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Jingle Demos A-M

    BBC Radio Derby 1989 Demo (04:07)  [MP3]    
    Coast AM Demo (05:31) [MP3] [#]    
    Essex Radio 1985 Demo (06:25) [MP3]    
    Ident Sampler RX240 1989 [MP3]    
Radio Identification Sampler CD RX/CD100 [CD]
Introduction, Hot Hits (Coast AM, Aire FM, GWR, Radio City, The Hot FM), It's A Kind Of Magic (Isle Of Wight Radio), Take It Easy (BBC Wiltshire Sound, Ocean Sound), Impact (BBC GLR), Greatest Memories/Latest Hits (Essex Radio), Your Number One (RTM Radio), Good Times/Good Music (BBC Radio Merseyside), The Talk Of The County (BBC Radio Norfok), Gold For The Nineties (Essex Radio), The Experience (Piccadilly Radio, CNFM), It's Christmas, Whatever You Want...
  Southern Sound FM - Jingle Package Demo Cuts (Never Aired) [MP3]  
AJ Productions
    Power FM - PowerTracks - Contemporary Hit Radio ID Jingles 1990 Demo [MP3]    
    General ID Sampler 1990 Demo [MP3]
Power FM, City FM, Steve Wright In The Afternoon (Radio 1), Q101
    Hit FM (Thanet) Jingle Montage [MP3] [#]    
    Talk Radio UK 1997 Demo [MP3]    
    Q101 Demo [MP3]    
  Steve Wright Demo 1996 [MD]
Short montage of jingles produced for Steve Wright's Saturday Show & Sunday Love Songs Show on Radio Two.
    Jingles 1
Side 1:
1-2 Disco Show Intros, 3-10 General Purpose Jingles, 11-31 Chart Rundown Jingles, 32-35 Number One Jingles, 36-40 Golden Oldie Jingles, 41-43 Moog Segue Links, 44-50 General Purpose Jingles Side 2: 1-5 General Purpose Jingles, 6-12 Day Checks, 13-20 Sonovox Drop-Ins, 21-30 '60s Year Checks, 31-40 Christmas & New Year, 41-43 News And Weather, 44-48 Radio Jingles, 49-50 Hospital Radio Songs
    Jingles 2
Recorded in Dallas Texas USA and the UK for D.J.'s, Discotheques and non-profit making Radio Stations.

New Jingle Package For CN-FM 103
(ALFA CD 1) [CD]
    New Jingle Package For Premier Radio
(ALFA CD 2) [CD]

New Jingle Package For Premier/Delta Radio
(ALFA CD 3) [CD]
    BBC ID Packages From Alfasound
(ALFA CD 4) [CD]

BBC CWR 2, BBC Radio Stoke, BBC WM, BBC Radio Northampton 2, BBC Radio Leeds, BBC Radio Kent, BBC Radio Bristol 2, BBC Radio Lancashire 5, BBC Radio Lincolnshire, BBC GMR.

ILR ID Packages From Alfasound
(ALFA CD 5) [CD]

Metro 6, Chiltern Network, City FM, Invicta Supergold, South Coast Radio, Pulse FM, Great North Radio 2, WABC 2, Trent 13, Gem AM 4, City Gold, Lincs FM, Hallam FM 2, Pirate FM, The JAM Song.
    Jingles 3
(ALFA CD 6) [CD]
Recorded in Dallas Texas USA and the UK for D.J.'s, Discotheques and Radio Stations.

Radio ID Jingle Packages From Alfasound & JAM
(ALFA CD 7) [CD]

Stay Kool, Keep On Coastin', Z World, Do It Again, American Mix, Light Favourites, Horizon, Hi Qume, The Beat '92, Celebrate, It's magic, Energy, A Word From Some Our Customers....
    Alfasound - Numbers - Years - Days - Shouts
(ALFA CD 11) [CD]

This CD contains something we've been asked for many times: Acappella Countdown Numbers, Acappella Yearchecks 1955-1999, Acappella Days Of The Week, Plus Useful Shouts. These have all been recorded by Alfasound in Dallas Texas by the best jingle singers in the business. We hope you will find them a useful way to enhance your presentation.

ID Packages From ALFA Volume 1 (ALFA CD 12) [CD]
Power Positive (Essex FM, Top Flight (Fox FM), WHAM (MFM), Get Movin' (Galaxy 101), Alfawave (Soundwave), Superstation (Chiltern Supergold), Go Gold (WABC), The Original (Swansea Sound), Mirage (Radio Maldwyn), The News & Conversation Station (BBC Northampton), Danceman (Kiss 102), Talk Radio (Talk Radio UK).
    ID Packages From ALFA Volume 2 (ALA CD 13) [CD]
LA Connection (Metro FM), Image Zone (Nerve FM), More Than Music (Northsound Two), Essential Rhythm (Northsound One), Hi-Energy (Kiss FM), New Millennium (Century Radio), Music is Life (Kiss 102 & Kiss 105).
Alfasound ID Collection Volume 1 [WAV]

Pennine Radio, Piccadilly Radio, Severn Sound, Devonair, Radio Trent, Radio Victory, Radio Trent 2, Radio 210
    Alfasound ID Collection Volume 2 [WAV]
Centre Radio, Victory 2, Radio Trent 3, Devonair 2, Chiltern Radio, CBC, Radio Trent 4, Chiltern 2
Alfasound ID Collection Volume 3 [WAV]
BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Guernsey, Severn 2, Radio Trent 5, Chiltern 3 – BBC Radio Lancashire, Radio Luxembourg, Signal Radio
    Alfasound ID Collection Volume 4 [WAV]
County Sound, Trent 6, Leicester Sound, Radio Tay, Pennine 2, BBC Radio Lincolnshire, Chiltern 4, BBC Radio Lancashire 3 
Alfasound ID Collection Volume 5 [WAV]
(Pirates) Sunshine Radio, Radio Caroline, WKLR, Nova, KFM, Sovereign, RCR, Sunshine 101, Sunshine 91.6, Island Radio
    Alfasound ID Collection Volume 6 [WAV]
(Collectors Items) Sunshine Radio Switzerland, Radio 1 Bahrain, RTE2, RTE4, QBS, RTE3 
Alfasound ID Collection Volume 7 [WAV]
Invicta Radio, Beacon Radio, BBC Radio London 2, Radio Tay, Radio Trent 7 – Leicester Sound 2, BBC Radio Manchester, Signal 2
    Alfasound ID Collection Volume 8 [WAV]
Radio Hallam, BBC Radio Northampton, Invicta 2, BBC Radio Bristol, Metro Radio – BBC Radio Lancashire 2, BBC Radio Kent, Music Box TV 
Alfasound ID Collection Volume 9 [WAV]
County Sound 2, Swansea Sound, Metro/Tees 2, Marcher Sound, Radio Trent 8 – Severn Sound 3, BBC Radio Lincolnshire, Metro/Tees 3
    Alfasound ID Collection Volume 10 [WAV]
TFM, BBC Radio Manchester 2, BBC Radio Sussex, Plymouth Sound, Beacon Radio 2, Invicta 3, Yorkshire Radio Network, Top Man 
Alfasound ID Collection Volume 11 [WAV]
(Overseas Stations) Radio Malmohus, KRO, Radio Orebro, Radio Ristianstad – Radio Metropolys, Radio Uppland, Solor Radio
    Alfasound ID Collection Volume 12 [WAV]
Gem AM, County Sound 3, Yorkshire Radio Network 2, GMR, MFM, Radio Trent 10, Yorkshire Radio Network 3, WABC/Beacon 4 
Alfasound ID Collection Volume 13 [WAV]
Fox FM, GNR, Yorkshire Radio Network 4, Radio Trent 11, 2CR, Capitol (Eire) -Century Radio, BBC CWR
    Alfasound ID Collection Volume 14 [WAV]
Radio Clwyd, Cork 88 FM, TFM Christmas, BBC Radio Lincolnshire re-sings, Metro 88 -Gem AM Asian re-sings, Radio South FM, WLR FM 
Alfasound ID Collection Volume 15 [WAV]
Coast Classic, Gem AM 2, Beacon 4, Invicta FM, Metro 5, County Sound 4, Delta Radio, BBC Radio Stoke
    Alfasound ID Collection Volume 16 [WAV]
TFM 2, KFM, First Gold Radio, BBC Radio Lancashire 5, BBC Radio Leeds, BBCRadio Northampton 2, BBC Radio Bristol 2, Red Rose Rock FM
Alfasound ID Collection Volume 17 [WAV]
Aire FM, Radio Trent 12, BBC Radio Kent 2, GMR 2, Gem AM 3, Mellow 1557, Key103, BBC Radio WM
  ALFA ID Collection Volume 24 [CDR] (Transferred From Cassette)
BBC Radio Nottingham '96, Radio Maldwyn '95, The Rock FM '95, Cheltenham Radio '96, Beacon Radio '96, WABC '96, Viking FM '96, Mix 96 '96, Great Yorkshire Gold '96, Central FM '96.
ALFA ID Collection Volume 28 [CDR] (Transferred From Cassette)

