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Jingle Demos N-Z

N2 Effect
  Downloaded MP3 Demos - October 2001 [CDR]
Composite Demo, Kiss 106.1, KDWB 101.3

  Downloaded MP3 Demos - October 2002 [CDR]
Star 102 Kansas, KDWB Minneapolis, Kiss 106 Dallas, Kiss 108 Boston, Star 94 Atlanta
On Air Syndication (

Jingles and Production Music Demo CD 1996 [CD]
A. Production Music: Weather and News Beds 94,3 r.s.2 - Berlin (7 Cuts), Euro Dance Beds Kabel 1 TV (7 Cuts), Show Opening Beds RTL TV (5 Cuts)
B. Jingle Packages: 94,3 r.s. 2 - Berlin (AC) (6 Cuts), RTL Oldies Luxembourg (Oldies) (6 Cuts), Radio Mercury Poxnan Poland (AOR) (6 Cuts), SFB 88'8 Berlin (Easy listening/Soft AC).
Syndicated Program Jingles and Music Beds: Pop History Day by Day (1 Cut), The Entertainment Report (1 Cut), JAM - The Radio Show (10 Cuts), New American Music / Hot Country News (4 Cuts).

Syndicated Programs Demo CD 97-1 [CD]
Intro, Pop History Day By Day, What's Up!, Pop Legends, Global Dance News, The Entertainment Report, Hot Country News, Local Language Production.
  The Australian Presentation [MD]
    PAMS Classics, Volume 1 (PAMS 2011-A) [CD]
SERIES 18 - Sonosational (KFWB), SERIES 26 - All American (WABC, WXYZ), SERIES 27 - Jet Set (WABC), SERIES 28 - Happiness Is (WABC), SERIES 29 - Go Go (WABC), SERIES 30 - The In Set (WABC), SERIES 31 - Music Explosion (KONO), SERIES 33 - Fun Vibrations (WABC), SERIES 34 - Music Power (WABC, WLS, WKYC), SERIES 34C - Music Pow Pow Power (WABC), SERIES 37 - Power Play (WABC)
Peters Productions
    Demos taken from original Peters Productions 7 2 IPS Reels:    
    11 Alive [WAV]    
    Beautiful Music [WAV]    
    General Demo (Two Versions) [WAV]    
    KIIS-FM Los Angeles 1980 [WAV]    
    Music For Just The Two Of Us [WAV]    
    My Kind Of Station [WAV]    
    News Plus [WAV]    
    San Diego Sound [WAV]    
    The Great Ones [WAV]    
    Today (Two Versions) [WAV]    
    We Take You There (KCRA-TV) 1981 [WAV]    
PORS Impact Creative
    PORS Jingles/Commercials Demo 1993 [WAV]    

C6290 - Radio Identity - Demo Jingles & Commercials 1995 [CD]
I.D. Jingles, Songs, Programma Jingles, Verrassings/Jocks/Shouts/Whispers, DVI's, Audio Electronisch Stalenboek, Tropical Punch, 93 Q, Magic Mix, Dallas Mix 11,,San Antonios Hot New Country, KLTY, WOR, Tampa Bays Greatest Hits, Memphis Best Music, New Country, Hollandse Noot, Volledig Gezongen Commercials, Donut Commercials, Gesproken Commercials
  The New Sound From Dallas (Radio Montreux Demo) 1996 [MD]  

The New Sound From Dallas (Radio ID 1998) [CD]
Einleitung & Jingle Montage, Radio Ko (Hot AC/CHR), Capital Z (R&B/Dance), SDR 3 (CHR), Different KISS (CHR), Radio Eins (AC), Amber Hot (AC), Power radio (EHR/Dance), B-96 Beat (Dance), Radio 538 (CHR), Kobonhavs Radio (Oldies), Light Touch (AC Lite), Extra Bern (AC/Hot AC), Personality Jingles (CHR)
Radio Identity 2 1997 [CD]

Countdown, Introduction, CHR/Hot AC Jingles
MOR/AC Jingles, Audio Electronic Identity Book, Chicagos Dance Beat B 96, Highroller, Houston Mix 111, Diffrent KIIS, Holiday jingles, Station songs, Personality Cuts, DVIs, Jockings/Shouts/Whispers

Radio Identity Volume 3 1999 [CD]
Introduction, Hot Mix/Kiss, Amber Radio, Crossfade, Light Touch, The Big "B", First Class, Different KISS, Chicago's Oldies, Did You Hear Me, Capitol Z, Twin Kicks, High Roller, B96 Blaster, Holly Days, Personality Jingles, Jingle Montage
  The Hottest Jingles Ever 2000 [CDR]
Einleitung, Crossfade, Best Oldies, Dallas Mix II, Different KIIS, Powertools, Cleveland, Highroller, Chicago's Oldies, Maximum Speed, Enjoy, WRMF 2000, New Beat B96, Legendary News Talk, Cuddle, Keep Rockin'

Hear We Are [CD]
Introduction, The New Rhythm Of Boston, Boston's Upbeat, Euro Rhythm, Today's Best Mix (KDMX), N-Joy, Energizer, KS 95, Today's Best Variety (KS 95), Somebody Scream, Jammin' Hits, Crescent City Magic, K-Love, FM 100%, WRBS 2004, KONO 101, WMHK, KMEO Memories, Rock Mix, Keep Rockin', Sport Edge, Wacky Wake Up

Hear We Are (Update)  [CD]

Intro, XFM Dance Controle, KS 95 2005, Alem FM, In The Game, WRAL 2005, Kick It, Tasty, Xenergy, Copyright

Radio Jingle House

Radio ID Packages With Attitude 2000 [CD]
Intro - Nigel Ross Jingle House/Tracy Johnson Star 100.7 San Diego USA, Howard Taylor - GWR FM Bristol UK, Atomic Package, CHR Summer Theme: Summer In The City, CHR Night Theme, Kate Economou - Best Music Director Australian Radio Industry Awards, Chart Attack Package, Hot AC Summer Theme : Gimme Summer, David Brice - Director Of Programming & Marketing Radio Network Of New Zealand, Cafe Barista Package, AC Summer Package : Latin Influence, AC Breakfast Themes, AC Christmas Theme, Brad Storey - Program Director Mix 106.5 Sydney Australia, Gin Palace Package, Easy Chair Package, Dave Smith - Program Director 104.3 Gold FM Melbourne, Strum 'N Coke Package, Gold AC Summer Package, Classic Hits Christmas Theme, Dave Smith - Program Director 104.3 Gold FM Melbourne, Cactuc Mouth Package, Rock Summer Theme + Rocktober Theme, The Sky's The Limit, A Trip A Day To LA, AC Summer Song, Summer In The City (GWR UK Version)

CHR/Hot AC Demo 2000 [CD]
Jingle Codes: 140 (TT FM), 141 (Mixx FM), 144 (TT FM), 147 (TT FM), 142 (TT FM), 138 (TT FM), 135 (Mixx FM), 136 (Mixx FM), 146 (TT FM), 137 (Mixx FM)
    Demo March 2000 [CDR]
78 Tracks featuring individually tracked cuts from the following packages: Atomic, Chart Attack, Cafe Barista, Easy Chair, Latin Influence, Strum 'N Coke, Gin Palace plus more....
  AC/Soft AC/Hot AC Demo - Jan 2004 [CDR]
Easy Chair Package (3MP), Gin Palace Package (Mix 106.5), 'Love The Summer' Cut (Mix 94.5), Cafe Barista Package (I98), AC Summer Song - Full Version (3MP), 'Kinda Summer' AC Cut (Mix 106.3), AC Summer Package (Mix 106.5), AC Christmas Theme (I98), AC Breakfast Themes (I98), 'Love This City' Cut (Mix 94.5), Summer Hits Theme Cut (CHY), Chart Attack Package (TT-FM), 'Kinda Summer' Hot AC Cut (Mix 106.3), Hot AC Summer Theme : Gimme Summer (TT-FM)
    RadioScape April 2007 [2xCDR]
San Antonio's Hit Factory, My Hit Music, Family Life Network, Positive Hits, New Light, Charlotte's Number One, My Name Is Bob, Family Friendly Radio, Lite Groove, Christmas In New York. DISC 2: Detroit's Best Country, Austin's Country Original, Right Now Imaging Package, Salt Lake City's News Radio, Atlanta's WSB AM Newstalk, Focus On The Family (Montage), Radio Disney (Montage), ABC Real Country Tradition, ABC Today's Best Country, ABC Real Country Christmas, ABC Today's Best Country Christmas.
Reelworld Productions
    Reelworld Productions For '96 And Beyond (1996) [CD]
Testimonial Demo, WKTU New York, KISS 108 Boston, RTL Berlin, KUBE 93 Seattle, KDWB Minneapolis, WPGC Washington DC, JAM'N 94.5 Boston, Sportsradio 950 KJR Seattle, The Loop Chicago, 850 KOA Newsradio Denver, Foxy 107/104 Raleigh/Durham, Custom ID's

