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American Full Packages

80's Hit Machine
  JAM Jingles [CDR]  
80's Now.Com - Chicago
  2003 JAM Jingles [MD]  
American Top 40 with Shadoe Stevens
  Killer Music Jingles [MD]  
Bob FM - Canada
  2005 Reelworld Jingles [CDR]  
CHSC - St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
  William B. Tanner "Simple & Free" Jingles [#]  
CKFM - Toronto, Canada
  Thompson Creative "Double Barrel" Jingles  
KAJA (KJ97) - San Antonio, TX
  Reelworld "KNIX" Jingles [CDR]  
1240 KAKE - Wichita, KS
  JAM Accapellas and Magic Music Jingles [WAV]  
KATF (92.9 Kat FM) - Dubuque, Iowa
  1995-97 TM Century 'Pinnacle Of New York' Jingles [MD]  
  2000 TM Century 'Washington's Mix 107.3/Monumental Mix' Jingles [MD]  
KBEA (B100) - Quad Cities, Davenport, IA
  JAM "Z+" Jingles [MP3]  
KBKB (101.7 The Bull) - Fort Madison IOWA
  JAM "You've Got It, Dimension Two, Priority One" Jingles [CDR]  
  TM Century "Rough & Ready" Jingles [CDR]  
  TM Century "Quiet Storm" Jingles [CDR]  
  Reelworld "WSIX" Jingles [CDR]  
KBSG - Seattle, Washington
  2006 JAM "Maximum Power" Jingles [CDR]  
KCBQ - San Diego, CA
  1972 TM Productions Composite Jingles [CDR]  
KDAT - Cedar Rapids
  Reelworld "WLIT" Jingles [CDR]  
  JAM Jingles [CDR]  
KHT (Hit 96.5)
  JAM Jingles [CDR]  
KFMW (FM108)
  Century 21 Jingles [CDR]  
KFRC (KFRC-FM) - San Francisco, CA
  Feb 1991 Century 21 Custom Jingles [CDR] Non-Tradable
KFRC #1, #2, #5 (Tempo Transition Fast-Slow), #12 (Bay Area Weather), #15 (Top Of Hour Stager), #3, #6 (Tempo Transition Slow-Fast), #13 (News Open), #10 (Jock Cuts - Sue Hall, Leesha Torres), #11 (Donut Jock Cuts - Sue Hall, Leesha Torres), The All Day Station Acappella, #10 (Jock Cut - Mark Hanson), #11 (Donut Jock Cut - Mark Hanson).
KFSO - Fresno CA
  JAM Jingles [CDR]  
KGLU (Power 92)
  JAM Composite "Z World/Energy" Jingles [CDR] [#]  
KGRR - Dubuque
  Thompson Creative "High Roller" Jingles [MD]  
KGRS - Burlington
  19?? Drake-Chenault "XT40" Jingles [CDR]  
  19?? JAM "ProMod/Hot KIIS/Q Cuts" Jingles [CDR]  
  19?? TM "Pinnacle Of New York" Jingles [CDR]  
  19?? TM Century "Big Time Radio" Jingles [CDR]  
KHTR - St Louis, MO
  TM Productions "Airpower" Jingles [WAV]  
  JAM "The Flame Thrower" Jingles [WAV]  
  JAM "Hot KIIS" Jingles [WAV]  
  JAM "FM" Jingles [WAV]  
KIIS (102.7 KIIS FM) - Los Angeles, CA
  1980 Peters Productions Jingles [CDR] [#]  
KILT - Houston, TX
  Reelworld "KNIX" Jingles [CDR]  
  TM "You" Re-Sings [wav]  
KKSN (97.1 KISN-FM) - Potland, Oregon
  2001 JAM Composite Jingles [MD]  
KLAL (Alice Radio/Alice 107.7)
  JAM "Alice Radio Retro Weekend" Jingles (2 Cuts - "Power Station #4,#11) [CDR]  
  Reelworld "Kiss 108 Boston '99" Jingles [CDR]  
KLOU - St Louis, MO
    CPMG/PAMS Jingles [MP3]    
    TM Century "Platinum" Jingles (Main Cuts) [CDR]    
  Jingle And Sweeper Montage [CDR]  
KMLE (Camel Country 108) - Phoenix, AZ
    JAM "Breakthrough" Jingles [CDR]    
  JAM "Q Cuts" Jingles and Shouts [CDR]  
KMGX (Magic 100.7)
  GMI Media "Free Flight" Jingles [CDR]  
KMXV (Mix 93.3) - Kansas City, MO
  Reelworld "Z100 2000" Re-Sings [MP3]  
KOKZ (OK 105.7)
  JAM Composite Jingles [CDR] [#]  
KOST (Coast 103.5) Los Angeles
    May 2011 JAM Custom Jingles (9 Cuts) [CDR]    
  June 2011 JAM Custom Jingles (6 Out Of Commercial Cuts) [CDR]  
KRBE (Power 104) - Houston, TX
  Feb 1989 Century 21 "Steamroller" Custom Jingles [CDR] Non-Tradable  
    May 1989 Century 21 "Steamroller" Re-Sings [CDR] Non-Tradable
Cut #17 - Kelly's Heroes, Tom Kelly Shout, Cut #10 - The Most Music In the Morning, Cut #15 (Jock Cuts) - Glenn Beck, Mark Waldi, Clydie Clyde, Glenn & Clydie, Eric Leikam, Eric Chase, Tom Kelly, Adam Cook, Scott Sparks, Janet G, Robert O'Quinn.