The Beach '96, Gem AM '96, Northsound 1 '96, Radio Tay AM '96, Isle Of Wight Radio '96, Northsound 2 '96, Belfast City Beat '96, Orchard FM '96, Radio Cafe de Paris '96, Spire FM '96, 1017 '96, High Veld Radio '96.
  ALFA ID Collection Volume 29 [CDR]
Cheltenham Radio '97, Dune FM '97, Gem AM '97, Oasis FM '97, KLFM '97, Sanyu FM '97, Sun FM '97, Lincs FM '97, Signal Gold '97, Gold Radio '97.
ALFA ID Collection Volume 30 [CDR]

Key 103 '97, Radio 106 FM '97, BBC Radio York '97, The Wolf '97, Vibe FM '97, Shannonside Northern Sound '97, Neptune Radio '97, Dorset Coast FM '97, Max FM '97, CFM '97.
  ALFA/JAM Jingle Packages For Trent FM [CDR]
Trent 10, Trent 12, Trent 13, Trent 14.
American Image
  Airwaves [MP3], Fast Forward [MP3], Signature [MP3], Tech Effects [MP3].  
ASAP Music
    Custom Cuts - The Essential Jingle Package 1990 [CD]
Intro, General SIngs, Through the Day, Transition Cuts, Slow Cuts, Orchard FM, A Softer Approach, Specific Applications, The Essential Cuts, Index
BCI Musik Produktionenen
  Broadcast Concepts 1997 [CDR]
Einfuhrung, N-Joy Radio Hamburg, 104.6 RTL Berlin , KISS 99FM Berlin, Hitradio N 1 Nurnberg, NDR 2,94.3 r.s. 2 Berlin, Radio SAW, Magdeburg, RPR 1 . Ludwigshafen, Antenne Bayern, MDR Life, Melody & Schager Formats, Radio Melody Salzburg, RPR 2, Radio Plassenburg Kulmbach, Radio Ton Heilbronn, ORF Landesstudios, BLR, News & Full Service , NDR 4, MDR Info, Sat 1, ORF Fernshen, Songs Formats, Songs und Specials
  BCI Musik Produktion Volume 9 - 2000 [CDR]
N-Joy Radio - Hamburg, RPR 1 - Ludwigshafen, Antenne Bayern - Munchen, ORF O3 - Wien, BBC Radio 1 - London, WDR Eins live - Kohl, MDR Sputnik - Halle, ORF Radio Wien - Wien, Radio SAW - Magdeburg, RS 2 - Berlin, NDR 2 - Hamburg, Antenne Thuringen - Weimar, Antenne Tirol - Innsbruck, ORF Radio Vorarlberg - Dornbirn, ORF Radio Oberosterreich - Linz, NDR Radio MV - Schwerin, ORF Radio Steiermark - Graz, NDR 4 - Hamburg, Relax FM - Munchen, Capital FM - London, BBC Radio 2 - London, WPNT FM - Chicago, Heart FM -Birmingham
    BCI Musik Produktion Volume 10 - 2000 [CDR]
Antenne Bayern (1999)- Munchen, Antenne Bayern (update 2000) - Munchen, N-Joy Radio - Hamburg, Ffn - Hannover, MDR Jump - Halle, ORF O3 - Wien, ORF O3 - Wien, "Radio holiday '99", Antenne Steiermark - Dobl, KISS FM - Los Angeles, NDR 2 - Hamburg, Radio Untersberg - Freilassing, ORF Radio Wien - Wien, Radio Mallorca - Mallorca, Virus (DRS 4) - Schweiz, KISS FM - Berlin, Mdr Sputnik - Halle, 106.1 KISS - Seattle, DRS 3 - Schweiz, ORF FM 4 - Wien, BRL - Munchen, ORF Radio Karnten - Klagenfurt, ORF Schlagerparade, KOAI FM "the oasis" - Dallas, NDR 4 - Hamburg, Radio Fantasy - Augsburg, Radio Melody - Salzburg, Mdr 1, Radio Sachsen - Dresden
    BCI Musik Produktion Volume 10.1 - 2001 [CDR]
ORF O3, ORF O3 News & Service, Antenne Bayern, RPR 1, MDR Jump, MDR Sputnik, KIIS FM (Los Angeles) Sweeper Package, Hitradio N1 News & Services, ORF Radio Wien, ORF Radio Wien News & Service, Hamburg - Welle, Hamburg - Welle News & Service, ORF Radio Oberosterreich, Antenne Brandenburg, Antenne Brandenburg News & Service, Radio Hamburg, ORF Radio Steiermark, ORF Radio Vorarlberg
    BCI Musik Produktion Volume 15 - 2005 [CDR]
ORF (Groove Addicts), FFH, Frankfurt (Foster Kent), Fajn Radio, Prague (Groove Addicts), Fajn Radio, Prague - News & Service, Radio 7, Ulm (Foster Kent), Radio 7, Ulm - News & Service (Foster Kent), Radio Regenbogen, Mannheim (Foster Kent), Radio Regenbogen, Mannheim - News & Service, Radio Hamburg (Foster Kent), Radio Hamburg - News & Service, Radio Pilatus, Luzern (Foster Kent), Radio Pilatus, Luzern - News & Service, Sun Media, Prague (Groove Addicts), Bayern 3, Munich (Foster Kent), Bayern 3, Munich - News & Service, WDR 2, Cologne (Foster Kent), Hitradio RTL, Dresden (Foster Kent), Hitradio RTL, Dresden - News & Service, KYXY 96.5, San Diego (Groove Addicts), KYXY 96.5, San Diego - News & Service, Life Radio, Linz (Foster Kent), Life Radio, Linz - News & Service,  100.3 LOVE FM, Chicago (Groove Addicts), Bayern 1, Munich (Foster Kent), Bayern 1, Munich - News & Service, NDR Radio MV, Schwerin (Foster Kent), NDR Radio MV, Schwerin - News & Service, Smooth Jazz 105.9, Washington (Groove Addicts),  bit express, Erlangen (Foster Kent), WILANTIS - Das Wissensradio, Stuttgart (Foster Kent)
    BCI Musik Produktion Volume 16 - 2007 [DVD]    
BCI Musik Produktion Volume 17 [2 x CD]
DISC 1: NDR NJoy Hamburg, ORF OE3 Vienna, ORF OE3 Vienna News, ORF OE3 Vienna Charity Theme, YOU FM Frankfurt, YOU FM News, YOU FM Frankfurt Station Song, JUMP MDR Halle, JUMP MDR Halle News, ffn Hanover, Radio Hamburg, Radio Hamburg News, Radio Gong Munich, Radio Gong Munich News, Energy Bremen, Energy Bremen News, Hit Radio FFH Bad Vilbel News, Radio SAW, Radio SAW News, Spreeradio Berlin, Spreeradio Berlin News, Hitradio RTL Sachsen Dresden, Hitradio RTL Sachsen Dresden News, Radio Ramasuri Weiden, Radio Ramasuri Weiden Traffic, Radio 32 Solothurn, Radio 32 Solothurn News. DISC 2: Antenne Vorarlberg, Radio Ena, Radio Ena News, Radio Express Bratislava, Radio Express Bratislava News, Bayern 1 Munich Weather/Traffic, MDR 1 Radio Saxony, MDR 1 Radio Saxony News, NDR 1 Radio MV Schwerin, ORF Vorarlberg, ORF Vorarlberg News, ORF Tirol Insbruck, ORF Tirol Insbruck News, ORF Steiermark Graz, ORF Salzburg, ORF Salzburg News, ORF Oberoesterreich Linz, ORF Oberoesterreich Linz News, NDR Kultur Hamburg, NDR Info Hamburg, Radio Kino FM Moscow, Radio Kino FM Moscow News, Kids FM Moscow, Dubai TV
    BCI Musik Produktion Volume 18 - 2010 [MP3]
Hitradio Ö3 - Groove Addicts, Hitradio Ö3 Traffic - Groove Addicts, Hitradio FFH - Groove Addicts, Hitradio FFH Service - Groove Addicts, ffn - Groove Addicts, ffn News - Groove Addicts, Radio Hamburg - Foster Kent, Radio SAW - Groove Addicts, Radio Ramasuri - Groove Addicts, Radio NRW News & Service - Foster Kent, Life Radio - Foster Kent, Life Radio News & Service - Foster Kent, NDR Welle Nord, Foster Kent, NDR 90,3 - Foster Kent, NDR 90,3 News & Service - Foster Kent, NDR Radio MV News & Service - Foster Kent, ORF Vorarlberg - Foster Kent, ORF Kärnten - Foster Kent, ORF Niederösterreich - Foster Kent,  ORF Niederösterreich News & Service - Foster Kent
    BCI Musik Produktion Volume 19 - 2011 [MP3]
Radio Hamburg (Foster Kent), Bayern 3 (GrooveWorx), Bayern 3 News Und Service (GrooveWorx), MDR Jump (Foster Kent), Hitradio Oe3 (GrooveWorx), Hitradio FFH (Foster Kent), Hitradio FFH Service (Foster Kent), ffn 2009 (GrooveWorx), Spreeradio (Foster Kent), Radio 24 (Foster Kent), Oldie 95 (Triage Musik Produktion), Radio SAW (GrooveWorx), NDR 90.3 (Foster Kent), ORF Niederoesterreich (Foster Kent), ORF Eurovision (Foster Kent)
Ben Freedman Productions
    Journey To The 21st Century (1996) [CD]
The Ben Freedman Song, Maximum Variety, The Nashville Package 'Warp Seven', The Nashville Package 'Full Impulse', Maximum Imaging, The Lite Package, Maximum Kiss, The WSNE Package, Maximum Firepower, Europe's Best Jingles, Dan Ingram Promos, 32 Years Of Jingles, Contact Details
Bespoke Music Company
  Downloaded MP3 Demos - October 2003 [CDR]
Introduction, Real Radio Sung IDs, Real Radio News & Info Cuts, Jazz FM Sung IDs, BBC Northampton Sung IDs, BBC Radio Northampton News & Info Cuts, Oak 107 Sung IDs, BBC Wiltshire Sound, RI Package A - 3TR-FM, Spire FM, RI Package B - Alpha 103.2, BBC Sport, Real Radio Pwer Intros 1, Real Radio Power Intros 2, Commercial ID Compilation #1, Commercial ID Compilation #2, The Bay Sung IDs, BBC Local Radio, RI Package B - Reading 107 FM
  Radio Investments Package Montages 2002 [MD]
Minster FM, Yorkshire Coast Radio, Sun FM, Home 107.9, Silk FM, Central FM, Win FM, Sovereign Radio, Arrow FM, Mix 96, Spire FM, Isle Of Wight Radio, Vale FM, RI News/Travel Themes
    Jingle Jungle 1 (2008) [CD]
Le meilleur de 2007-2008, Q is good for you vol.1 - Q Music, Q is good for you vol. 2 - Q Music, Q hits again - Q Music, Q hits more - Q Music, Love It - Donna, Viva vol.1 - VivaCité, La belle - Bel RTL, Enjoy - 4FM, Jingle bells, Plein soleil, Party bed vol.1, Party bed vol.2