CHR New Jingles From (1997) [CD]
WKTU New York, Kiss 106 Dallas, KUBE Seattle, KDWB Minneapolis, The Beat Los Angeles
    97.Jingles.for.the.future 1997 [CD]
Kiss 106 Dallas, Kiss 108 FM Boston, KDWB Minneapolis, WKTU New York, KUBE Seattle, WJMN, KTFM, WZPL, Power 92, WSIX Nashville, 92.3 The Beat Los Angeles, WJMN, WPGC, B100 After Hours, The Foxy Mix, KSL/KOA Newsradio, KJR Sportsradio, The Loop Chicago, Cracked

New Jingles For CHR Spring 1999 [CDR]
Kiss 108, WKTU, I96, Z95.7, Fly 92, Cracked (CHR), Kiss 106, Kiss 108 '96, KDWB '97, KDWB '96, WKTU '96, KUBE '96, B94
    New Jingles For Summer 99 [CD]
Z100/New York, KISS/Boston '99, WKTU/New York '99, WJMN/Boston '99, Cracked CHR, KISS Dallas, KISS Boston '96, KDWB '96, KDWB '97, WKTU '96, WKTU '97, KUBE '96, KUBE '97, B94 Pittsburg

New Rhythmic AC & Rhythmic CHR 1999 [CD]
KISS 98.1 San Francisco, KUBE '97 Seattle, WJMN '97 Boston, WJMN '96 Boston, B100 Los Angeles
    New Jingles For Oldies Radio - 1999 [CD]
WODJ Grand Rapids, Magic 102 Dallas, Mega 100 Los Angeles, KISS 98.1 San Francisco

New Jingles For Newstalk - Spring 1999 [CD]
WTIC Hartford, WRKO Boston, WMAL Washington DC, KOA/KSL/KTAR, KJR Seattle - Sports Radio
    Reelworld Productions AC Radio - 1999 [CD]
WWLI Providence, Windy 100 Chicago, Big 105 New York, B94 Pittsburgh.

Jingles For Oldies Radio - 2000 [CD]
WODJ Grand Rapids, WLOL Minneapolis: Classic Hits, Magic 102 Dallas, Mega 100 Los Angeles, KISS 98.1 San Francisco
CHR - The First Thousand Years [DOUBLE CDR]

Kiss 106.1 Seattle, Z100 New York, Kiss 108 99 Boston, WKTU 2000 New York, WKTU 99 New York, WJMN 99 Boston, Kiss 106 Dallas, KDWN 97 Minneapolis, KDWB 96 Minneapolis, B94 Pittsburgh, I-96 Grand Rapids, Fly 92 Albany, Z95.7 San Francisco, Cracked Radio, BeatMixes, Kiss 108 96 Boston, WKTU 98 New York, WKTU 97 New York, WKTU 96 New York, WJMN 97 Boston, WJMN 96 Boston, KUBE 97 Seattle, KUBE 96 Seattle, KTFM San Antonio, Power 92 Phoenix, The Beat Los Angeles, WZPL Indianapolis, B100 Los Angeles, WPGC Washington D.C., Veronica Holland, Veronica 99 Holland
  Y 2 Country [CDR]
WCTO Y2 Kountry, KASE Austin, KYGO Denver, KMPS Seatle, WSIX Nashville, Cracked Country

CHR Jingles - Summer 2001 [CD]
WKTU New York 2001, Z100 New York 2000, Kiss Boston Remix 2000, KISS 106.1 Seattle, Kiss Boston 1999, Z100 New York 1999, BeatMixes, Cracked Radio.
    Jingles For AC - Fall 2001 [CD]
WLIT Chicago, Lite 105 Providence, Windy 100 Chicago, B94 Pittsburgh, Big 105 New York.

Jingles For Newstalk - Fall 2001 [CD]
WTIC Hartford, WRKO Boston, WMAL Washington DC, KOA Denver / KSL Salt Lake City / KTAR Phoenix, KJR Seattle-Sports Radio.
    CHR Jingles Winter 2001 [CD]
KISS Boston 2000 Re-Mix, Z100 New York 2000, KISS 106.1 Seattle, WKTU New York 2000, KISS 108 '99 Boston, Z100 New York '99, Beatmixes, Cracked Radio

Jingle Packages for Radio - CHR/AC/Oldies 2001 [CD]
Reelworld UK Intro, KISS London, Z100 New York 2000, WKTU 2000, KISS 108 Boston 99, WODJ Grand Rapids, Magic 102 Dallas, Windy 100 Chicago, Power 92, Beatmixes, Cracked Radio
    Jingle Packages For UK Radio - Spring 2002 [CD]
Key 103 Manchester, KISS London (Inc. Radio Aire/Juice/The Fire Montage), Windy 100 (Inc. The Revolution Monatage), KISS Boston 2000, KUBE 2002 Seattle, WKTU 2001 New York, Z100 2000 New York, BeatMixes

Jingles For AC Radio - Fall 2002 [CD]
WLIT 2002 Chicago, Windy 100 Chicago, WLIT Chicago, Lite 105 Providence, B-94 Pittsburgh, Big 105 New York
    2003 UK Radio Jingles [CD]
KISS 100 London, KISS Boston 2003, JAMN Boston 2003, Z100 New York 2003, KIIS Dallas '03, Z100 '03 and KISS Dallas '03 Montage, Z100 Morning Zoo, Key 103 Manchester, WLIT 2002, KIIS London 2001, Cracked Radio, BeatMixes.

CHR Radio Jingles Fall 2003 [CD]
KISS Boston 2003, Jam'n Boston 2003, Kiss 100 London 2003, Z100 Morning Show, Z100 New York 2003, Kiss Dallas 2003, Z100 '03 & Kiss Dallas 2003 Montage, B97 New Orleans 2003, KUBE Seattle 2002, Cracked Radio, Beat Mixes
    Jingle Packages - January 2004 [CDR]
Kiss 106.1 Seattle '04, Z100 New York '04, KNIX Phoenix '03, KHMX Houston '04, WNIC Detroit '04, WSNI Philadelphia '04, The Touch Rhythmic, The Touch CHR/POP
    Spring 2004 - AC Radio Jingles [CD]
WNIC Detroit, KHMX Houston, Sunny 104.5 Philadelphia, WLIT 2002 Chicago, Windy 100 Chicago, Lite 105 Providence, B-94 Pittsburgh

Spring 2004 - CHR Radio Jingles [CD]
Intro, Z100 NYC 2004, Kiss Seattle 2004, Kiss Boston 2004, Kiss 100 London 2003, Z100 Morning Show, Kiss Dallas 2003, Z100 New York 2003, Kiss Dallas '03 & Z100 '03 Client Montage, The Touch Rhythmic, Cracked Radio, Beat Mixes
    CHR Radio Jingles Fall 2004 [CD]
Intro, KIIS Los Angeles, Z100 NYC 2004, KISS Seattle 2004, KISS Boston 2003, KISS 100 London 2003, KISS Dallas 2003, Z100 New York 2003, KISS Dallas 2003 / Z100 New York 2003 / Client Montage, The Touch CHR Edition, Beatmixes.

