMS "Series 32 Good Guys" Jingles [CDR]  
  06/1967 PAMS "Series 33 Fun Vibrations" Jingles [CDR]  
  06/1967 PAMS "WXYZ Good Life, Voices" Jingles [CDR]  
  09/1967 PAMS "Series 34B/C Music Power" Jingles [CDR]  
  10/1968 Pepper Tanner "The Now Sound" Jingles [CDR]  
  10/1968 Pepper Tanner "It's What's Happenin" Jingles [CDR]  
  04/1969 Audio Producers "Sound Of Today" Jingles [WAV]  
  01/1970 PAMS "Series 40 Changes" Jingles [CDR]  
  01/1971 PAMS "Series 41 Music Radio" Jingles [CDR]  
  06/1974 PAMS "Clyde" Jingles [CDR]  
  06/1974 PAMS "Gamn, Pied Piper, Custom" Jingles [CDR]  
  1976 JAM Jingles [MD]  
  1978 JAM Jingles [MD]  
  1980 JAM Jingles [CDR]  
  1982 JAM "Music Now" Jingles [MD]  
  1984 JAM "The Best Show In Britain" Jingles [CDR/MD]  
  1984 Start-Up Sequence [MD]  
  07/1984 JAM "Chip Shop" Jingle [MD]    
  09/1984 JAM "Ian Brass" Shout [MD]  
  10/1984 JAM "Lenny Henry/Friday Rock Show" Jingles [MD]  
  12/1984 JAM "Phil Kennedy/Laura's 2nd Love" Jingles [MD]  
  01/1985 JAM "Steve Wright/Youth Year 1985" Jingles [MD]  
  03/1985 JAM "G Bannerman (Shout)/Youth Year Re-do" Jingles [MD]  
  04/1985 JAM "Graham Bannerman (Shout)" Re-Sing [MD]  
  06/1985 JAM "Live Aid" Jingles [MD]  
  06/1985 JAM "Paul Jordan" Jingle [MD]  
  07/1985 JAM "Live Aid Re-Mix" Jingle [MD]  
  09/1985 JAM "Radiothon/Drug Alert" Jingles [MD]  
  09/1985 JAM "Legs Labelle" Jingle [MD]  
  10/1985 JAM "News Flash" Jingle [MD]  
  12/1985 JAM "Chartbusters" Jingles [MD]  
  01/1986 JAM "Tomorrow's Hits Today" Jingles [MD]  
  03/1986 JAM "Simon Mayo" Shout [MD]  
  04/1986 JAM "Mike Smith/Radio 1 More Time" Jingles [MD]  
  07/1986 JAM "Steve Wright & The Boiling Oil" Jingles [MD]  
  09/1986 JAM "Janice & John In Japan" Jingles [MD]  
  12/1986 JAM "Stereo Sequence/Bates In The States" Jingles [MD]  


BBC Radio 1
1987 Jingle Package CD
JAM Creative Productions / EMI
(Main Cuts) [CDR]
  1988 JAM Add-On Jingles [MD] [X]  
  1988 A-Jay "Steve Wright In The Afternoon" Jingles (Main Cuts) [MD]  
  09/1988 JAM "Happy Birthday Radio 1" Song [CDR]  
  04/1989 JAM "Mark Goodier Tea-Time Show" Jingle [MD]  
  1989 Start-Up Session [CDR]  
  198? JAM "Simon Bates Summer Gold" Jingles ("Be Kool" Cuts #10,#11) [CDR]    


BBC Radio 1 FM
1990 Jingle Package CD
JAM Creative Productions / Disctronics
(Main Cuts) [CD]
  1990 "Now That's What I Call Jingles" Narrated by Simon Bates (5:30) [CDR]    
  1990 John Wells Voiceover Session Inc. Jock ID's [MD]  


BBC Radio 1 FM
1992 Jingle Package CD
JAM Creative Productions / Disctronics
(Main Cuts) [CD]
  02/1992 JAM "Mega Hits" Jingles ("Closer To The Music" #20, "ZWorld" #24) [CDR]    