Jingle Jungle 2 (2008) [CD]
Brandy's Best, Q Hits Again, Q Hits More, Q Hits Summer, Close 2 You vol.2, Groove Club, Class One, Love It vol.1, Love It vol.2, Enjoy vol.1, Enjoy vol.2, Viva vol.2, Viva vol.3.
    Jingle Jungle 3 (2009) [CD]
Brandy's Best of 2009, JOE fm, JOE fm The Smile, La Viva, 101, The Vibe, Close 2 You Vol. 3, Q Hits Again, Enjoy Vol. 1 & 2, More Than A Resing.

Jingle Jungle 4 (2011) [CDR]
Brandy's Best of 2010, Pure Edge, The Kick, MetroHits, Summertime Feels Q, Best Hits, Tune In, F1, La Viva, Jingle JOE, Explore, More Than A Resing 2010, Gap Stuff.
    Jingle Jungle 4 - Radiodays Europe Special Edition [CDR]
Maximum Q vol.1, Maximum Q vol.2, The Kick, MetroHits, Q Hits Again, Love It vol.1, Love It vol.2, Best Hits, Tune In, Summertime Feels Q, La Viva, Close 2 You vol.3, Enjoy vol.1&2, F1, Jingle JOE, Pure Edge, Explore, Class One, More than a resing, Gap Stuff.

Jingle Jungle 5 (2012) [CD]
Brandy Showreel 2012, Close 4 You, Maximum Q - Vol. 01, Maximum Q - Vol. 02, Mix N Match, Mix N match (beds), Mix N match RMX, The Kick, Pure Edge, GLOBE, GLOBE (beds), Horizon, Jingle Q, MiXmas N Match, More than a resing.
    Jingle Jungle 6 (2013) [CD]
Showreel 2013, JOE Greatest, Close 4 You Vol. 2, The Kick, Q-Morning Glory, Q-Drive, Hit Collection, Mix N Match Vol. 2, GLOBE Vol. 2, Horizon, Pure Edge, More than a resing 2013.
Century 21 Programming Inc
    WPLJ - The Jingles 1990 [CD]
WPLJ - The Jingles, Steamroller, Proton, Lander & 93Q, Hot Holidays, Laser Lightning
Continental Recordings of Boston
    Continental Recordings Demo [WAV]
News and Information (1981), Back To Basics (1981), Big Band (1981), WHCF (1982), WCAV, WGAN Portland, Look To Us, WCGY Blue-Suede Radio, WEIN  1280AM, We`re Here For You, Continental Recordings Commercial Jingles
Criterion Productions Inc, Dallas TX
    Continental Sound Demo 1975 [MP3]    
  Request Demo [MP3]  
Cue Creative
  Radio Imaging For Fall 2004 [CD]
Introduction of the Fall 2004 Showreel, Best Of FunX (FunX, Urban), Megablast II (Q100, CHR), The Entertainer (FaceFM, Hot AC/CHR), Rac105 (Rac105, Hot AC), Magic Touch (MagicFM, AC/MOR), Den HaagFM (Den HaagFM/TV, Custom), Freshfeel (FreshFM, CHR/Rhythmic), In A Flash (Nova Era, CHR/Rhythmic), Hitjoy FM (Radio Flaixbac, CHR/Urban), The Future Generation (RadioFG, Dance), Release The Sound (Id&T Radio, Dance), Bonus.
    Global Imaging Winter 05/06 [CD]
Introduction, Rac105 - Intro, Rac105 - Package, Den Haag FM 2005 - Intro, Den Haag FM 2005 - Package, You Smart Ass for Smart FM - Intro, You Smart Ass for Smart FM - Package, Drechstad FM - Intro, Drechstad FM - Package, Nomes Exits Flaixbac - Intro, Nomes Exits Flaixbac - Package, Multi X for FunX - Intro, Multi X for FunX - Package, In A Flash for Astra Radio - Intro, In A Flash for Astra Radio - Package, Lounge 102 Istanbull - Intro, Lounge 102 Istanbull - Package, Radio Barcelona i Cadena SER - Intro, Radio Barcelona i Cadena SER - Package.
Dan McGrath
  Various Cuts 1995-2001 [MD]
Wooden Bird Full Mix (from TFI Friday), Rock And Roll Football (Virgin Radio), Jimmy Looks The Same As... (from TFI Friday), Low Down And Dirty (Radio One), Mon Tues Wed.. (Radio One), 0500 30 12 15 (Virgin Radio), Bounce (Radio One), All Request Friday (Virgin Radio), Don't Go Flippin (Virgin Radio), Six Till Nine (Virgin Radio), Russell Watson - Six Till Nine, Six Till Nine x2, R.A.D.I.O (Virgin Radio), Seventies Classic (Virgin Radio), Eighties Classic (Radio One/Virgin), Nineties Classic (Virgin Radio), Chris's Sexy Breakfast Show (Virgin Radio), A Jingle.. (Virgin Radio), Virgin Breakfast, Various Drops, Holly Samos - At The Third Stroke, Holly Samos - At The Third Pip, The Most Incredible Car (From Shooting Stars), Hell'z Kitchen (Animated Series On Bravo), Mmmm - Theme From Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, Wooden Bird Short Mix (from TFI Friday)
David Arnold Music
    London Talkback - The Jingles 1989
(CD002) [CD]