Reelworld Jingles - AC Fall 2005 [CD]
WLIT Chicago 2005, Bob FM Winnipeg, WJXA Nashville, WSNI Philadelphia, KHMX Houston, WNIC Detroit, WLIT Chicago 2002.
    Reelworld Jingles - CHR Fall 2005 [CD]
Z100 2005 NRG, Z100 2005 Music, KISS Cincinnati, WKTU New York 2005, KIIS Los Angeles, Z100 New York 2004, KISS Seattle 2004, KISS Boston 2003, The Touch CHR, Beatmixes.
  S2Blue Audio Branding Showreel 2003 [CDR]
WKRZ 91.3 Singapore, Cutting Edge Sweeper, Hallam FM - Big John @ Breakfast, Virgin - Daryl Denham Breakfast Show, All Sports Live, The Most Wanted, Sweepers - Radio 1 UAE, Sweepers - Radio 2 UAE

  S2Blue Imaging Showreel 2005 [CDR]
WKRZ 91.3 Singapore, Yaar Radio, BBC Oxford, BBC Radio Cornwall, Hallam FM - Big Jon @ Breakfast, The Most Wanted, Cutting Edge Sweeper Production
Simrek / Simrek Martenno
    The New Standard In Radio Jingles Volume 1 [CD]
Introduction, Mix 106.5, Downtown, Liberty Radio, Simrek KIIS, Hot Cool, Buzz FM, Kahlua Groove, Choice FM, Soft Hits, Gold Image Collection, Classical Radio

The New Standard In Radio Jingles Volume 2 [CD]
(Oldies / News / Classic)
Liberty Radio, Gold Image Collection, Morningshow Jingles, Capital Gold, Golden Touch, Xtra Gold, Super Gold, Music Memories, Zeta Radio News, BBC Radio 5 News, Classic Radio
    The New Standard In Radio Jingles Volume 3 [CD]
(AC / Full-Service)
Mix 106.5, Mix 101.5, Soft Hits, The Bear, Buzz FM, Choice FM, Downtown, Downtown 2, DTR FM, Severn Sound, Lite AM, Local Radio, Plymouth Sound, Red Dragon (80's)

The New Standard in Radio Jingles Volume 5 [CD]
(The Best Of)

KIIS FM, Fresh Kool, Hot Cool, Mix 101.5, Mix 106.5, Quickies 1, Quickies 2, Choice FM, Kahlua Groove, Downtown, Plymouth Sound, Liberty Radio, Moringshow Jingles, Soft Hits, Oldies Collection
    The New Standard in Radio Jingles Volume 6 [CD]
"The Ferry Maat Collection"

Introduction, Star, The Hit Kit, Starke Tone, Klasse Musik, RPR, Rado 2, Radio Oost, Radio M

S-Pack Demo [CD]
Transitions, Specialties, Information, Full Package
    Volume 9 [CD]
Overview (2 Minutes), Kick off (CHR), Rhythm & Cool (Dance), Euro Step (HAC), S-Club (AC), Fresh Air (AC), Martenno's X-Mas, Tom's X-Mas

The Tony Griffin Collection I  [CD]
Super Hits, Super Hits Plus, Positive Impact, Reality Check, STAR 105 FM, Froggy, The First Name In News II, News Talk 2000, Prime Time Radio
    The Tony Griffin Collection II [CD]
Double Exposure, The Winning Formula, Overdrive, Oldies Acapellas, Rapid Fire, Rapid Fire 2.0, Rapid Fire 3.0, The BEAT, Oldies 99 X, Identifiers, Oldies radio, Radio 1

Reklamespots Voorjaar '96 (Spring '96) [CD]
Volledig gezongen reklamespots, Gespoken reklamespots, Geproken reklamespots met muziek & zang, Gespoken reklamespots met achtergrond, Reklamespots met een glimlach
    Reklamespots Naaar '96 (Autumn '96) [CD]
Volledig gezongen reklamespots, Gespoken reklamespots, Geproken reklamespots met muziek & zang, Gespoken reklamespots met achtergrond, Reklamespots met een glimlach

Demo Spots 1997 - 1998 [CD]
Davilex, Roobol, Decca, Playboy, ArenA Heksenbal, AVR Autoverzekering, Tattoo Bob, Flash, EasyJet, Kickvorsch, Kantoor & Thuis, Duivelsberg, Mega Video Arena, Barfly.
  Simrek Jingle IDs from Muff Murfin/TM (Disc 1) [CDR]
Local Radio, Atlantic 252, BFBS, Buzz FM, Capital Radio, Choice FM, Clyde 1 FM, Clyde FM, Hot Cool, Fresh Cool, Downtown, Downtown 2, DTR FM, Gold Image Collection, Simrek Kiss, Kix 96, Morning Show Jingles
  Simrek Jingle IDs from Muff Murfin/TM (Disc 2) [CDR]
Liberty Radio, Lite AM, Mix 101.5, Mix 106.5, Plymouth Sound, Quicky, BBC Radio 5 News, Red Dragon AC, Red Dragon CHR, Severn Sound, FM 102 The Bear, Golden Touch, Xtra Gold
Simrek Jingle IDs from Muff Murfin/TM (Disc 3) [MD]

Introduction, Classic Radio, Kahlua Groove,Zeta Radio News, Capital Gold, SuperGold, Music Memories, Radio Luxembourg, Soft Hits, Muziek Met De Sokken Los
  DTR FM 2001 Demo [CDR]  
Tom's Christmas Jingles 2001 Demo [CDR]
  Sharpsell Update CD May 1999 [MD]
National Radio Norway P4, The New Tower FM (Bury UK), RTHK Radio 3 (Hong Kong)

  Sharpsell Demo 2000 [CDR]
ID and Sweepers, Adverts, ID and Sweepers, TV Themes and Commercials
    SOB Demo 2 [CD]
M Tracks, 3 Some, The After Party Zone, Adult Entertainment, Millennium Proof, The Party Zone, Tros Gold, Mega Hits, Paradise Lost + Electric, XRules 4.0, Speedtracks 3

SOB Demo 3 (Just Play The Jingles) [CD]
Client Montage, Stenders 2001, NFM 2001, WTPI-Lite Rock, KVIL-Renaissance, 991/2 WZPL, Ignitor, Star 102, Millennium Mix 2, Millennium Mix, Positively Kool For WPLJ-NY, Positively Kool, Miami's Oldies, Texas Country, KILT-Houston, Austin's Country original, Joyful Noise, The PLJ Morning Accelerator, Ignitor-Mix 104 Minneapolis, News/Talk WRVA
  SOB Demo 4 (November 2003) [CDR]
NFM 2003, WSOB, M-Tracks 2, Studio Brussel 2003, TM Century: Kiss Icon, Detroit's DRQ, 99 1/2 ZPL, Big Phat Kiss, BTR Seven, SKORZ.


New Radio - ID - Jingles From SOB Audio Imaging
(April 2005) [3xCD]

DISC A (N2 Effect):
Xtreme KDWB '05, Xtreme KDWB '03, N2 KDWB '01, Street Kiss '05 Denver Rhythmic, Xtreme Kiss Dallas '04, N2 Kiss Dallas, N2 Magic FM '04, N2 Q-102 '04, N2 Xtreme WNCI, N2 Kiss 108 Boston, N2 Star 94, N2 Mix Kansas City, N2 Kiss 95.1, N2 Star 102 '04, N2 Star 102, N2 The News.

DISC B (Bespoke Music Company): Radio Investments Ltd - Package A, Radio Investments Ltd - Package B, Radio Investments Ltd - Package C, 100.4 Smooth FM 2004, Jazz FM 2003, BBC Coventry & Warwickshire 2005, BBC Radio Northampton, Real Radio 2004, Real Radio 2001, Kingdom FM 2002, Spire FM.