  Sep 1989 Century 21 "Steamroller" Cut #15 Re-Sing [CDR] Non-Tradable
Steamroller cut #15 with jock shouts for Joel Davis, Dave Andrews and Scottie Mac.
    JAM "Hot KIIS, Skywave, Into The Music" + Sweepers [CDR]    
KRNT (Q102) - Des Moines
  19?? JAM "Dimension 2" Jingles [WAV]  
KPOP (AM 1360) - San Diego
  JAM "Along The Coast/Coastlines" Composite Jingles [CDR]
"Along The Coast" #9, #10, #15; "Coastlines" #1
  JAM "Coast/KVIL" Composite Jingles [CDR]
"Coastlines" #11; "On Top" #1, #3, #5, #6, #7, #8, #15; "Celebrate" #2, #7, #21 (News Sounder); "One Up" #11
  JAM/PAMS "Smartset/Touch Of Christmas" Composite Jingles [CDR]  
  JAM "Great Memories" Re-Sings [CDR]
Holiday Acappella's; "Great Memories" #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6
KRQQ (93.7 KRQ)
  JAM "Red Hot/Hit Radio" Jingles [MP3]  
  Thompson Creative "Y100 Country" Jingles [CDR]  
  JAM "Country Buzz" Jingles [CDR]  
KSTZ (Star 102.5) - Des Moines
  19?? JAM "High Qume/Digital Mix" Jingles [CDR]  
    N2 Effect "Star 94" Re-Sings [MP3]    
KSOF (Soft Rock 98.9) - Fresno
  JAM "MasterMix" Jingles [CDR]  
KTHT (Mix 102.7) - Houston, TX
  JAM Composite Jingles [CDR] [#]  
KUUL (Kool FM)
  JAM "Z World" Jingles [WAV]  
KQCR (Q103) - Cedar Rapids
  1984-1995 JAM Jingles [CDR]  
  Thompson Creative "The Edge" Jingles [MD]  
KVIL (103.7) - Dallas / Forth Worth, TX
  Marvh 1991 TM Century "KVIL 90s" Custom Jingles (Remixes) [WAV] Non-Tradable  
KVMI (Cool 103.9) - Arthur, ND
  2003 TM Century Jingles [CDR]  
KVVL (Kool FM)
  1991 JAM Jingles [CDR]  
  JAM "Back Seat Music" Jingles [CDR]  
KXMX (Max 102.9)
  Thompson Creative "Orlando 2" Jingles [MD]  
KYGO - Denver
  2000 Reelworld Jingles [CDR]  
  2002 Reelworld Jingles [CDR]  
KYKY (Y98 FM) - St. Louis
  JAM "Metroline" Jingles [CDR]  
KZLA - Los Angeles
  Reelworld "KYGO '98" Jingles [CDR]  
KZZU-FM (Zoo FM) - Spokane WA
  JAM Composite Jingles [MP3] [#]  
LAVA 105.3 Hawaii
  TM Century "Big Time Honolulu" Jingles (Main Mixes) [CDR]  
Radio Jovem Pan - Brazil
  JAM Jingles (Main Mixes) [CDR]  
Rick Dees
  Weekly Top 10/30 - 2009 TM Studios Acapellas [CDR]  
  JAM Jingles (Main Mixes) [CDR]  
WAAL - Binghamton NY
  JAM "Laser Image/Warp Factor" Composite Jingles (01:59) [MP3]  
WABC - New York
  PAMS Series 30 (Air Version) Jingles [CDR]  
  PAMS Series 31 (Air Version) Jingles [CDR]  
    PAMS Series 41 (Air Version) Jingles [CDR]  
    2004 JAM Custom Jingles [CDR]  
WAEB (AM 790 / B104) - Allentown, PA (Lehigh Valley)
    WAEB (AM 790) - 1986 JAM Composite (New Day) Jingles Incl. Instrumentals [CDR]    
    WAEB (AM 790) - JAM "Back Seat Music" Jingles [CDR]    
    WAEB (AM 790) - JAM Composite (Spirit of 76) Incl. Instrumentals, Stn Song [CDR]    