Invicta FM 1990 (Dave Arnold/Century 21)
(CD003) [CD]

    BBC Radio Suffolk 1990
(CD004) [CD]


Spectrum Radio 558 AM 1990
(CD005) [CD]

    Buzz 102.4 FM 1990 [CD]    

GWR FM - Red Hot Radio Jingles (1990) [CD]    
    Classic FM 1992 [CD]

Jazz FM 1997 [CD]    
Guinness World Records 2003 (Hit TV)  [CDR]
    Dave Arnold/Century 21
The Best Jingles 1989 Volume 1 [CD]

Lander & 93Q, Proton, All-Hit Kit, Steam Roller, Highway 21, Madison Avenue, CBS K-Lite, Pro Basics, Double Power, Miami's WAXY, Chicago's 'FYR', Classic Oldies, Talk Radio - WABC'89, Holiday Package, Laser Lightning, CD Production Library, Generation 3, Jingles EN Espanol

Dave Arnold/Century 21
The Best Jingles 1990 Volume 2 [CD]

New York's Best Mix, GWR, Rock + Roll Classics, KIIS FM, K-Lite II, Buzz FM, Lite 97, WPLJ, Radio Broadland.
    Dave Arnold/TM Century
The Best Jingles Volume 3 [CD]

PLJ'91, CBS LA, WNSR'91, KYKY (Y-98), L.A's KIIS, Killer Bee 96, KJLH, WPGC'91, Boston's KISS, Goodtime Classics (Oldies), KFRC-FM (Oldies), WBBM-AM (Newstalk), Oldies 94.9, L.A. Country, BBC Radio Nottingham, Ocean Classics, BBC Essex

Dave Arnold/TM Century
The Best Jingles Volume 4 [CD]

Virgin 1215, Southern California's KIIS, The New WPLJ, Young Country, Big City Country, The Hottest Mix of New York, KOBE Part 1, KOBE Part 2, New York's Mix 105, BBC Radio Leeds, K-Lite 3
    Dave Arnold/TM Century
The Best Jingles Volume 5 [CD]

Big Time Radio, Boston's Mix, 70's and More, US99, Five, We Play The Hits, Manhattan's Mix, WLIT, Hollywood's KIIS, The Pinnacle of New York, Big FM (Oldies), Get A KLOU (Oldies), Hallelujah - It's Morning

Dave Arnold/Thompson Creative
The Best Jingles Volume 6 [CD]

Clyde Magic (AC), Amber radio (Oldies), First Class (Oldies), Chicago's Dance Beat B96 (CHR), B96 Beat (CHR/Dance), Different KIIS (CHR), Hot 'n' Cool (AC/Country), Houston's Mix III (HotAC), Orlando III (AC/Oldies), Light Touch (Lite AC), High Roller (AC/Oldies), More Memphis (AC)
    Dave Arnold - The New Sound Of BBC Local Radio 1999 [CD]
BBC Southern Counties Radio (Short Demo), BBC Thames Valley (Short Demo), BBC Radio Sheffield (Short Demo), BBC Southern Counties Radio (Long Demo), BBC Thames Valley (Long Demo), BBC Radio Sheffield (Long Demo)

Dave Arnold - BBC Radio Solent On-Air Identity 2004 [CD]
Air Check, Quick Listen: Jingle Montage, News, Travel, Weather, Sport, Late Night, Drivetime, Early Risers, Good Morning, Lifestyle, Weekend, Mid Morning, Lunchtime,
    Dave Arnold Presents 96.5 KOIT Imaging Package 2012 [CD]
Fast Basic, Fast Listen At Work, Fast Feel Good, Fast Weekend, Medium Workday, Medium Listen At Work, Medium Mornings, Medium Love Songs, Medium Basic, Medium Weekend, Fast To Slow, Slow Basic, Slow Love Songs 1, Slow Love Songs 2, Holidays 1, Holidays 2, Traffic Bed

Dave Arnold Presents Minster FM Imaging Package 2012 [CD]
Demo, KP : Full - Shotgun - Ramp, BK : Full - Shotgun - Ramp, GL : Full - Shotgun - Ramp, GA : Full - Shotgun - Ramp, CG : Full - Shotgun - Ramp, KM : Full - Shotgun - Ramp, NY : Full - Shotgun - Ramp, OB : Full - Shotgun - Ramp, Mintser Sport, Minster Travel, Minster News
Dave Langer Creative Services
    UK Thompson Creative Demo 1998 [CDR]
Contains montage of Thompson Creative jingles produced by Dave Langer for UK and Eire stations including: Radio Borders, East Kent Radio, European Klassic Rock, TLR, CT-FM, Stray FM, Radio Christian Voice, South Coast more

Dave Langer Demo 1999 [CDR]
Dave Langer Intro, Medway FM, Westward Radio, Music & News Mix, Various Dallas Sung jingles, 4 Custom Commercial Jingles, Dave Langer Ending
  British Sung Montage - January 2003 [CDR]  
DigiMusic Internacional (Mexico)
    DCD-001 Thompson Creative Demo 1996 [CD]    
Ferry Maat Productions
    5 Jaar FM The Basis 1996 [CD]
Transilions, Fast IDS, Meduim IDS, Slow IDS, Programme IDS, Summer & Christmas IDS, Station Songs
Freeway Music
  Downloaded MP3 Demos - January 2003 [CDR]
Ado, Cherie FM, Europaplus, France Bleu, Le Mouv, Nostalgie, NRJ, Rires & Chansons, RTL2, Sudradio
Gari Communications Inc
  Sky TV "It's On Sky" Themes Montage [MD]  
  Sampler 2001 [CDR]  
GMI Media Group
  GMI Media Group Demo [MD]
H2O, KOMO, String Town, Super Highway, Custom Country, KJR 1, KJR 2, KUBE 1,KUBE 2, Digital Sweepers, Flight 31, The Bee, Free Flight, GMI Powerdisc, Programming Tools, The Excellerator, Lazer Impact Plus, SFX Toolkit, The Talent Bank, Retail Jingles
Groove Addicts
    Radio Addictions 1997 [CD]
Introduction, Rick Dees Weekly Top 40, World Chart Show, Capital FM (London), Kool FM (Canada), BBC Radio 1 - Package 2 (UK), Peach 94.9 (Atlanta), Power FM (Hampshire), WPNT (Chicago), Heart FM (Birmingham), WJZW (Washington D.C), Smooth Moves 98.7 (Detroit), International Montage

Capital Radio Group Retrospective 1998 [CD]
Introduction from Richard Park, Capital 5 '98, Capital FM 4, Capital FM 3, Capital FM 2 '91, Capital FM 1 '89, Capital Gold, BRMB, Extra AM, Invicta FM, Power FM, Ocean FM, Southern FM
    Blast 1998 [CD]
KACE, DRS 3, Kool FM, BBC Radio 1, Killer Bee, B-96 (WBBM), KIIS FM

AC Groovin 1998 [CD]
BBC Radio 2 UK, KODA Houston, WPCH Peach 94.9 Atlanta, WKQI Q95 Detroit, WMYI My! My! My! Greenville, SC, WPNT Chicago Pkg #2, WPNT Chicago Pkg #1, 100.7 Heart FM Birmingham, WSTR Star94 Atlanta, WUSA Super Star Tampa
    Country And Oldies 1998 [CD]
WMZQ 'Pkg. 1', WMZQ 'Pkg. 2', WKLB, Xtra AM, Capital Gold

Vibes 1998 [CD]
WJZW Washington D.C. Pkg #1, WJZW Washington D.C. Pkg #2, Smooth Moves Pkg #1, Smooth Moves Pkg #2, WVMV Detroit
    Groove World 2000 [CDR]
Intro, Antenne Bayern, Radio FFN, OE3, Virus, Radio RMF, Radio ZET, SER, KSSE