DISC C (SOB & Foster Kent): FFN, FFN News, Rhytmixx, NFM 2003, NFM 2001, Millennium Proof, Megahits, Adult Entertainment, MTraks 2, MTraks, WSOB, Stenders 2001, 3Some, After Partyzone, Partyzone, Tros Gold, Tros Gold 2, Studio Brussel 2003.
  SOB Radio Imaging Libraries Demo (December 2005) [CD]
Reception 4, Reception 3, Reception 2, Reception 1, e2, Powertools, Rock On! 2, Spin Dry, Thrills, Atlantis, Chemicals, Return To Paradise Lost, Beatfarm, Ecstacy, Zen, Face X.

New Jingles 2006 (NAB 2006 Exclusive) [CD]
Los 40 Principales (SOB), BBC Radio Sheffield (Bespoke Music), Globecast Radio [Preview] (Bespoke Music), RPR Eins [Preview] (N2 Effect), Kiss Dallas V3.0 (N2 Effect), ID Mixers (N2 Effect), N2 WNCI '06 (N2 Effect), N2 Y100 Miami (N2 Effect), P2 Production Pads (N2 Effect)
Sound Ideas
  Megatron Demo 1989 (from cassette) [CD]  
Standard Sound
BFBS Standard Sound/TM Jingle Package 1992 [CD]

Stowe Bowden & Wilson

Key 103 1988 Stowe Bowden & Wilson Jingles
(Key 103 Launch Package) [CD]
Steve England Creative Services
    ID Collection Volume 1 (SPE CD1) [CD]
Introduction, Magic 1152/1170, Star FM, Mellow 1557, Wey Valley, KCBC, Delta Radio, County Sound Radio, Huddersfield FM, Thames FM, Central FM, BBC Radio Cleveland, BBC Radio Derby, BBC Radio Nottingham, TV Offal, Z + (WHTZ), Power Intros WHTZ).

ID Collection Volume 2 (SPE CD2) [CD]
FLR, Century 105, BBC Local Radio Network, Peak 107, Dream 100,Cambridge Red, Kiss FM (Algarve), Wire FM, Trax FM, Orchard FM, Delta FM, Fosseway Radio, 98FM (Dublin), Asian Sound Radio, KFM, Mix 96, Maid FM, Rutland Radio, Jingle 'Bits & Pieces', New Start, Get Real, Hallam FM/Daryl Denham.
    ID Collection Volume 3 (SPE CD3) [CDR]
Scot FM, Discovery 102, Lite AM, Lite FM, Revolution, BBC Northampton & Lincolnshire, Clan FM, The Eagle (Bristol), Victory FM, Telford FM, Hallamm FM (Daryl Denham), Lincs FM, Home FM, WFM, BBC Shropshire, Spirit FM, Assorted Small Orders.

ID Collection Volume 4 (SPE CD4) [MD]
Real Radio, Bath FM, CFM, Radio Gibraltar, Manx Radio, Silk FM, Bridge FM, BCR FM, Kick FM, Sabras, Q97/Q102, Northsound 2, Bridge FM, County Sound Radio, Forth 2
  Connected - Steve England Radio ID Packages 09/01 [CDR]
Introduction, Infusion, Connected, Kickin Team, Clear Channel, Star Stream, Way Ahead, Megga Hertz, Killer Hertz, Get Real, Lighten Up, New Start, Fresh Fields, Talk Radio, Song Singovers
  Various Demos CD [CDR]
Song Sing-Overs, Z+ (WHTZ), Megahertz (Northsound 1), Kiss FM, Kilohertz (Magic 1152), Get Real (Kingdom FM), Power Intros (WHTZ), One Up (KVIL), New Start (Sun FM)
New Demos November 2000 [MD]

In Fusion, Keystrokes, Metro Radio, Bridge FM, 2BR
  UK Jingle History Volume 1 [CDR]
A Jingle Tour around ILR in the 70's, Radio Luxembourg 'Great 208' - Emison, Swansea Sound (1974) - Emison
Various MP3 Demos - October 2002 [CDR]

Introduction, 98 Degrees (98FM), Clear Channel (Neptune Radio), Fresh Fields (Midlands Radio), Get Real (Kingdom FM), Infusion (Fusion Group), Kickin' Team (2BR), Killer Hertz (Magic 1152), Lifestyle (Saga 105.7 FM), Lighten Up (Primetime Radio), Link Up (Lincs FM Group), Megga Hertz (Northsound One), New Start (Sun FM), Song Singovers, Talk Radio (Talk Sport), Waterfall (WLR FM), Way Ahead (Yorkshire Coast Radio
  Steve England ID Packages 2003 [CDR]
Introduction, Make It Magic (Magic AM), Lifelines (Saga 106 FM), Waterfall (WLR-FM), 98 Degrees (98FM), Linc Up (Lincs FM Group), Lifestyle (Saga 105.7 FM), Song Singovers (Oct 2003)
Steve England ID Showreel (SPE CD4) [CD]
Introduction, Waterfall (WLR-FM), 98 Degrees (98FM), Make It Magic (Magic AM), Linc Up (Lincs FM Group), Lifelines (Saga 106 FM), Lifestyle (Saga 105.7 FM), BBC Radio Lincolnshire, Song Singovers (Oct 2003)
Temple Of Tune
  Temple of Tune 1994 [MD]
Intro by Mitch Craig & Alan Hall, Jingles and Station IDS for Dutch and Francais stations, Donuts Full Sings for Dutch and Francais stations, Commercials for Dutch and Francais stations
    96-97 Demo [CD]
Intro Zaki, Rick Dees Show NL, Pub 1 Nederlands, Pub 2 Nederlands, Pub 3 Nederlands, Pub 4 Nederlands, Jingles & Station ID's, Intro Georges Lang, Rick Dees Show FR, Pub 1 Francais, Pub 2 Francais, Pub 3 Francais, Pub 4 Francais
2000 Jingle Demo [CDR]
  2001 Jingle Demo [CDR]
Rhone FM Switzerland, Contact Belgium, Contact 2 Belgium, Contact FM Gold Belgium, Direct France, Alpes 1 France, Liners Divers France, Radio Cristal France, Voltage France, Radio 5 Turkey, Radio 6 France, Family Radio Belgium, Family Radio Xmas, Family Radio Songs, Mona FM France, MFM France, Radio 2 Belgium, Roxy Belgium, Roc FM France
Thompson Creative

The New Sound From Dallas - 1989 [MD]
Europower (Atlantic 252), Pure Magic (Magic 102.9), The Edge (KAKX), Seattle/Portland (94Q), Favorite Country (Z-100/KJBI), Class Act (Z-104/ Disco 89), Scorchers (Z-100/KKWK), Free Flow (Magic 102,9), Power Basics (KFAC/Q104), Commercials Jingles

The New Sound from Dallas! - 1992 (Black) [CD]
ntroduction (Dan Ingram), 93Q (93Q), Houston Mix 1 (Mix 96.5), Houston Mix 2 (Mix 96.5), The Edge (KIKX), Ultra Power (Atlantic 252/SE93/Y103), Orlando's Hottest Country (K92FM), California's Country (KSAN), Good Time Oldies (FM101 KONO), Dallas Mix (Mix 102.9), Star Power (KCPX - Power 99/KSRR - Star 93), Pittsburgh's Variety (WBTY - Variety 96), The Phoenix Variety (Variety 104.7), South Florida's WRMF (WRMF), CBS's W-Lite (W-Lite), Pure Magic (Magic 103/Sunny 101.5/106 FM WLAC), Fresh Jams (Power 93/Magic 102), Techno Connectors (Q102), A'capellas (WZTR/KIKK/Kissin' FM/Power 92/Mix 103.1/FM 101 KONO), Promopack

More Of The New Sound from Dallas! - 1993 (Red) [CD]
Introduction (Danny Dark), The WOR Package, Memphis' Best Music, Dallas Mix II, Tropical Punch, Tampa Bay's Greatest Hits, Magic Mix, Holiday Jingles, Jingle Montage
    The New Sound from Dallas! Volume III - 1994 (Yellow) [CD]
Introduction, New Country K102, San Antonio's Hot New Country, Orlando II (Country), Ft. Wayne's Hottest Country, Nobody Plays More Country, Wildfire (CHR), The KLTY Package (Christian), L.A.'s Christian Radio, Chicago's Light (Christian), Philadelphia's Light (Christian), The Christian Edge, Holiday Jingles.