  WAEB (B104) - 1993 JAM Jingles (Studio Carts) [CDR]  
  WAEB (B104) - Summer 1995 Scott Lowe Aircheck [CDR]  
  WAEB (B104) - 2001 Reelworld "KDWB" Re-Sings [CDR]  
  WAEB (B104) - 200? N2 Effect Jingles [CDR]  
WAKR (1590 WAKR) - Akron, Ohio
  TM "You" Re-Sings [WAV]  
WALC (Alice @ 100.5)
  JAM "Warp Factor/Turbo Z" Jingles [CDR]  
WANS - Greenville, SC

JAM Composite "Turbo Z, Hot KIIS,Skwave, Flame Thrower, Warp Factor) [CDR]

  1999 Reelworld "Kiss 105" Jingles [CDR]  
WASH-FM - Washington DC
  1996 JAM "Something Big/Soft Sensation/Breakthrough" Jingles [CDR]  
  1997 JAM 'Love Song' Jingles [CDR]  
  JAM "Hot KIIS" Jingles [CDR]  
  TM Century "Dallas Power" Jingles [CDR]  
WAXK-FM (Rock 102) - New London, Connecticut
  Marc Driscol Voice-Overs [CDR]  
  PAMS Series 14,27,28,31 Jingles [CDR]  
WAYS (Oldies 99 WAYS) - Macon, Georgia
  1997 JAM Composite Jingles [MP3]  
WAYV - Atlantic City, New Jersey
  JAM "Xyrock/Hyperlink" Jingles [MD]  
  JAM Composite "Hits Of The 80`s & 90`s" Jingles [MD]  
WBEN - Buffalo, New York
  TM "You" Re-Sings (Mono) [MP3]  
    2004 Tony Griffin "Big 100" Custom Jingles [CDR]    
    TM Century "Washington's Biggest Hits" Jingles [WAV]    
  JAM "Logoset" Jingles [MP3]  
WBBG (Oldies 93) - Youngstown, OH
  Apr 1991 Century 21 Composite Jingles [CDR] Non-Tradable
New York's Best Mix #4, #5, #9; Madison Avenue #11, #19, #20; WNSR '91 #1, #7, #14 (Flashback Cut featuring Shouts 1954 through to 1990), #15
  "Hot Hits" Jingles [CDR]  
WBBS (B104.7)
  Thompson Creative Composite Jingles [CDR]  
  TM Productions "You" Jingles [CDR]  
WBSB (B104) - Baltimore, Maryland
  11/1985 JAM "Warp Factor" Jingles  [CDR]  
  11/1985 JAM "Fresh KIIS" Jingles [CDR]  
  3/1989 JAM "Skywave" Jingles (Only 2 Cuts - #7, #18) [CDR]  
  8/1989 JAM "Turbo Z" Jingles [CDR]  
  JAM "KIIS/90" Jingles [CDR]  
WBT News Talk Radio - Charlotte, North Carolina
  1990 TM Century "Keeping You In Touch" Jingles [CDR]  
WBUB (Bubba 107.5)
  1991 Century 21 Jingles [CDR]  
WBUF (Mix 92.9) - Buffalo, NY
  Apr 1991 Century 21 "WNSR '91" Jingles [CDR] Non-Tradable
WNSR '91 #1, #2, #3, #4, #7 (Buffalo's More Music Morning Show), #8, #11, #13, #14, #15 (Weather)
WBZZ (B94) - Pittsburgh
  JAM "Hyperlink" Jingles [CDR] [#]  
  JAM "Warp Factor" Jingles [CDR]  
WCBS (CBS-FM) - New York
  19?? JAM "Do It Again" Jingles [CDR]  
  2003 Tony Griffin "Super Hits" Jingles [CDR]  
WCHV - Charlottesville, Virginia
  TM "You" Re-Sings [MP3]  
  Oct 1977 JAM "Positron" Jingles [WAV]  
  19?? TM "Rhythm Of The City" Jingles [WAV]  
  19?? TM "The Winning Score" Jingles [WAV]  
WEAT-FM (Sunny 104.3) - West Palm Beach, Florida
  August 1995 JAM "Bright & Sunny" Jingles (Only 3 Cuts - #1,#2,#3) [CDR]  