A Culture 2000 [CD]
Introduction + Peach 2000 WPCH FM - Atlanta, BBC Radio 2 - London, Soft Rock WASH FM - Washington DC, Sunny KODA FM - Houston, MIX FM WJXA FM - Nashville, LITE FM WLYT FM - Charlotte
    Wired 2000 [CD]
Introduction - KIIS FM Los Angeles, KZZP Phoenix, Capital FM - London (2000 Package), CHUM FM Toronto, KSTP - Minneapolis, KSSE Super Estrella - Los Angeles, Radio Shows 2000 Montage (Fabulous Sports Babe, ESPN Radio, Comedy World, World Chart Show)

Con Sabor 2000 [CD]
KSSE Super Estrella Package 2000, KSSE Super Estrella Package 1998, Radio Romantica, Radio Tri-Color, Los 40 Principales - Cadena SER, Los Mas 40 Cadena SER, FM Caracas, Radio Listen
    Still Wired 2001 [CD]
KIIS FM Los Angeles 2001, WBMX - Boston, N-Joy - Hamburg Germany, Virgin Radio London, Capital FM London, CHUM FM Toronto, KSSE Super Estrella - Los Angeles, Radio Shows 2001

97.1 FM Talk 2001 [CD]
Intro, Package Specifics
    Fresh Air 2002 [CD]
KYXY - San Diego, WPCH Peach 2002 Update Package, Lite FM WLYT - Charlotte, Mix 92.9 WJXA FM - Nashville, Sunny KODA FM Houston
  Extreme Noise Demo [CDR]
Introduction, Gravity, Montage, Individual Cuts, News Traffic & Weather, Mindbenders
Kool Moves Demo [CDR]

Introduction, Full Cut Listing, Library Montage, Mindbenders Montage
  Groove Addicts Demos 2002 [CDR]
KYXY - San Diego, WPCH Peach 2002 Update Package, Lite FM WLYT - Charlotte, Mix 92.9 WJXA FM - Nashville, Sunny KODA FM Houston, 97.1 FM Talk, Old School & The New Cool Hot 92.3 - Los Angeles, WODS - Boston, Narrator Demo
Hugh Heller Corporation Inc  / Heller Fergusson Inc

Heller Fergusson - Johnny Spots Private Ear
CR-9003 STEREO LP (1960) [CDR]
The Sound Of The City, The Heart of Maryland, The Call Of The Northwest, The Heart Of The City, One Of The Good Things About San Francisco, That's How We Grow In Sacramento, Seattle + Chicago + New York

Hugh Heller Corporation #1 [CDR]
City Songs (1957-1970), Heller Creative Experiments In Sound Demo (1968), WBZ Custom Packages (1965), WBZ Custom Packages (1969), WDEE Radio 15 Custom (1970), KGO-FM San Francisco , Custom (1967)

Hugh Heller Corporation  #2 [CDR]
Bossa Nova Demo  - WNBC New York, First Message To Dallas Demo (KVIL), KCMO  Kansas City Demo, KFI  640 AM Los Angles Demo, WMAL, Washington  Demo, General Demo 1969, AM Stereo Demo 1970, Mechanical Man Song, Sprit of 103 WBZ, WFLD TV, WMAL Cuts, WIND Chicago  Custon 1969, WIND Chicago  Custom 1965, CBS News liners

Hugh Heller Corporation  #3 [CDR]
Assorted Long Jingles, General ID Demo, Thank God For The Young Demographics Demo, WGAR 1220 AM - Custom Package, WBAL  1220 AM - Custom Package, WBAL Exotica, WBZ Custom 1965 Package
IQ Beats
    World Class Jingles & Music Imaging Demo 1995 [CD]
Flow 935 (Hip Hop & RNB), Ben FM (Adult Hits), JRFM (Country), New 92 (Country), The Breeze (Smooth Jazz), Kiss 98.1 (Urban AC), Mix New York (Rhythmic AC), WKTU (Rhythmic AC), Power 92 (CHR), Power 92.5 (CHR), Sportstalk 950 (Sportstalk).

Music Imaging 2005 - Intelligent Music [CD]
Introduction, Heart 106.2 London, Mix 1027 New York, The Century Network (105.4 Century FM), WKTU New York, 96.6 TFM, The Wireless Group (Wave 102), BBC Radio Leeds, More Reasons (testimonials).
  IQ Production Music Library - Volume 2 - Adrenaline Rock [CDR]  
  IQ Production Music Library - Volume 3 - Ultimate News [2xCDR]  
JAM Creative Productions Inc
Christmas Kit Production Library 1977 (JAM 3) [CDR]
Dub from 12-inch LP containing seasonal production music.


    There Is Another Way (JAM 4) [CDR]
There Is Another Way:
Introduction, WABC, KIMN, WLS, Mellow Magic, Many Styles, Sounds for Radio, Teams, Commercials & more, International, Client montage. Our Way: Ballard Part 1, Pro/Mod, I'd Rather Be In Denver, Express Pack, Make It Mellow, Class Action, Acappellas, Tri-Star, Ballard Part 2

The #1 Choice For Jingles (JAM 6) [CD]
The #1 Choice (Introduction), Turbo Z (CHR), Breakthrough (CHR), XYRock (CHR), Q-Cuts (Adult CHR), Power Up! (Urban CHR), Brite & Sunny (Up AC), Along The Coast (Soft AC), New Tradition (Country), The Spirit Of New England (Full Service)

Yours Truely! (JAM 7) [MD]
Yours Truely Presentation, Image Promo 60, Image Promo 30, Image Promo 20, Image Promo 3, City Promo 60, City Promo 30, City Promo 20, City Promo 3, Programme Promo 60, Programme Promo 30, Programme Promo 20, Programme Promo 3, Daytime Promo 60, Daytime Promo 30, Daytime Promo 20, Nighttime Promo 30, Nighttime Promo 20, Christmas 30, Christmas 20, Christmas 3, Prime Movie Intro 30, Weekend Movie Intro 30, Primary News Intro 20, Serious Bumper, Light Bumper, Electronic Bumper, Information Bumper, Generic Bumper, Primary News Close 60, Morning News Intro 20, Morning Light Bumper, Morning Serious Bumper, Morning Data Bumper, Morning News Close 60, News Promo 30, News Promo 20, Public Affairs Intro 20, Public Affairs Bumper, Public Affairs Close 60, General Promo 30, General Promo 20

Z Force (JAM 9) [CD]
Z Force (WHTZ), Hyperlink, 1FM, Kiss/90 (KIIS), Turbo Z (WHTZ), Breakthrough (WPLJ), The Beat (KKBT), Cooljam, Power Up!, Rock Connection (KSPN)
    Talk Action (JAM 10) [CDR]
Talk Action (WLS), Capitol Idea (WMAL), New York Fan (WFAN), New Day (KDKE), The Spirit Of New England (WBZ),We Talk New York (WMCA), Great Impression (KFA)

Continuous Coast (JAM-11A) [CDR]
Continuous Coast (KOST), Coastlines (KOST), Along The Coast (KOST), Coast To Coast (KOST), Coastin' Through (KOST), On The Coast (KOST), The Magic Is The Music (WMGK), Magic Music 4 (WMGK), Magic Music 5 (WMGK), Magic Music 6 (WMGK), Great Memories (KRNT), The Radio 2 Collection (BBC Radio 2)
    Digital Mix (JAM-12) [CD]
Digital Mix (WRQX), Sky-Trax (WLTE), Continuos Coast (KOST), Sunset Blvd (WBIG), Dimension 2000 (WHAS), Q Cuts (WKQI), Right On Q (WKQI), Brite & Sunny (WSNY), Be Kool (Kool 105), 2 Kool (Kool 105), A Touch of Christmas (KVIL), The Answer For The 90's - Production Music Library

Country Favorites (JAM-13) [CD]
Country Favorites, Mile High, Go West, Q Cuts, Country Express, New Tradition, Country Class, It's Your Country, America's Country, Fun Country, 55 Country, Real Country (SMN), Star Country
    Hi Qume (JAM-14) [CD]
Hi Qume (WKQI), Keep On Coastin (KOST), Do It Again (WCBS), Horizon (KBIG), Stay Kool (KXKL), American Mix (WBLI), Hyperlink, Light Favourites, Q Cuts (WKQI), Right On Q (WKQI), Be Kool (KXKL), 2 Kool (KXKL), A Touch Of Christmas