The New Sound from Dallas! Volume IV - 1994 (Green) [CD]
Introduction, Pittsburgh Variety II (Hot AC), The KMOX Package (News/Talk), The River (Country), Classic Country, Country Wildfire, The Oldies Combo, The Sports Radio Combo, Fresh Tracks (Production Library), Promo Pack II, Montage 94
    Jingles For Every Kind Of Radio 2000 [CD]
Intro, WSTW, New Beat, K102K, Chicago's Best Oldies, WRMF 2000, More Lite Touch, Legendary News/Talk, Wolf Pack

Jingles That Cook [CD]
Introduction, Jammin' Hits!, FM 100%, Cuddle, Power Tools, Good News, Down Under A'cas, The Big B, Lite 2000 (ABC Network Affiliates Only), Syndicated Show Theme Music
  Image Imprint [CDR]
Introduction, Different Kiis, Double Image, B96 Beat, Light Touch, Cool Country, Modular Magic, Keep Rockin', Rock Mix
    There Is A Difference [CDR]
Introduction, Hot 'n' Cool, Chicago's Dance Beat B96, Bonnevilles Light, Cleveland's Country, First Class, Positive Variety, K-Rio, Larry & Susan Sweepers, Jingle Montage

Dallas TX, Jingle Capital Of The World [CD]
Introduction, Capitol Z, W4 Country, Hot Mix, Real Sunny, The Wolf, B96 Blaster, Cool Country, Team Talk, Crossfade, Way Cool, Amber Radio, Extra, Holly days
    The Hottest Jingles On The Planet [CD]
Introduction/Client Montage, KZLA Country (KZLA), Chicago's Oldies (104.3 WJMK), More Memphis (FM 100), The K102 Sequel (K102), Alternate Mix (Mix 1029), High Roller (98.5 KLUC), Houston Mix 3 (Mix 96.5), Orlando 3 (K92FM), Kool A'capellas (Kool FM), Jingle Montage
Jingles For The World 2001 [MD]

The New Rhythm Of Boston, KDMX, N'Joy, World Class, WCCO, Radio Okey, Segre Radio, Rhythm Of Brazil, La Fabulosa, Commercial Jingles, Larry Sweepers, Susan Sweepers
    Country Jingles For The New Millennium [CD]
Cleveland's Country, New Country K102, The K102 Sequel, Hot 'N' Cool, Orlando's Hottest Country, Orlando II, Orlando III, Double Image, Cool Country, KZLA Country, Country Wildfire, California Country, Classic Country, The Country Edge, The River, San Antonio's Hot New Country, Ft. Wayne's Hottest Country, Nobody Plays More Country, Ultra Hot Country

Contemporary Jingles [CD]Different KISS, Chicago's Dance Beat, B96 Beat, Wildfire, High Roller, 93Q, The Edge, Ultrapower, Scorchers, Seattle/Portland, Keep Rockin', Houston Mix I, Houston Mix II, Houston Mix III, Magic Mix, Modular Magic, Dallas Mix II, Alternate Mix, Memphis' Best Music, More Memphis    
    Electrifying Radio Identification [CD]
Chicago's Oldies, Good Time Oldies, Kool Acappellas, Light Touch, Bonneville's Light, First Class, Pure Magic, Pittsburgh's Variety, Pittsburgh Variety II, Dallas Mix, W-Lite, Positive Variety, Tampa Bay's Greatest Hits, Phoenix Variety, WRMF, Tropical Punch, Alanta's 94Q, WOR, KMOX

Country Jingles Made In Texas 2002 [CD]
KIKK, Y100, K102K, WSIX, The Wolf, Wolf Pack, Cool Country, W4 Country, KFDI, KLTQ, WIOV, Country Redux, WQMX
  Jingles For Christian Radio [CDR]
Chicago's Light, The Christian Edge, Family Life Network, God Listens, Good News, Joy FM, KLLN (Classic Country), The KLTY Package, LA's Christian Radio, Philadelphia's Light, Pulse FM, Reality Radio, Shine, Shine II, WRCM, Today's Christian Radio, More Good News
Various Downloaded MP3 Demos - January 2003 [CDR]

Antennae Sachsen, Berliner Rundfunk, Chicago's Best Oldies, Double Barrels, Fresh Jams, Fresh Tracks, Holiday Jingles, Joy FM, Keep Rockin', KEZY/Keep Rockin/Rock Mix Combo, KONO, KRIO, La Fabulosa, Magic Demo, NJoy, Oldies 108, Oldies Combo, Radio Okey, Rock Mix, Segre Radio, Star Power, Techno Connectors, The Rhythm Of Brazil (B96 Blaster), WCCO, World Class
  Promopak 1 [MD]  
Promopak 2 [MD]
TM Century Inc
    A/C Jingles [CD]
Twin Cities KS-95, Monumental Mix, Washington's Mix 107.3, Memphis River, More Big Time Radio, Big Time Radio, Mixed Up, Boston's Best Mix, Manhattan's Mix, Pinnacle Of New York, Kansas City 2000, Smooth R&B, Old School, Martini Lounge

Country Jingles [CD]
The Country Leader KSCS, Boston Country, Y-107 New York, 93Q Country, Bull Hits, Hot Country Two, Rough And Ready, Ridin Again, Ridin With KSCS, Wild Country, Young Country Two, Young Country, US 99, Hot Country
    Contemporary Jingles [CD]
Big Phat Kiss, Planet Energy, Hot 100, Kiss This, Global Beat, We Play The Hits, Southern California's KIIS, L.A's # 1 Hit Music Station, Twin Cities KS-95, Monumental Mix, Washington's Mix 107.3, Mixed Up, More Big Time Radio, Alice 106 (Alternative), The Ticket Imaging Kit (Sports), XTRA Sports, How To Buy Jingles (Remember those great films in Health Class?)

Audio Architecture Sample Disc 3 [CD]
The Revolution, The Facts, What Are Layer Mixes?, The Big Montage, The Virtual Experience, Sample Tracks
    Imagio [CD]
Overview, Winning Stations, Samples, Ordering, Power & Magic, Winning Latino Stations
Morning Show Jingles [CD]

Hallelujah It's Morning, Morning Show Jingle Jumpstart, Original Morning Show Jingle Series, Motor City Drive Time, TM Century Comedy Network Demo
    Red Hot! Comedy Network Morning Jingles & Parodies [CD]
TM Century Comedy Network, Morning Show Toolkit, Big Time Mornings, Hallelujah It's Morning, Morning Show Jingle Jumpstart, Original Morning Show Jingle Series, Motor City Drive Time
Worldwide Demo [CDR]

International Jingle Montage, Espanol Jingle Montage, GoldDisc/HitDisc, Imagio, Audio Architecture, Mega Music, Slam Drunk, Trendsetter II, Lazer, Lazer Lightning, Generation III
  Oldies - News/Talk [CDR]
Fun Oldies, Overture, Washington's Oldies WBIG, Big Time Radio (Oldies), The 70's And More, The Legend, Get A Klou, Good Time Classics, Classic Oldies, KRFC FM, Oldies 94.9, The News Watch Never Stops KRLD, WBBM, All News 94.9, Ultimate Authority
Jingles Greatest Hits [MD]

Southern California's KIIS, Killer Bee 96, The New WPLJ, PLJ'91, Steamroller, L.A's # 1 Hit Music Station, Dallas Power, Hollywood's KIIS, Proton, Madison Avenue, New York's Best Mix, KVIL - The Nineties, Boston's KIIS, Double Power, All Hit Kit, CBS K-Lite, The Hottest Mix of New York, Y-98
  TM Classics [CD]
The Wining Score, TM Shotgun, You, Penetrators, The Alternative, Full Force, Propellants, Fusion, Synergy, Airpower
MOJO Jingle Demo [CDR]