  December 1996 JAM "Soft Sensation" Jingles [CDR]  
The Weekly Country Music Countdown (Westwood One)
  TM Century Jingles (Main Cuts) [MP3] [X]  
  TM "Sound Of Chicago" Jingles [WAV]  
WEZL (The Weasel)
  19?? Tanner "Up And Easy" Jingles [CDR]  
    19?? TM Composite Jingles ("Sounds Like" & "America's Country") [CDR]    
  19?? TM Century Jingles [CDR]  
  1999 Thompson Creative Jingles [CDR]  
WFLY (Fly 92) - Albany
  July 2000 JAM "Hot Wired" Jingles [CDR]  
WFOX (Fox 97)
  1994 JAM "2 Kool" Jingles [CDR]  
WFVA - Fredericksburg, Virginia
  JAM "Omni-Trax" Jingles [MP3]  
WGAD - Gadsden, Alabama
  March 2003 Studio Dragonfly "Classic Oldies" Jingles [MP3]  
WGFP (Cool Country 940)
  Dec 02/Jan 03 Station Imaging [CDR]  
WGFM (99 GFM) - Schenectady, NY
    1983-1986 JAM Composite Jingles [from Studio Carts] [MP3]
Hitradio#12, 13,15; Jock Accas; Accas; Hitradio 2 – Weather Cut “Capital District Weather”; Flame Thrower
WGLU (Power 92)
  JAM "Z World/Energy" Jingles [CDR] [#]  
WGY - Schenectady, New York
    TM "You" Re-Sings [CDR] [#]    
  JAM Jingles [CDR] [#]  
WHBT (Heartbeat 101)
  1987 JAM Jingles [CDR]  
WHKF (99.3 Kiss FM) - Harrisburg
  2001 Reelworld "Kiss FM" Re-Sings [MD]  
  2004 N2 Effect Jingles (Main Cuts) [CDR]  
WHTZ (Z100 New York)
  2004 Reelworld Custom Jingles (Main Cuts) [CDR]  
WHWK (98.1 The Hawk)
  Reelworld "WCTO/KYGO" Jingles (Main Cuts) [CDR]  
WHXT (Hot 99.9)
  JAM Composite Jingles [CDR] [#]  
WHYN - Springfield, MA
  JAM Composite "The Best Show In Springfield" Jingles [MP3]  
WILI (1400 AM) - Willimantic, CT
  June 2003 TM Century "Today's Hits & Yesterday's Favrites" Jingles [CDR]  
Wings 105 - Elmira, NY
  CPMG "First Fire" Jingles [MP3]  
WIOQ (Q102) - Philadelphia
  Reelworld "WKTU '96" Jingles [CDR]  
  Reelworld "WKTU '97" Jingles [CDR]  
  Reelworld "KISS 108 Boston '99" Jingles [CDR]  
WJLK (94.3 The Point) - Ocean, NJ
  1997 Reelworld "Kiss 108" Jingles [MP3]  
WJMX - Cherah, Florence, South Carolina
  JAM "Turbo Z" Jingles [CDR] [#]  
  TM "Where Your Friends Are" Jingles [WAV]  
WJXA (Mix 92.9) - Nashville
  2004 Reelworld Jingles [CDR]  
  1996 Smooth Jazz Jingles [CDR]  
WKBO - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
  1977 JAM "Proton/Logoset/Christmas Kit" Jingles [MP3]  
WKCD (Channel 1077) - Mystic, Connecticut
  Jeff Berlin Voice-Overs [CDR]  
103 WKDF -  Nashville
  2004 Reelworld Jingles [CDR]  
WKSS (Kiss 95.7) - Hartford, Connecticut
  JAM "Turbo Z" Jingles [MP3] [#]  
WKST (96.1 Kiss FM) - Pittsburgh
  2002 N2 Effect "KDWB" Jingles [CDR]  
WKSZ (Kiss 100) - Philadelphia
  1991 JAM "Brite & Sunny" Jingles [CDR]  
  JAM "After Burner" Jingles (inc. custom TOTH)  [CDR]  
