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Back in November 2003, I purchased my first personal jingle from JAM Creative Productions using their Personal Cuts service. Since then, the collection has steadily increased over the years, and I now have over thirty individual cuts as follows (in chronological order):-

Details regarding all my cuts (as featured in the montage above) are as follows:-


BBC Radio 2 Master #114 (1996)

December 2003   

  Recorded in Dallas in December 2003, this cut is taken from the BBC Radio 2 Custom 1996 package. JAM used the original soloist Mark Collier for my cut and thus, it sounds very much like the version sung for Radio 2. 


"Turbo Z" Cut #9

November 2004   

  My second JAM jingle was recorded in November 2004 and is a re-sing of cut 9 from the highly acclaimed "Turbo Z" package. This package was originally custom created for WHTZ (Z100) New York in 1989.


Gwinsound Series 2 Cuts

February 2005   

  Gwinsound is lesser known than PAMS, but was equally as good in itís heyday in the 60's and 70's. In February 2005, I took the opportunity to have two Series 2 cuts re-sung as part of a Ben Freedman Dallas jingle session and the results we're fantastic! Gwinsound re-sings are available exclusively from Ben Freedman.


   Ben Freedman

"Maximum Firepower" Cut #4

June 2005   

  Another Ben Freedman Dallas jingle session in June 2005 enabled me to have cut 4 from Ben's very own hot country CHR package "Maximum Firepower" re-sung.


"We Play The Hits" Cut #4

August 2005   

  With the launch of TM Century's new iJingles service in 2005, I couldn't resist having a TM Century jingle for myself. In fact, my jingle was the first to be done under this new service! I chose cut 4 from "We Play The Hits"; a package which was originally custom created for the legendary KIIS-FM, Los Angeles in 1994.


Sky Radio Master #98

May 2006   

  Recorded in May 2006, my third JAM jingle is a re-sing of a cut originally created as part of a custom package in collaboration with Top Format for Sky Radio in the Netherlands.


"Celebrate" Cut #12

January 2007   

  My fourth, and most recent JAM jingle, is a re-sing of "Celebrate" cut 12 and was recorded in January 2007. "Celebrate" was originally custom created in 1993 for KVIL in Dallas. In the UK, "Celebrate" is probably best remembered as the jingle package chosen to launch Century Radio 100-102 (North-East) in 1994.


   RadioScape "New Light" Cut #1

April 2007   


Following an announcement on in March 2008 that RadioScape was now offering a personal jingles service, I couldn't resist having a cut re-sung for myself! After much deliberation, I eventually chose cut 1 from "New Light"; a package custom created by Johnny Hooper for Christian music station WAWZ (Star 99.1) New York.


"Get Real" Cut #2

August 2007   


The first S2Blue Podcast featured a competition to win a re-sing of a cut from any of the packages on Steve England's "Connected" CD. I was lucky enough to be one of the three winners and opted for a re-sing of "Get Real" cut 2. Thanks to all the people at S2Blue for another fantastic personal jingle!


"Good Time Classics" Cut #19

November 2007   

  In November 2007 I went back to iJingles for a second cut. This time round I opted for cut 19 from the acclaimed "Good Time Classics" package.


"CBS K-Lite" Cut #14

April 2008   


Recorded in April 2008 at the JonesTM Studios in Dallas, this cut features the sexy and soulful voice of  Emmy Award winning artist Benita Arterberry Burns.


   RadioScape "New Light" Cut #9

February 2009   


When I first heard Nicky Schiller's version of this cut in June 2007, I always knew that I would have it sung for myself. Two and a half years later it was time and I made contact with the wonderful guys at RadioScape. This cut features the lovely Annagrey LaBasse on vocals; one of the most popular and well-loved voices in the jingle imaging industry.


   "Miami's WAXY" Cut #11

July 2009   


Recorded towards the end of July 2009 at TM Studios in Dallas, this is my forth personal jingle from the great team at iJingles (TM Studios) in Dallas. As well as obviously liking the cut, I chose this one to be re-sung because of the huge remix potential due to the numerous remixes featured in the 1991 jingle package for BBC Radio York.


Sky Radio Master #167

November 2009   

  Recorded in November 2009, my fifth JAM jingle is another re-sing of a cut originally created for Sky Radio in the Netherlands. This fantastic Christmas cut was written by Tom Merriman.


"Simple & Free" Cut #24

February 2010   

  I've always liked the William B Tanner "Simple & Free" package written by Chris Kershaw, with cut 24 being the pinnacle cut in my opinion. My affection for this cut was emphasised in 2007 when Pete Wilson was the first person to have it re-sung at iJingles to celebrate his 30 years of jingle collecting. My cut features the lovely Cheryl Cleavenger on lead vocals and lyrics penned by Dave Nightingale on a lunch break in June 2009.


"New York's Best Mix" Cut #7

July 2010   

  Originally custom created for WNSR New York, the inspiration behind me opting for this particular cut comes from the re-sing for the BBC North FM Night Network.


"CBS K-Lite" Cut #14

December 2010   

  It didn't look like I would receive this cut until early 2011. Luckily for me though, a rush order for a broadcast client brought soloist Mark Collier into the building at TM Studios to sing my latest cut in December 2010. This is my second cut from the legendary "CBS K-Lite" package.


"Very Nice" Cut #10

June 2011   

  Recorded in May 2011, my sixth JAM jingle is a re-sing of the mid-days cut from the "Very Nice" package, originally created for 100.3 WNIC, Detroit, USA.


"Feel The Magic Too" Cut #21

November 2011   

  My seventh JAM jingle and my second Christmas cut.


   RadioScape "Family Friendly Radio" Cut #8

May 2012   


Another cut from RadioScape and another cut featuring solos by the lovely Annagrey LaBasse.


"Good Time Classics" Cut #9

December 2012   

  My second cut from the acclaimed "Good Time Classics" package.


"Dallas Power" Cut #10

November 2013 

  Cut #10 from the 1988 TM Communications "Dallas Power" jingle package has proved a very popular choice for re-sings over the years, especially with collectors like myself. I first remember hearing this fantatsic cut sung for Ireland's 2FM in the mid-90's, with the lyrics as "Ireland's Music Machine, Nightime 2FM".


"G-Force" Cut #8

March 2014 



"Viking" Cut #13 (2007 Expansion Pack)

July 2014 



"Big Time Radio" Cut #1

November 2014 



"Kingdom FM" Cut #6

January 2015 



"The New WPLJ" Cut #14

January 2015 



"Kingdom FM" Cut #6
(Re-Do with Solo Sing and KIIS Logo)

February 2015 



Radio Investments C - Heart Strings

May 2015 



   RadioScape Thomspon Creative "WRMF 2000" Cut #8

July 2016 



"Full Access" Cut #5

June 2018 



AJ Music Productions
"Classic Re-Sings Series #1" Cut #11

August 2018 

  Following an announcement on in May 2018 that AJ was now offering re-sings of his classic jingles, I couldn't resist having a cut re-sung for myself! For me there was no odubt that it had to be a re-sing of cut 11, one of my alltime favourite and a legendary 1990s AJ jingle, originally custom created by AJ for Steve Wright in the afternoon on BBC Radio 1.


"Ready: Mix!" Cut #16

November 2018