Intro, Big Phat Kiss, Hot 100, Twin Cities KS-95, Monumental Mix, Washingtons Mix 107.3, Memphis River WRVR, Boston Country, The Ticket Imaging Kit, How To Buy Jingles
  ABC Radio Networks Jingles 1997 [MD]
Hot AC, Starstation, Pure Gold, Country Coast To Coast
Rhythm Mixes Demo [CD]
  New Stuff Jingle Demo [CD]
WZPL, Ignitor, Star 102, Millennium Mix, Positively KOOL for WPLJ-New York, Texas Country - KILT Houston, Austin's Country Original, Joyful Noise, The PLJ Morning Accelerator, Ignitor For Mix 104 Minneapolis, NewsTalk WRVA, Aircheck For KILT Houston, KILT Jingles On WYCD Detroit, KILT Jingles On WSOC Charlotte
Bumpers & GoldDisc Samples [CD]

BUMPERS SAMPLES: Lenny Kravitz - Fly Away, Led Zeppelin - Rock & Roll, Santana - Smooth, Megadeth - Angry Again, Billy Idol - White Wedding. GOLDDISC SAMPLES: Beatles - Let It Be, Carlos Santana - Smooth, Madonna - Ray Of Light, Toony Bennett - I Left My Heart
  Various Demos - December 2001 [CDR]
United We Stand, War On Terror, DRQ 2001, KKLT Lite Rock 98.7, Your Radio Home For The Holidays, Holiday Package, Hot Holidays, Hallelujah It's Christmas, Christmas Turkeys

Morning Show Imaging [CD]
The Big Show Morning Accelerator MPx, Joyful Noise, Hallelujah It's Morning, Big Time Mornings, Morning Show Jingle Jumpstart, Original Morning Show Jingles, Summertime.
    AC Imaging [CDR]
Brite Lite (K-Lite Phoenix), KVIL Renaissance (KVIL - Dallas), Big Time Honolulu (KSSK Honolulu), Wash@Work (WASH-FM Washington DC), Double Power 2 (KKLT Phoenix), Classic Mix (Dallas), WTPI Lite Rock 2 (WTPI Indianapolis), WTPI Lite Rock (WTPI Indianapolis), Capitol Mix (WRQX Washington DC), Big Time Radio "Seven" (WPLJ New York), Hartford's Hot AC (WTIC Hartford), Millennium Mix 2 (WRQX Washington DC), Washington's Mix (WRQX Washington DC), Venessa FM (NLD Studios Poland).

CHR Imaging [CD]
KISS ICON (KFMD Denver), Detroit's DRQ (WRDQ Detroit), Big Phat Kiss (KISS Charlotte), Buzz Traxx (B101.5 Fredericksburg), 99 1/2 ZPL (WZPL Indianapolis), Virginity (Wise Buddah London), Kronium (Wise Buddah London), 3FM (Wise Buddah London), Beat 106 (Wise Buddah London), RTL Vienna (NLD Studios Poland), Vanessa FM (NLD Studios Poland), Gold FM (NLD Studios Poland), Gold Zet (NLD Studios Poland).
    HAC Imaging [CD]
Buzz Traxx (B101.5 Fredericksburg), UltiMix (WUMX Charlottesville), Big Time Radio "Seven" (WPLJ New York), 99 1/2 ZPL (WZPL Indianapolis), Capitol Mix (WRQX Washington DC), Hartford's Hot AC (WTIC-FM Hartford), Millennium Mix II (WRQX Washington DC), KISS ICON (KFMD Denver), Big Phat Kiss (KISS Charlotte), Detroit's DRQ (WDRQ Detroit), Vanessa FM (NLD Studios Poland), Gold FM (NLD STudios Poland), Radio Zet (NLD Studios Poland), Kronium (Wise Buddah London).

Oldies Imaging [CD]
Platinum (KONO-FM San Antonio), Evolution (WMXJ Miami), Washington's Biggest Hits (WBIG Washington DC), Incredibly Kool (KQQL Mineapolis/St. Paul), Big Time Honolulu (KSSK Honolulu), Overture (WOMC Detroit), Summertime (WPLJ New York), Swingfire (WPLJ New York / KVIL Dallas).
    Country Imaging [CD]
Hot Kicks (WKHX Atlanta), Cat Country (WCTK Providence), KSCS "Seven" (KSCS Dallas), Pride (WSM-AM Nashville), Twister (KTYS Dallas), Made In America (WPOC Baltimore), Philly's Country (WXTU Philadelphia), Texas Country (KLIT Houston), Hot Country 2 (WIVK Knoxville), The Country Leader (KSCS Dallas), Wild Country (WILD Columbus), #1 Country (WQYK Tampa).

News/Talk/Sports Imaging [CDR]
Juggernaut (WBAP Dallas/Fort Worth), Chicago's WBBM (WBBM Chicago), Minnesota's Newstalk (WCCO Minnesota), Baltimore's Talkradio WCBM (WCBM Baltimore), WBBM 780 (WBBM Chicago), Milwaukee's Newsradio (WTMJ Milwaukee), Newstalk WRVA (WRVA Richmond), Newz (WTPI Indianapolis), Slammin' (KCSP Kansas City), Fahrenheit (WSCR Chicago), The ticket (WTCK Dallas), XTRA SPorts (XTRA Los Angeles).
  The Quiet Storm (KBLX San Francisco) [CD]
  La Buena Onda (XEAD Guadalajara) [CD]  
TM Studios
    TM Studios Shouts Volume 1 [CDR]
99 Shouts. Categories include: Generic, Weekend, Morning, Lunch, Oldies, Drive Time, Christian, Contests and Seasons Generics
    TM Studios Shouts Volume 2 [CDR]
99 Shouts. Categories include: Holiday, Humor/Rude and Country Generics
Tony Griffin Productions
  Music For Radio, Film And TV [MD]
Radio One (Oldies), Winning Formula (Oldies), Non Stop Oldies (Oldies), Air Connection (AC), Mixdown (AC), Radio One Superstar (AC), The Winning Formula (AC), On Target (Hot AC/CHR & 70'S), K-Hits (Hot AC/CHR), First Name In News (News & Talkradio), News Plus (News & Talkradio), News Now (News & Talkradio)
    Radio's Hottest New Music [CD]
Double Exposure (Oldies), Double Exposure (Cool Collage), Oldies Radio (Oldies), Star 105 FM (Hot AC/CHR), Prime Time Radio (Sport), The First Name In News II (News & Talkradio), Air Tools, Smooth Jazz Signatures

Taking Radio Into The 21st Century 2000 [CD]
Super Hits (Oldies), Positive Impact (Hot AC/AC), Pittsburgh's Jammin' Oldies, Froggy Country, Reality Check (Modern AC/AC), Rapid Fire II (Oldies), Newstalk 2000, Prime Time Radio (Sports, Talk)
    Identifiers Shotguns...For 2002 [CDR]
Full Drum Front, Toms Front, Full Drum Front, Toms Front, Full Drum Front, Toms Front, Ascending Brass, Toms & FX, Drums & Guitar, Top Of The Hour

The Legend Continues... 2002 [CDR]
Super Hits:
KODJ Salt Lake City Basic Cuts, KODJ Salt Lake City All Versions, WCBS-FM New York, Good Times & Great Oldies Lyrics, WOGL Philadelphia
Super Hits Plus!: WWSW Pittsburgh Basic Cuts, WWSW Pittsburgh All Versions, WODJ Grand Rapids Basic Cuts
Identifiers: KQOL Las Vagas Basic Cuts
    More For 2002! Super Hits Plus! [CD]
WWSW Basic Cuts, WWSW All Versions, WODJ Basic Cuts
Light Source - New ID's For Light Rock 2002 [CDR]
KLTI (Lite 104.1) Ames Des Moines, WLIF (101.9 Lite FM) Baltimore
    Oldies Demos [CDR]
Radio 1, Winning Formula, Oldies Radio, Doubles Exposure, D/E Cool Collage, Rapid Fire 2.0, Over Drive, Oldies 99 X, Oldies Accapellas
Top Format Productions
    Polydor 831 958-2
The Digital Deejay 1987 [CD]