WKZW (KZ93) - Laurel-Hattiesburg, MS
  JAM "Breakthrough" Jingles [CDR] [#]  
  JAM "Hyperlink" Jingles [CDR] [#]  
  JAM "Skywave" Jingles [CDR] [#]  
  JAM "Turbo Z" Jingles [CDR] [#]  
  JAM "Warp Factor" Jingles [CDR] [#]  
  Century 21 "Dallas Power" Jingles [CDR]  
WLCE (Alice 104.5) - Philadelphia
  Reelworld "WLOL 1999" Jingles [CDR]  
WLIT - Chicago, Illinois
  2000 (Lite Rock 93.9) On-Air Reelworld Jingles [MD]  
  2005 (WLIT) Reelworld Jingles [CDR]  
WLTB (Lite 101.7/Magic 101.7)
    Lite 101.7 - Nov 1999 TM Century "Pinnacle Of New York" Jingles [MD]    
    Lite 101.7 - Nov 1999 TM Century "Big Time Radio" Jingles [MD]    
    Lite 101.7 - Nov 1999 TM Century "Martini Lounge" Jingles [MD]    
    Lite 101.7 - Mar 2001 TM Century "New Southern California's KISS" Jingles [MD]    
    Lite 101.7 - Mar 2001 TM Century "PLJ Morning Accelerator" Jingles [MD]    
  Magic 101.7 - Feb 2002 TM Century "Dallas Power" Jingles [MD]  
WLTF - Cleveland
  JAM "Lite Favorites" Custom Jingles [CDR] [#]  
  JAM "Brite & Sunny/A Touch Of Christmas/Metroline" Jingles [CDR]  
  JAM "Horizon/Talk Action" Jingles  [CDR]  
  JAM A'capella Years (1980-89) [CDR]  
WLYC - Williamsport, Pennsylvania
  TM "You" Re-Sings [WAV]  
WLYF - Miami, Florida
  1991 TM Century "Today's Life" Jingles [CDR]  
  Mar 1996 - JAM "Magic Composite" Jingles [CDR]  
  Mar 1997 - JAM "Magic Composite" Jingles [CDR]  
    Sep 1998 - JAM "Miami Lite" Custom Jingles [CDR]    
  July 1999 - JAM Custom + "It's Magic" Jingles [CDR]  
    Sep 2000 - JAM Custom Jingles [CDR]    
  Aug 2002 - JAM Custom + "Ride The Wave" Jingles [CDR]  
  1996 TM Century "Southern California's KIIS" Jingles [CDR]  
  1999 Reelworld "Kiss FM" Re-Sings [CDR]  
  2001 N2 Effect Jingles [MD]  
WMGK (Magic 103) - Philadelphia
  08/1975 - JAM "Magic Music 1" Custom Jingles [CDR]  
  10/1975 - JAM "Magic Music 1" Additional Re-Mixes [CDR]  
  03/1976 - JAM "Magic Music 1" Additional Cuts [CDR]  
  03/1977 - JAM "Magic Music 2" Custom Jingles [CDR]  
  05/1977 - JAM Female Vocal Audition [CDR]  
  06/1977 - JAM "Magic Music 2" Redo's [CDR]  
  11/1977 - JAM "Magic Music 2" Re-Sings [CDR]  
  10/1978 - JAM "Magic Music 3" Custom Jingles [CDR]  
  03/1979 - JAM "Magic Music 3" Re-Sings [CDR]  
  01/1984 - JAM Audition Cuts [CDR]  
  02/1984 - JAM Logo Auditions [CDR]  
  02/1984 - JAM Vocal Audition #2 [CDR]  
  02/1984 - JAM Vocal Audition (Revised Logo) [CDR]  
  06/1984 - JAM "The Magic Is The Music" Custom Jingles [CDR]  
  06/1984 - JAM "The Magic Is The Music" Hour ID Re-Mix [CDR]  
  08/1984 - JAM "The Magic Is The Music" Re-Mix [CDR]  
  07/1985 - JAM Magic Custom [CDR]  
  04/1986 - JAM Custom 1986 [CDR]  
  04/1986 - JAM Custom 1986 (Cuts 67 & 68A) [CDR]  