BBC Radio 1 FM
1994 Jingle Package CD
JAM Creative Productions / Disctronics
(Main Cuts) [CD]
  1994 JAM "UK Top 40" Jingles ("The Ultimate One" cuts #16,17,18,19) [CDR]  
  Feb 2001 Vibe Music Imaging "Chris Moyles" Jingles [CDR]    
BBC Radio 2
  1972 PAMS Jingles (A Series) [CDR]  
  1974 PAMS Jingles (B Series) [CDR]  
  June 1976 JAM "Magic Music" Jingles (C Series - 7.5ips Dub) [WAV]  
    1980 JAM Composite Jingles (E Series) [MD]    
    1982 JAM Composite Jingles  (F Series) [MD]    
  1984 JAM Composite Jingles (G Series) [MD]  
    March 1986 JAM Composite Jingles (H Series) [MD]    
  March 1990 Internal Jingle Sampler (from cassette) [CDR] [#]  
    March 1990 JAM Composite Jingles (I Series) [MD] [#]    
  1991/2 JAM "Radio 2 Collection/It's All For You" Jingles (J Series) [CDR]    

BBC Radio 2
1992 Jingle Package CD
JAM Creative Productions / Radio 2 Presentation
(Compiled by James Ross 15/1/93) [CDR]
  1993 JAM Add-Ons (J Series) [MD]  
  Dec 1994 JAM "It's All For Chrsitmas" Jingles (J Series) [MD]  
    Mar 1996 JAM Radio 2 Custom '96 Jingles (Main Cuts) [MD]    
  1997 JAM "LA BBC" French Add-On Jingles (2 Cuts) [MD]  
  1997 JAM "Wake Up To Liz Green" Add-On Cut [MD]  
  Oct 1997 Groove Addicts Jingles (Main Mixes) [MD] [X]  
  Feb 2003 Groove Addicts Jingles [MD] [X]  
BBC Radio Bedfordshire
    Jan Leary Productions Jingles [WAV]    
  1985 Sue Manning Jingles (Select Cuts) [WAV]  
BBC Radio Berkshire
  1992 David Arnold Jingles [CDR]  
BBC Radio Bristol
  Jan Leary Productions Jingles [MP3]  
BBC Radio Cleveland
    1986 David Arnold Jingles [WAV]    

BBC Radio Cleveland
Feb 1990 David Arnold/Century 21 Jingle Package
BBC Radio Cleveland at Wembley Cuts

BBC Radio Celeveland
1991 David Arnold/TM Century Jingle Package (Main Cuts)
Re-sings from: Madison Avenue, Classic Oldies, CBS K-Lite
    Aug 2003 BBC Broadcast Station Imaging (24 Main Cuts) [MP3]    
BBC Radio Derby
    1987 David Arnold Jingles (Main Cuts) [WAV]    

BBC Radio Derby
David Arnold/TM Century Jingle Package
Re-sings from: WHDH
    2002 Bespoke Music Custom Jingles [WAV]    
  2007 Wise Buddah Custom Jingles [WAV]  
BBC Radio Devon
  Jan Leary Productions Jingles [WAV]  
BBC Essex
  2003 BBC Creative On-Air Imaging [CDR]  
BBC Radio Five Live
  June 2004 On-Air Imaging [CDR]  
BBC Radio Grafton (Local Radio Training Unit - Grafton House)
  Airforce "The Talk Of The County" Re-Sings (Main Cuts) (from cassette) [MP3] [X]  
BBC Guernsey
  2007 BBC Creative/S2Blue On-Air Station Imaging [MP3]  
BBC Radio Humberside
  1989 David Arnold Music Custom Jingles (Main Cuts) [WAV]  
BBC Radio Kent
  1986 Alfasound "Radio Kent 1" Jingles [WAV]  
BBC Radio Lancashire
  1981 Alfasound Jingles (BBC Radio Lancashire 1) [CDR]  
  1982 Alfasound Jingles (BBC Radio Lancashire 2)  [CDR]  
  August 1983 Alfasound Jingles (BBC Radio Lancashire 3)  [CDR]  
  1983 Alfasound Top-Up Jingles [CDR]  
  1986 Alfasound Jingles (BBC Radio Lancashire 4)  [CDR]  
  July 1986 Alfasound Top-Up Jingles [CDR]  
  1987 Alfasound Top-Up Jingles [CDR]  
  1988 Alfasound Top-Up & BBC North-West Jingles [CDR]  
  1990 Alfasound/JAM Jingles [CDR]  