Z-World (JAM-15) [CD]
Z World (WHTZ), Z Force (WHTZ), Turbo Z (WHTZ), Skywave (WHTZ), Wharp Factor (WHTZ), Red Hot (WHTZ), The Flame Thrower (WHTZ), KIIS'90 (KIIS FM), French Kiss (KIIS FM), Hot Kiss (KIIS FM), The Beat'92 (KKBT), The Beat (KKBT), Power Up (Power 106/Hot 97)
    Celebrate (JAM-16) [CD]
Celebrate (KVIL), The Big Difference (KBIG), It's Magic (WMGK), Quick Q's (WKQI), Energy (NRJ), Closer To The Music (BBC Radio 1), It's All For You (BBC Radio 2), Northwave (FM Northwave), Bright & Sunny (WSNY), Digital Mix (WRQX), Breakthrough (WPLJ), Sky-Trax (WLTE)

Country Radio ID Packages Volume One (JAM-17) [CD]
Air Breaks (KYGO-FM), On The Border (KSON), Right Now (KNIX), American Mix (KZLA), Q Cuts (WSIX), The Country Original (WSM), Mile High (KYGO-FM), Country Favorites (KSON), Go West (KNIX), New Tradition (KYGO-FM), Real Country (KCWW), Country Express (WSM-FM), Fun Country (KUSA), Star Country (KCBQ)
    News-Talk Radio ID Packages Volume One (JAM-18) [CD]
The Spirit of New England (WBZ Boston), New Day (KDKA Pittsburgh), Capitol Idea (WMAL Washington), Talk To Us (WABC New York), We Talk New York (WMCA New York), The #1 Voice (WMAL Washington)

News-Talk Radio ID Packages Volume Two (JAM-19) [CD]
Talktrax (WABC New York), Get On Line (WLS-FM Chicago), Your Talk Station (WWRC Washington), Real Talk (WHP Harrisburg), New York Fan (WFAN New York), Extra Innings (WIOD Miami), Talk Action (WLS Chicago), Dimension 2000 (WHAS Louisville), Sportsradio (WFAN New York)
    The First 20 Years (JAM-20A/B) [DOUBLE CD]
DISC ONE: Introduction, Dick Clark, Food and Shelter, Bob Costas, The First Jingle, Casey Kasem, Early Days: Ron Harris, Rick Dees, WPEN: Juilan Breen, Scott Shannon, WABC: Juilan Breen and Rick Sklar, Ron Lundy, Harry Harrison and Bruce Morrow, The BBC: Johnny Beerling, Dick Bartley, WLS: John Gehron, Dick Parton, Radio Jovem Pan: Zura Homen de Mello, Ron Chapman, I'd rather be in.........., Euro-JAM, Z-100: Ross & Gary, Meet The Singers, The First 20 Years
DISC TWO: Birth of a Jingle (It takes time to make things), The JAM Jingle Zoo, Class Action, Shortest and Longest Jingles, The JAM Song, 20 Years in 20 Minutes

Classic JAM (JAM-21A/B) [DOUBLE CD]
DISC ONE: Introduction, Priority One, Logoset, Dimension Two, Positron, Pro/Mod, Class Action, Express Pack, Music Jam, Meltdown, FM, Pro Radio.
DISC TWO: Introduction, Double Plus, I'd Rather Be...2, Special Touch, The Best Show, The Fyre, Nothing But Class, Outstanding, Hitradio, The Best Show 2, Power Station, The Only One
    Oldies Radio ID Packages Volume One (JAM-22) [CD]
Forever Kool (Kool 105), Stay Kool (Kool 105), 2 Kool (Kool 105), Be Kool (Kool 105), Do It Again (WCBS), 70s Station (WMGK), Retro Point (95KLX), Back Seat Music (KRLA)
All Oldies (WHND), Good Time Radio (WGBP), LX Gold (KGAL), Playin' Favorites (WMJC), Hitradio 2 (KREO), Great Memories (KRNT/Memories 1150AM)

AC Radio ID Packages Volume One (JAM-23) [CD]
The Big Difference (KBIG), Horizon (KBIG), Sunset Blvd (KBIG), American Mix (WBLI), It's Magic (WMGK), Digital Mix (WRQX), Light Favourites (WLTF), Sky-Trax (WLTE), Northwave (FM Northwave), Sunlight (WSNY), Brite & Sunny (WSNY), It's All For You (BBC Radio 2)
    AC Radio ID Packages Volume Two (JAM-24) [CD]
Master Mix (KWMX), Coast Approach (KOST), The Coast Experience (KOST), Keep On Coastin' (KOST), Metroline (KYKY), Variety Pack (WALK), Uni-Que (WKQI), Quick Q's (WKQI), Hi Qume (WKQI), Right On Q (WKQI), Q Cuts (WKQI), A Touch of Christmas (KVIL)

AC Radio ID Packages Volume Three (JAM-25) [CD]
Info for Programmers, Ready Mix (WMXV), Today's Coast (KOST), It's Nice (WNIC), On Top (KVIL), Celebrate (KVIL), Cleansweep (KMZQ), Crescent City Moonlght (WLMG), Soft Sensation (WJYE), Heartbeat (Heart 106.2 - London), Ride The Wave (Star Radio), The Season Suite (KDOK)
    Country Radio ID Packages Volume Two (JAM-27) [CD]
Bustin' Loose (KYGO), Country Buzz (WRBQ), Full Access (Country 92.9), In Focus (KSON), Overdrive (WWWW), Heat It Up (KSON), Country KHJ (KHJ), Metro Country (WSOC), Country Class (KYGO), It's Your Country (KUSA), America's Country (KUSA)

News-Talk ID Packages Volume 3 (JAM-28) [CD]
Attitude Control (WFLA), Ameritalk (WABC/KABC), Super Station (WJR Detroit), Hot Buttons (WMAQ Chicago), Data Seek (CKWX), Yours Truly (Various)
    Jingle All The Way (JAM-29) [CD]
The JAM Christmas Collection (Various), A Touch of Christmas (KVIL Dallas), It's All For Christmas (BBC Radio 2), JAM Christmas Package (KIIS-FM Los Angeles), Holiday Pack (WCBS-FM New York), Christmas Kit (WABC New York), Holiday JAM (Various)

AC Radio ID Packages Volume 4 (JAM-30) [CD]
One Up (KVIL Dallas), The Most Coast (KOST Los Angeles), Miami Lite (WLYF Miami), The Best Mix in Denver (KIMN Denver), Really Nice (WNIC Detroit), First Step (WALK Long Island), Something Big (KBIG Los Angeles), Very Nice (WNIC Detroit), Clearly Coast (KOST Los Angeles)
    Hot Volume 1 (JAM-31) [CD]
Hot Wired (WDRQ), Z+ (Z-100), After Burner (WNCI), Kiss & Tell (Kiss-FM), In The Mix (Mix 105), Evolver (KS-95), Hit Power (Power 92), Hard Rock FM (Hard Rock FM), Breakthrough (WPLJ), Hyperlink (Q-101), The Ultimate One (BBC Radio 1), Closer To The Music (BBC Radio 1)

Authentic 80s JAM (JAM-32) [CD]
Hitradio (KHTR St. Louis), Hitradio 2 (KREO Santa Rosa), Xyrock (KRXY Denver), Into The Music (WPLJ New York), KZZP (KZZP Phoenix), Laser Image (WBLI Long Island), Hit After Hit (WRQX Washington), Double Plus (WYNY New York), Future Flow (WYNY New York), KDWB (KDWB Minneapolis-St. Paul), The Rock (WLS Chicago), AM (WLS Chicago), FM (WLS-FM Chicago), Rockin' for America (WLS Chicago), Maximum Power (WPLJ New York), Music Now (BBC Radio 1), Omni-Trax (WENS Indianapolis)
    Jingles With Vision (JAM-33) [CD & DVD]
CD: Top News (WABC), And Now (Mix 100), Home Of The Hits (WCBS-FM), Consistently Coast (Coast 103.5), Country Proud (KFKF), Twice As Nice (WNIC), Kool Combo (Kool 105), Hit Country (Country 92.5), Lite 'n' Up (Lite-FM).
DVD: "The Making Of WABC #121"

AC Radio ID Packages Volume 5 (JAM-35) [CD]
And Now (Mix-100), Big Edition (K-BIG), Next Edition (K-BIG), Twice As Nice (WNIC), Lite 'N' Up (Lite-FM), Consistently Coast (KOST), Coast Effective (KOST), Uptown (KVIL)
    Happy 30th Birthday JAM 2004 (Promotional Copy) [CDR]
WABC - Johnny Donovan, Allan Sniffen, Ken R, Colin Ridley, Johnny Beerling, Sean MArtin, VOA, Graham Collins, Jhani Kaye, Ron Harris/Those Loveable Wolfrets, Christian Spooner, Jeffro, Neal Bowden, Richard Johnson, David Barras, Ken Justiss, Nicky Schiller, Pete Wilson, Mike Moore, Howard Hughes, Tracy Carman, John Quincy, Gary Berkowitz, Brian Jones, Ern and Vern, Harris and Furness, Rik Scott, Steve England, 1kHz Tone for Level, Reserved.