125 jingles, production elements and music trax:
News & Information, Weather, Radio/General, Hits, Chart, Oldies, Music & Nonstop, Night/Day/Weekend, Games & Humor, Commercial COncepts, Christmas, Instrumental Effects/Elements, Instrumental 30 Second Music Trax.
We Produce Success 1989 [CDR]

General Introduction/Lift-off, France, Denmark, Germany, Syndication programs, Iceland, Belgium, The Nederlands, Cable & Satellite Networks, Sing a Long stationsongs, News & weatherbeds, Other Programming element, Ace story, General Information, Production Music Info

Format by Format 1991 [CD]
Opening, AC (Adult Contemporary), News/Talk & Full Service, CHR (Contemporary Hit Radio), Oldies, X-Mas, Station Songs, Specialties (Jocks/Shout/Whispers), General Info, Production Music & SFX
    TF 9403
The Mighty Magical Jingle Tour 1994 [CD]

Letter from Holland, Prologue, AC Wing, Hot AC Chamber, CHR Wing, News/Talk Restaurant, Oldies Wing, AOR (Classic) Rock Wing, Holidays Wing, DeeJay Specialties Dept, Sweeper Booth, Station Song Section, Epilogue, Copyright Info

Top Commercials van Top Format 1996 [MD]

49 Commercials for Dutch Shopping Companys, Radio & TV station jingles
Jingle Zone 1996 [CD]

Introduction, Today's Schlagers (Full Vocal), Today's Schlagers (Male Vocal), Rainbow Colours, Charivari, The Best of Both Skies, Veronica TV, Whammer, Booster, Megachart, Delta Rock, Top Gold

Millennium 3 (Extended Version) 1997 [CD]

Peptalk, 3FM Dance Boost, Music is Life, Image Zone, New Dance Sweepers, 3FM Hit Boost, Hi Energy, Hot FX, Ten T, A.C.B., The Capital's Choice, More Than Music, Top Gold (Enlarged Version), CHR Overview, AC Overview, News/Talk Overview, KIIS Late 90s, Credits & Sale talk
    Millennium 3 (For The German Market) 1997 [MD]
Intro, 3FM Dance Boost, Music Is Life, Image Zone, Essential Rhythm, New Dance Sweeps, 3FM Hit Boost, 3FM Rock Boost, Hi Energy, Musik mit gefuhl (AC/Full Service), More than Music, Top Gold 2

Ratings Up 1998 [CD]

Eternal Error, Z+, Whammer, Hi Energy, Kiss My Hit, Hit Power, Dance Boost, Heartbeat, Evolver, Very Nice, My Donna
Ratings Up (NAB version) 1998 [CD]

Compatible Beats, Dance Boost, Hit Boost, Kiss My Hit, Hi Energy, Mega Chart, New Start, Rock Boost, Delta Rock, ACB, The Capitals Choice, Todays Schlagers, My Donna, Top Gold, The Rembrandt Collection.

JAM - Fall/Winter 97/98 [CD]
Heartbeat, Ready: Mix!, Mater Mix, Evolver, Very Nice, Z-100 Preview, Hit Power, Totally Kool, Ameritalk, Attitude Control.

Jingles (Need Some?) 1999 [2xCD]

CD 1: Todays Hits, Plug And Play, Kiss & Tell, Kiss My Hit, Xtra Energy, Dance Boost, Hit Boost, Rock Boost, The Girl Next Door, Good Morning, Go West, Adults First

CD 2:
Virginity 1 & 2, Z+, Heartbeat, Attitude Control, Hot Buttons, Super Station, Heat It Up, Overdrive, In Focus, Client Mopntage, Credits & Sales Talk.

Wise Buddah Music 1999 [CD]

Intro, Virginity 1 & 2, Roxy, 3FM, Newz, Funny Stuff, d/generation, Outro
    TF00032 2000 [2xCD]

CD 1: Eat This, Bits FM, A German Kiss, RTL-ary, Todays Hits, Kiss & Tell, Kiss My Hit, In Fusion, Plug & Play, Todays Newz, Finish Line, Screen Test, Informatic.

CD 2: Real Variety, Something Big, Favourite Mix, New Yorks Jammin Oldies, Get Real, Adults First, Really Nice, Killer Hertz, One Up, City Ramps.

Spring Collection 2001 [CD]

The New Vibe 2001 (3FM), Top 40 2001 (Radio 538), Mega Charts 2001 (Tros), 2 For You 2001 (VRT Radio 2), Donna 2000 (Radio Donna), Euro Talk 2001 (BNN), More Than 2 IDs (NOS Radio 2), More Than 2 Themes (NOS Radio 2), 100% Hits 2000 (Radio 538).
  Various MP3 Demos November 2002 [CDR]
Capital FM Riga (The Letvian KIT), Europarade Radio Netherlands Euro Hit 40, Top Format Jingle Mix, Mega Radio Germany, Radio Donna 2002, Unser Mix (Radio Salu & 100.5), Top Format Vibe Jingle Mix

NAB Demo November 2003 [CD]

538 Top 40 2003, Disco Classics Party 2003, KTU New York 2003, Uptown 2003, Power 92.5 2003, 4FM 2003 Long Versions, 4FM 2003 Short Versions, 4FM 2003 Lite Versions, Big Edition 2003, 10FM 2003, Power 92 2003, Twice As Nice 2003.

Lyden AF Danmark Demo 2005 [CD]

The Kit II (Skala FM), The Kit II (Skala FM) News & Service, Guld FM 2005, Radio Horsens 2005, Radio Horsens 2005 (News & Service), Radio Horsens Classic 2005, Radio Mojn 2004, Radio Alfa 2004, VLK 2004 (Vejle Lokal Radio)m, Radio Victor 2004.
MMVII Demo 2006 [3xCD]

CD I AUDIO: Intro, Blaze Part 1 (Flash FM), Blaze Part 1 News (Flash FM), Globe (Planet Radio), Globe News (Planet Radio), 3FM@Night (3FM), Make My Day (Radio Donna), The Hit Music Station (KISS FM), The Hit Music Station News (KISS FM), For The Love Of Music (KX Radio), Bright Sounds (Bright FM), In Novation (Radio Nova), Light But Not Too (Swansea Bay Radio), Light But Not Too News (Swansea Bay Radio), Amsterdam Rocks (City FM), Feel The Music II (Q-102 FM), Urban Sweepers (DeeJay).

CD II AUDIO: Veronica Series D (Radio Veronica), 2 BIG (Radio 2), Top Gold IV (Radio 10 Gold), Top Gold IV News (Radio 10 Gold), Back To Business Extension I (BNR), The KIT (Sky Radio Hessen), The KIT News (Sky Radio Hessen), The KIT II (Skala FM), The KIT II News (Skala FM), The Big Surprise (Omroep Brabant), Imaging Beats, Strike FX 2, Killerhertz V, Are You The Nest One?

CD III DATA: Cut by cut, track by track. This Data CD contains all packages edited into single .MP3 Files.
Jingles & Audio Imaging Demo 2007 [CD]