BBC Radio Lancashire
March 1992 David Arnold/TM Century Jingle Package
"CBS K-Lite" #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #8,#12, #13, #14, #15, #16; "K-Lite 2" #1, #6, #7, #8, #9; "Madison Avenue" #8, #16; "KVIL 90s" #5, #9, #11; "Velvet" #13, #14
BBC Radio Leeds

BBC Radio Leeds
1997 David Arnold Jingle Package
  2001 On-Air ID Collection [MD]  
  2004 IQ Beats Custom Jingles (Main Cuts - Station Demo CD) [CDR]  
BBC Radio Lincolnshire
  1984 Alfasound "Radio Lincolnshire" Jingles [CDR]  
    1988 Alfasound "Radio Lincolnshire 2" Jingles (inc. Poacher Song Cuts) [MP3]    
BBC Radio London
  1976 EMIson "All For Your" Jingles [CDR]  
    1980 Paddy Kingsland "London's Greater Radio" Jingles [CDR]    
    1983 Alfasound "Radio London" Jingles [WAV] Non-Tradable    
    1984 Alfasound "Radio London" Re-Sings [WAV]    
  1985 Alfasound "Radio London 2" Jingles [WAV]  
BBC Radio Merseyside
  November 1983 JAM "Special Touch" Jingles [WAV]
"Special Touch" #1, #2, #5, #6, #7, #13
    January 1984 JAM Newstalk Sounder #2 [WAV]    
    William B. Tanner "The Best" Jingles [WAV]    
  1989 Airforce Jingles (Main Cuts) [MP3]  
Midlands BBC (Night Network)
  ALFA/JAM Jingles [CDR] [X] [#]  
BBC Radio Newcastle
  1989 JAM Jingles [WAV]  
  1990 JAM Add-On Jingles [MD]  