Early JAM - Volume 1 (Unofficial) [CDR]
An Introduction To Our Services, Series Sampler Demo A, Dimension Two Demo B, Dimension Two Demo C, Basics Demo, The LS Package, WMYN and Earl Childress Jingles, Priority One Demo A, Priority One Demo B, WQXI Priority One Package, Magic Music Demo (Stereo),WPEN Back Seat Music Demo, WABC Jingles, You've Got It Demo (NO Narration)
    Early JAM - Volume 2 (Unofficial) [CDR]
WPGC Aircheck to demo Priority One & Logoset, On The Move Demo, The WSM Package Demo, The SL Minipak, Positron Demo, Music Maker Demo, KAKE Acapellas & Magic Music Jingles, News Sampler B Demo, I'd Rather Be In Denver Demo, Express Pack Demo

Early JAM - Volume 3 (Unofficial) [CDR]
Class Action Demo, Grease Weekend Demo, Music JAM Demo, The Music You Want Demo, The Best On TV Demo, Everythin You Always Wanted In A Producion Library..., Banks A Demo, Syndicated Commercials Reel (1975)
    Rare JAM Demos On CD - Volume 1 (Unofficial) [CDR]
55 Country Demo, A Word From Some Of Our Customers, Acapellas Sampler, Another Comment, Bright Light, Cooljam, Energy, Express Pack Temporary Demo, Good Times, Great Impression, Image Songs, MixMasters, New York 97, Newsline

Rare JAM Demos On CD - Volume 2 (Unofficial) [CDR]
The Number One Choice, The Answer For The 90's, Totally Kool, We'll Make Your Day, WGY Composite (August 1979), WGY Composite (May 1980), Temple Of Tune JAM Montage, Syndicated Commercials - L Demo
    The Sean Martin JAM Album (Unofficial) [2xCDR]
DISC ONE: JAM Album Side 1, JAM Album Side 2, Grease Weekend Demo, WVLK Packages, BBC 247 Radio One Weathercheck Session 1976
DISC TWO: Sean Martin Jingle Sessions, Egotrips & Some Tasty Jam Sandwiches!
Various Demos [CDR]

XY Rock, Rock Connection (KSPN), Breakthrough (WPLJ), Cool Jam, Totally Kool (KXKL), Energy, A Word From Some Of Our Customers, The Number 1 Choice, Temple Of Tune JAM Montage, The JAM Song
  Various Demos 2 [CDR]
Rockin For America, You'll Like Our Style, Power Station, WPLJ 1989, Pure Gold, The Rock n Roll Oldies Show, We Love You, First Impression, Have We Got A Time For You, Flamethrower, AM, Star Station, On Target/We'll Make Your Day, Hit After Hit, WGY Collection, Intro 75
Jeff Wayne Music
  Jeff Mayne Music - Themes and Commercials Showreel 1982/3 [CDR]
Gordon’s Gin, Esso, World Cup '82, TV AM '82, World Sport '83, 60 Minutes, Club Biscuits, Abbey National, LBC, Tetley Bittermen (off 45rpm), Something Special In The Air
JFK Berlin
    Jingles For The Future 2002 [CDR]
Today's Mix Hitradio Antenne -  Hannover Intro, The Jingles, Great Hits Hitradio Antenne Sachsen - Dresden Intro, The Jingles, Montage (Hitradio Brocken - Halle), The Swiss Touch Hitradio Z - Zurich Intro, The Jingles, Montage (Hitradio Cottbus)
Jodie Lyons
    "Something To Love" Demo (7:35) [CDR]    
John Groves Music
  John Groves Music - On Air Design [CD]
WDR Eins Live, Radio Salu, Radio Hamburg, RB Hansawelle, WDR 2, WDR 5, WDR 4, NDR 2, NDR 1, VH-1, Premiere, Einfuhrung, N-Joy Radio Hamburg, 104.6 RTL Berlin, KISS 99 FM Berlin, Hitradio N1 Nurnberg, NDR 2, 94.3 RS 2 Berlin, Radio SAW Magdeburg
  JonesTM - 2008 Showreel [2XCD]
DISC 1 - Jingles:
Welcome to JonesTM, Kissville 108, TFM Radio, Perfect Music, RhythMix, Viking FM, Viking FM Expansion Pack, Greatest Hits 08, PLJ 07, The Bee, KVIL Signature, Big Time Honolulu.
DISC 2 - Imaging & News/Talk: Imagio, Audio Architecture, Digital News, Juggernaut Plus, Hallelujah It's Morning, The Christmas Station, Imaging Arsenal, Jack Pack, News Now, Power Intros, Rock Radio News Suite.
Ken R Inc
  #D-01 IDCD-1 (1995) [CDR]
Kick Butt Country, Supercharger, CJ-1, Tingles, Satellite Superdeal, Direction Connection, Retrofit, Music Match, Fun Point, WDOK Soft Favorites, Tropical Moon FM, Yes FM 95, 70s Saturday Night, Pams for the 90s Part I

#D-02 IDCD-2 - I.D. Jingles You Can Afford! (1996) [CD]
PAMS for the 90s Part II, Good Times Great Oldies, Big Impression, Lunatic Fringe I, Morning Madness, Incredible Mix, Light Source, Power Surge, Soft Rock Signatures, Totally Kickin', Fire Power, Satellite Country, MetroPulse III, People Power, Now, That's Good Music, Sho-Time, Urban Vibrations
    #D-04 Adult/Contemporary Jingles Volume 1 (1998) [CDR]
Continuous Favorites, Incredible Mix, Power Surge, Light Source, The Fun Point, Music Match, Big Impression, Direct Connection, Retro-Fit, Soft Rock Signatures, WDOK Soft Favorites, Satellite Superdeal, Seasonings

#D-05 Oldies Power (1998) [CD]
Boss Radio, Pams for the 90s Part III, Goldquest, Sonovox, Doo-wops, Star 98, Your Radio WYUR, Music of Your Life, Continuous Favorites, Big Impression, Power Surge, Light Source, Incredible Mix, Satellite Superdeal, Pro Paks 1-5
    #D-06 Today and Yesterday (1999) [CDR]
Radiance, Hot 99.9, To the Point, Wish List, Continuous Favorites, On the Horizon, Truly Kool, Big Shot, Fabulous Hit Machine, Lunatic Fringe VI, Satellite Superdeal II, Urban Update, Internet Radio, Communique, La Nueva (Hispanic), Big Hairy Deal
#D-07 Retail 2K [MP3]