Blaze Part 1 (Flash FM), Blaze Part 1 News (Flash FM), Globe (Planet Radio), Globe News (Planet Radio), Make My Day (Radio Donna), The Hit Music Station (KISS FM), The Hit Music Station News (KISS FM), Bright Sounds (Bright FM), In Novation (Radio Nova), Light But Not Too (Swansea Bay Radio), Light But Not Too News (Swansea Bay Radio), Amsterdam Rocks (City FM), Feel The Music (Q-102 FM), The Feel The Music News (Q-102 FM), The K.I.T. Instructions, The K.I.T. Jingle By Jingle, And Now: Back To Business (BNR News Radio), Imaging Beats, Strike FX.
Vibe Music Imaging
    Radio & TV CD Showreel Volume 1 [CD]
Introduction, Radio 1 - The Cool Stuff, Radio 1 - The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show, Radio 1 - Newsbeat, Pulse FM, Wave 105, Today FM, Special Projects, Television, Contact Information
    CD Showreel Volume 2 - [CD]
Introduction, BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 1 - Intro Imaging, RTE 2 FM, Heart 106.2/100.7 Heart FM, Island FM/The Beach, Magic 1161, Fox FM, EMAP Feature Themes, BBC Local Radio - Promo Themes, Talk Radio - News/Show Themes, Total Image
    Total Image [CD]
The Demo, Total Image In Action
  Downloaded MP3 Demos - October 2001 [CDR]
BBC London 09/01, BBC Radio One - Chris Moyles 02/01, Capital FM 01/01, BBC London Live 12/00, BBC London Live 06/00, BBC London Live 03/00, BBC Radio One - Chris Moyles 06/00, Forth FM 02/00, Talk Sport 01/00, Heart 106.2 Kid Jenson 11/99, BBC Radio One - Top 40 10/99, ITV Autumn Launch 08/99, BBC Radio One 04/99, BBC Radio One - Zoe Ball 11/98, BBC Radio One - Breakfast 09/98, BBC Radio One 09/98
Heart 106.2 10/01 Demo [MD]
  100.7 Heart FM 03/99 Demo [MD]  
Cube Digital Radio 2001 Demo [MD]
  Downloaded MP3 Demos - December 2001 #1 [MD]
Capital FM 06/01, Imagine FM 12/00 and 02/00, Big AM 12/00 and 02/00, Forth One 04/01, BBC Radio One 02/00, BBC Radio One 06/00
Downloaded MP3 Demos - December 2001 #2 [MD]

Channel 4 FM Dubai 12/99, Wessex FM 12/99, Radio Borders 02/00, Scot FM 06/00, Wave 96.4 06/00, Signal 1 06/00, Wave 96.5 06/00, 2FM 03/00
  Downloaded MP3 Demos - December 2001 #3 [MD]
Clyde 1 06/00, BFBS2 09/00, Century North West 01/01, Century North East 01/01, Century East Midlands 01/01, 2FM 04/01, 95.8 Capital FM 03/01, Dream 100 05/01
    V - The Production Library V.1 [CDR]
Scratch My Horn, Arrest The Grove, Noisy MF, Bace, Somebody Scream, Infectacide, Down Wit Ya Bad Self, Slap My Base Up, Austin On Acid
    V - The Production Library V.2 [CDR]
Slip Mat, Trashed, Hammond In The House, Big Up My Base, Grunge & Grind, Lose Yourself, Rock Up, Phatness, D.O.G.
    V - The Production Library V.Xmas1 [CDR]
Ding Dong Grunge, Beat The Turkey, Santa's Garage, Vingle Bells, The Season To Be Quirky, Yo Ho Ho, Entrancing Xmas, Beat The Bells, Daft Exmas
    V - The Production Library V.3 [CDR]
Score, Retrosexual, Ice, Rabbit & Hutch, Phunky, Incarnated, La Chill, Mad, Lock Up Ya Base Bin
    V - The Production Library V.4 [CDR]
Vextacy, Parisite, Amp Eater, Brassic Park, Darkness & Lite, Breakz, Yip Yip Yip, That Rock Track, Headcase
Who Did That Music?
    Radio Capabilities 1994/95 [CD]
Rick Dees Weekly Top 40, American Country Countdown, Pepsi Network Chart Show, Super Star USA - WUSA (Tampa Bay), Killer Bee - WBBM (Chicago), Hot Rockin' - Capital FM (London), True Classics - Capital Gold (London), Star 94 - WSTR (Atlanta), Music Power - BRMB (Birmingham), MY! MY ! MY! - WMYI (Greenville), ENJOY - N JOY Radio (Germany), Foreign Montage

Radio Capabilities (Radio Active) 1996 [CD]
Introduction, BBC Radio 1 - Package 1 (UK), B96 - WBBM (Chicago), Invicta FM (Kent), WJZW (Washington DC), WMZQ (Washington DC), 102.7 KIIS FM (Los Angeles) & RTL (Berlin), N JOY Radio # 2 (Germany), Xtra AM, Birmingham), WKLB (Boston), WPNT (Chicago)
    Who Did That Music Library 1995 Demo [CD]
Introduction, Classical/Orchestral, Rock, Jazz, Sports/Action, Blues, Anthems/Patriotic/Ceremonial, Fantasy, Solos/Intimate, Country, Hi-Tech/Sci-Fi, Adult Contemporary, Sound Design, New Age/World Music, Specialty, Nostalgic, Pop/Retail, Urban/R&B/Gospel, Film Scoring, News/Broadcast/Promo, Ballads/Romantic, Dance/House
Wicked Witch/Turning Point
  Jingles From The Netherlands & US 1995 [MD]
Introduction, Way FM, The Sound Of Light, New Life Radio, The City, Christmas Jingles, Contact Details
    TWWC9901 - Sound By Design, NOT By Default 1999 [CD]
Commercials, Concept Specials, Jingles, Sweepers, Custom Music
William B. Tanner
    Demos taken from original William B. Tanner 7 2 IPS Reels:    
    Crossover [WAV]    
    Easy Goin' (WHYN-FM)  [WAV]    
    Enjoy Yourself (KVYN) [WAV]    
    Feelin' Good (KSD)  [WAV]    
    Great Place To Be (WSIX)  [MP3]    
    Keep It Country (WCXI)  [WAV]    
    Mile High (KHOW)  [WAV]    
    Movin' On Country 'A' (WSLR)  [WAV]    
    Natural Light (WGND-FM In Stereo)  [WAV]    
    New Generation (68 WCBM Baltimore) [WAV]    
    Potpourri (Radio Avon)  [WAV]    
    Rolling Country [WAV]    
    Rock On (KFME) [WAV]    
    Simple & Free (WCOD)  [WAV]    
    Six Pack To Go (KVRO) [WAV]    
    The Difference Is The Music (WMAR) [WAV]    
    Up & Easy (WMEX)  [WAV]    
    Where Your Song Is Coming From (CKXL)  [WAV]    
    X Celebration (WQXI) [WAV]    
    You And The Music (55 KSD)  [WAV]    
Wise Buddah
    Jingle Showreel Autumn 2006 [CD]
Jingle Montage, Original 106 (UK), BBC Radio 2 (UK), BBC Radio Wales, Skala FM (Denmark), Kink FM (Holland), 96.3 Radio Aire (UK), Radio Zet 2006, Radio Zet 2005, Play Radio 2006 (Italy), Play Radio 2005 (Italy), Contemporary Cuts, BBC 6 Music (UK), Capital FM 2005 (UK), Hallam FM Breakfast
Ziaja & Dorst (Digital Soundstudio's) Holland
    Z&D SAM 95001 - Digital Studiodemo [CD]
1. Radiocommercials
: Copywriting, Stemselectie, Digitale opname, montage & mixage, Mediaservice.
2. Stationjingles
: jinglepackages, Stationcalls, Voice overs, Jocksings, Shouts & Whispers, Stationsongs
3. Studiofaciliteiten
: Postproduction RTV Commercials, Nasynchronisatie Video 7 Film, Stemmenservice, CDI Produktions.



[[CD] - Master CD from Production Company
[CDR] - CD copy from Collector, Radio Station or Production Company
[MD] - MiniDisc copy from Collector or Radio Station
[MP3] - MP3 Media File copy from Collector, Radio Station or Production Company
[X] - Package not as original (i.e. a few cuts or re-mixes may be missing
[#] - Sound quality not perfect
[E] - Cuts have been edited (e.g. Where package has been dubbed from 7.5 ips reel and fades have been added to reduce hiss)


  • The above list is not necessarily a list of items available for trading. Certain items on this list may not be available for swaps due to circumstances beyond my control as I have promised not to pass them on to the people who provided me with them.

  • Most of the jingle packages within my collection were copied from the master disc/tape sent to the radio station by the audio imaging production company (or a generation of that disc/tape). However, certain packages were copied from the actual radio station studio disc/tape or computer playout system (or a generation copy) which therefore include only the imaging used on-air. These packages may have certain jingles missing from the original full package but will include additional station internally produced work and sweeper mixes. They are described on my above list as 'On-Air' Jingles.

  • I have the capability to provide jingles for trades as MP3 files (or WAV files where applicable) via the internet or on CDR via conventional postal services.

  • I do not sell jingles from my collection; trades only.