BBC Radio Newcastle
1991 David Arnold/TM Century Jingle Package
(Re-Sings of cuts from "KKKY" and "WPGC '91")
[CDR] Non-Tradable
  July 2004 Music 4 "BBC Radio Newcastle & WM" Custom Jingles [WAV]  
BBC Radio Norfolk
  Stewart Orr Sound Services Jingles [CDR]  
BBC North (Night Network)
  BBC Radio North-East - 1989 Century 21 "Madison Avenue" Jingles [MD]  
  BBC North FM - 1990 Century 21 "New York's Best Mix/Double Power" Jingles [MD]
"New York's Best Mix" #1, #2, #4, #6, #7, #8, #10, #11, #12, #13, #15; "Double Power" #2, #4, #9, #15
BBC Radio Northampton
    1982 Studio G "Your Voice Countywide" Station Lauch Jingles [MP3]    
    1986 Alfasound "BBC Northampton 1" Jingles [WAV]    
  2000 Bespoke Music "We Know Northamptonshire" Jingles [CDR]  
BBC Radio Nottingham
  1987 David Arnold Jingles (Main Cuts) [WAV]  
BBC Radio Oxford
  1992 David Arnold Jingles [CDR]  
BBC Radio Sheffield
  1981 Sue Manning Jingles (10 Cuts) [CDR]  
  1988 LBS Jingles (9 Cuts) [CDR]  
  1991 Century 21 "K-Lite/K-Lite 2" Jingles [CDR] [X]
6 Cuts - "K-Lite 2" #1 Full, #7 Full , #13 Tag, #14 Full , #15 Full + Tag
    1991 Century 21 "K-Lite/K-Lite 2" Jingle Package Montage [MP3]    
  1995 Dave Arnold Custom Jingle Package (111 Cuts) [CDR]  
  1999 Dave Arnold Custom Jingle Package [MP3]  
  2003 On-Air Imaging (BBC Creative/Bespoke Music) [CDR]  
BBC Radio Solent
  1992 David Arnold Jingles [CDR]  
BBC Thames Valley
  1996 TM Century "WBZ" Jingles [MP3]  
BBC Three Counties
  Ern & Vern Jingles (5 Cuts - Main Cuts Only) [CDR] [X]
TMCI "Morning Show Jingle Jumpstart" #18, JAM "Clearly Coast" #1, "It's All For You" #6, "It's Nice" #14, "Really Nice" #7
BBC Radio Wales
    1986 Jingle Package [WAV]    
    1992 Jingle Package [WAV]    
BBC Wiltshire
    BBC Wiltshire Sound - 1989 Airforce Custom Jingles [MP3]    
    BBC Wiltshire Sound - March 1991 Airforce Ident Update [MP3]    
    BBC Wiltshire - 2002 Bespoke Music Jingles [MP3]    
  BBC Wiltshire - 2009 S2Blue Jingles [MP3]
Re-sings of BBC Essex S2Blue cuts and Top Format "Good Morning" cut #10 for Graham Seaman Breakfast Show
BBC Radio WM
    1988 ALFA/JAM Composite Jingles [CDR]    
  July 2004 Music 4 "BBC Radio Newcastle & WM" Custom Jingles [WAV]  
BBC Radio York
  1983 William B. Tanner "Up and Easy" Jingles [CDR/MD]  
  1985 JAM "The Only One" ("From The Heart" Slogan) Jingles [CDR/MD]  
  1989 Dave Arnold/JAM "More Hits More Headlines" Jingles [WAV]  

BBC Radio York
1991 David Arnold/TM Century Jingle Package
"Proton" #5, #6, #7, #9, #10, #15; "All Hit Kit" #10, #15; "Miami's WAXY" #11; "WNSR '91" #3, #4, #9, #11, #12, #14; "KFRC" #7, #8; "K-Lite" #14
Main Cuts [CDR] Non-Tradable
  1997 ALFA/JAM "American Mix" Jingles [MD]  
  2002 JAM 'BBC North Yorkshire' Re-Sing Jingles [MD]  
    2004 "Celebrating 21 Years" On-Air Imaging [CDR]    
  2006 Maximum Production Custom Jingles [WAV]  



[CD] - Master CD from Production Company
[CDR] - CD copy from Collector, Radio Station or Production Company
[MD] - MiniDisc copy from Collector or Radio Station
[X] - Package not as original (i.e. a few cuts or re-mixes may be missing
[#] - Sound quality not perfect
[E] - Cuts have been edited (e.g. Where package has been dubbed from 7.5 ips reel and fades have been added to reduce hiss)


  • The above list is not necessarily a list of items available for trading. Certain items on this list may not be available for swaps due to circumstances beyond my control as I have promised not to pass them on to the people who provided me with them.

  • Most of the jingle packages within my collection were copied from the master disc/tape sent to the radio station by the audio imaging production company (or a generation of that disc/tape). However, certain packages were copied from the actual radio station studio disc/tape or computer playout system (or a generation copy) which therefore include only the imaging used on-air. These packages may have certain jingles missing from the original full package but will include additional station internally produced work and sweeper mixes. They are described on my above list as 'On-Air' Jingles.

  • I have the capability to provide jingles for trades as MP3 files (or WAV files where applicable) via the internet or on CDR via conventional postal services.

  • I do not sell jingles from my collection; trades only.