The best of our commercial jingles from our last year in the recording business. You actually get to hear our singers emote for more than :10-seconds at a time! Includes our national accounts, car dealers, shopping centers, local clients, sound-alike jingles and cities.
    #D-08 Demo Masters Volume I [MP3]    
    #D-09 Demo Masters Volume II [MP3]    
    #D-10 Demo Masters Volume IIII [MP3]    
  #D-11 Demo Masters Volume IV [MP3]  
Kershaw West Productions
    Commercials Demo [WAV]    
    First Class Contemporary Series Demo (WLAV) [WAV]    
    First Class Contemporary Series Demo 1978 (WLEF) [WAV]    
    Rock Invention Demo (WABX) [WAV]    
    Sounds Like Demo [WAV]    
    Suite For Chicago Demo 1979 [WAV]    
    WLAV Demo 178 [MP3]    
Killer Music (HLC)
    Killer Music (HLC) Capabilities Reel One [WAV]
Complete Capabilities Montage, My! My! My!, My! My! My! (German), Jump, Soft Rock Mini Songs, Crunch, Care, Radioactive, Love Songs, The Edge, Real News, Genesis II, Gary Owens, Joy, Capital, Class, Genesis, Lite
    Killer Music (HLC) Capabilities Reel Two 1994 [WAV]
Montage, WVBF 2,My! My! My!, WPOC, Century FM, WPLJ, Care, Real News, Genesis II, Class, Lite, Capital I, Capital II, International Montage
    Killer Music (HLC) Excel Demo [WAV]    
    Killer Music (HLC) WVBF (Station Songs) KMI Playlist 1994 (13:25) [WAV]
Drive Time , Goofy Moring Show, Latin Moring Show, You’ll Survive Traffic, Gospel, Funky Street Jazz, Anthem, Boston's Most Uncommon , The Call Letters Song
LDG Produkties N.V. (LDG Productions, Belgium)
    DD 0991 - Commercials Met Hitkracht!! [CD]
Featuring Het Echt Antwaarps Teater
Intro, Gezongen Commercials, Gespoken Commercials, Party-Spots, Jingel Singel, Jingels, Demo Feestje.
Marian De Garriga
  Forever Amber 1998 [CDR]
Segment A: STER Radio pingles, Coca Cola, Viva, Gala Koffie, Completta, Meubelstad, STER Spel, Lego, STER TV, STER Internet, Durex, STER Audio Festival.
Segment B : The Dutch first Sportchannel Sport 7 there Nieuws opener, Promo, Bumpers, ID Jingles.
Segment C : Het jaar van de kreeft movie 8 musical themes.
Media General Broadcast Services (Tanner)
    KEEY K102 Package Demo (Country/AC) [MP3]    
    Music and More Demo [MP3]    
  Rockin' Easy Demo [MP3]  
Melvin Jakobs Productions
    MJP997 - DJ's Only (1997) [CD]
DJ's Only, Sonofox

MJP399 - Bestsellers Of The 90's (1999) [CD]
introductie, mobiliteit, huis en interieur, mode en uiterlijk, werk en opleiding, restaurants en zalencentra, brood & banket, uitgaan & ontspanning, fitness en uiterlijk, vakantie, van alles wat...
Music 4

Audio Showreel Autumn 2003 [CD]
BBC Radio 1 - Main Station Imaging, BBC Radio 1 - Music & Sound Design, Capital FM, Capital Disney, Capital Gold, Century FM, Life Digital Radio, Heart 106.2 - Main Station Imaging, Heart 106.2 - Club Classics Imaging, Heart 106.2 - Summertime 2003 Imaging, The Galaxy Network, Best Of The Rest, International Radio Imaging Highlights, European Radio Imaging Highlights, ITV - Design Wars, Channel 4 - Big Brother 4, The Box - Channel Imaging, ITV - Channel Imaging, Five - Live With Chris Moyles, BBC Three TV - Seven O'Clock News & 60 Seconds, BBC London - TV & Radio Imaging, BBC Radio 1 - Newsbeat, BBC Five Live Sports Extra, BBC Three Counties Radio, Advertising & Corporate Music Highlights, Music 4's V-The Production Library, Killer Hertz Production Series.


Music For Media Showreel Spring 2004 [2xCD]
Five - Back To Reality, BBC 2 - BBC Grandstand Menu Themes & Stagers, ITV - News At 10.30 Promo Themes, BBC Three - The 7 O'Clock News & Sixty Seconds, ITV - Design Wars, Channel 4 - Big Brother, The Box - Channel Imaging, ITV - Themes For Schedule Launch, Five - Live With Chris Moyles, P&O Ferries - TV & Radio Advertising Music, Sainsbury's - Corporate Communications Music, Saga Holidays - TV & Radio Advertising Music, Morley Hayes - Radio Advertising Music, Introducing V - The Production Library, V Music Examples: Dance, Rock, Acoustic Beats, Dirty Beats, Full On, Electro Beats, Ultra Cool, Chilled, Cheese, Retro, News, Sport, Xmas, Killer Hertz (Demo & Overview), Total Image (Demo & Overview).
DISC TWO: BBC Radio 1 - The Chris Moyles Show - Main Show Theme - Jan 2004, BBC Radio 1 - The Chris Moyles Show - Silly Stuff - Jan 2004, BBC Radio 1 - The Chris Moyles Show - Show Launch Song - Jan 2004, Key 103 Manchester - General Station Imaging - April 2004, Q102 Dublin - Station Imaging - March 2004, FM104 Dublin - Station Imaging - April 2004, Wave 105 - The Glitz Mix & Late Night Love Songs Imaging - April 2004, CFM Carlisle - Station Imaging - Jan 2004, Radio City 96.7 - Sony Award Nominated Station Imaging - Feb 2003, Vibe FM - Station Imaging - Feb 2003, Sirius Hits 1 (USA)  - Station Imaging - Feb 2004, Tindle Radio Group Package (Island FM)  - August 2003, Easy FM Bangkok - Station Imaging - Aug 2003, BBC Radio 1 - Newsbeat - Jan 2002, Radio City 96.7 - Station Imaging - Aug 2000, BBC London - Station Imaging - Sept 2001, BBC 7 -Station Imaging - Oct 2002, BBC Three Counties Radio - Station Imaging - Sept 2001, Various - Summertime Music Imaging.
Music And Images
  Music & Images and TM Century 1993 [CD]
Dutch Jingles, German Jingles, International Montage, The New Southern California's KIIS, The New WPLJ, KYKY (Y-98), The Hottest Mix of New York, Goodtime Classics, KFRC-FM, K-Lite I, Lite 97

Jingles for a New Millennium 1996 [CD]
Reelworld European Montage, Veronica FM Holland, Fun Radio, Kiss 106 Dallas, WKTU '96 New York, WKTU '97 New York, Kiss 108 FM Boston, KDWB '96 Minneapolis, KDWB '97 Minneapolis, WMAL Newstalk Radio, KSL/KOA Newsradio, Windy 100 Chicago, B94 Pittsburgh, WJMN '96 Boston, WJMN '97 Boston, KISS FM San Francisco, WPGC, Power 92
Jingles For European Radio 2000 [CDR]

Introduction, Z100 New York 20000, Veronica FM 98, Veronica FM 99, European Montage Z100 New York, Z100 New York 99, European Montage KISS 108 Boston 99, KISS 108 Boston 99, European Montage I-96 Grand Rapids, I-96 Grand Rapids, European Montage KDWB Minneapolis 97, KDWB 97, European Montage KISS 106 Dallas 97, KISS 106 Dallas 97, Fly 92, European Montage WMJN, WMJN Boston 98, European Montage WKTU, WKTU New York 2000, European Montage Windy 100 Chicago, Windy 100 Chicago, Big 105 New York, European Montage B94 Pitsburgh, B94 Pitsburgh, Power 92 Phoenix, Beatmixes
Music K Productions Inc.



Back To Basics Demo (02:27) [WAV]

Commercials Demo (09:01) [WAV]

Music Oasis (Bruce Upchurch)

Music Oasis Demo 1996 [CD]
Client Montages,Heartland, Newsworks, Z-Witness News, Newsworks-2, Bulletin, Chroma Cues Library, Original Image & Promo Music Montage, Soundalikes Montage.



[CD] - Master CD from Production Company
[CDR] - CD copy from Collector, Radio Station or Production Company
[MD] - MiniDisc copy from Collector or Radio Station
[MP3] - MP3 Media File copy from Collector, Radio Station or Production Company
[X] - Package not as original (i.e. a few cuts or re-mixes may be missing
[#] - Sound quality not perfect
[E] - Cuts have been edited (e.g. Where package has been dubbed from 7.5 ips reel and fades have been added to reduce hiss)


  • The above list is not necessarily a list of items available for trading. Certain items on this list may not be available for swaps due to circumstances beyond my control as I have promised not to pass them on to the people who provided me with them.

  • Most of the jingle packages within my collection were copied from the master disc/tape sent to the radio station by the audio imaging production company (or a generation of that disc/tape). However, certain packages were copied from the actual radio station studio disc/tape or computer playout system (or a generation copy) which therefore include only the imaging used on-air. These packages may have certain jingles missing from the original full package but will include additional station internally produced work and sweeper mixes. They are described on my above list as 'On-Air' Jingles.

  • I have the capability to provide jingles for trades as MP3 files (or WAV files where applicable) via the internet or on CDR via conventional postal services.

  • I do not sell jingles from my collection; trades only.