  04/1986 - JAM "On The Coast" Jingles [[CDR]  
  06/1986 - JAM "Custom No.68 A/B/C/D" Jingles [CDR]  
  08/1987 - JAM "Magic Music 5" Custom Jingles [CDR]  
  09/1987 - JAM "Magic Music 5 Re-Mixes - Custom 77/78 Jingles [CDR]  
  07/1988 - JAM "Coast to Coast" & "Magic Music 6" Jingles [CDR]  
  08/1989 - JAM "Coast To Coast" Cut 9 "Philadelphia Magic" Jingle [CDR]  
  04/1993 - JAM "It's Magic" Custom Jingles [CDR]  
  08/1993 - JAM "It's Magic" Magic 102.9 Re-Sings  [CDR]  
  02/1994 - JAM "9 At 9" Custom Jingles [CDR]  
  03/1994 - JAM Transparent Audio Logo Experiments (5 Cuts) [CDR]  
  03/1994 - JAM Transparent Audio Logo Version 2 (5 Cuts) [CDR]  
  03/1994 - JAM Transparent Logo Version 3 (6 Cuts) [CDR]  
WMJL - Marion, KY
    JAM "Do It Again" Jingles [CDR]    
    TM Century "Hot Country" Jingles ("My Kind of Country" Slogan) [CDR]    
  Tony Griffin Productions "Double Exposure" Jingles [CDR]  
WMTX (Mix 96)
  JAM "Q Cuts" Jingles [CDR] [#]  
WMXJ - Miami Gardens, FL
    Apr 1989 Century 21 "Classic Oldies" Custom Jingles [CDR]  Non-Tradable    
    May 1989 Century 21 "Classic Oldies" Acappella Add-Ons [CDR] Non-Tradable    
    Sep 1991 TM Century "Good Time Classics" Custom Jingles [CDR]  Non-Tradable    
    Jul 1993 TM Century "Good Time Classics" Cut #13 [CDR]  Non-Tradable    
WMXV (Big 105) - New York
  JAM On-Air Jingles/Sweepers [CDR]  
WMXZ (Mix 95.7)
  JAM Composite "Hi-Qume/Q Cuts" Jingles [CDR] [#]  
WNAV - Annapolis, Maryland
  JAM "Best Show 2" Jingles (Main Mixes) [MP3]  
  JAM "Best Show" Jingles [MP3] [#]  
WNCI - Columbus, Ohio
  JAM "Power Station" Jingles [WAV]  
  JAM "Turbo Z" Jingles [WAV]  
  JAM "Z World" Jingles [WAV]  
WNCL (Cool 101.3) - Milford, Delaware
  2011 On-Air Station Imaging (From Playout) [MP3]  
WNIC - Detroit
  JAM "Breakthrough" Jingles [CDR]  
  JAM "After Burner" Jingles [CDR]  
  JAM "Very Nice" Custom Jingles [CDR]  
WNKT (Cat Country 107.5)
  1998 Thomspon Creative "Cleveland's Country" Jingles [CDR]  
  2000 Reelworld "WCTO" Jingles [CDR]  
  200? Reelworld Jingles [MD]  
  JAM Morning Show Jingles [MD]  
WNSR (Mix 105) - New York
  Feb 1990 Century 21 "New York's Best Mix" Custom Jingles [CDR] Non-Tradable  
  May 1990 Century 21 Year Shouts + Custom#46 Re-Mix [CDR] Non-Tradable
Year Shouts 1960 through to 1979 + "New York's Best Mix" Cut #6 Re-Mix (Mix 105 Days Of Summer)
WODS (Oldies 103.3) - Boston
  Dec 1999 JAM "Do It Again" Jingles [CDR]  
    Paul Perry Morning Show Add-Ons  [CDR]
JAM "Do It Again" #8, #13
  2002 Groove Addicts Jingles [CDR]  
  PAMS "Energy" Jingles [CDR]  
WOMX (Mix 105.1) - Orlando, FL
  1996 Thompson Creative "Houston Mix 3" Jingles [MP3] [X]  
WONE (930 AM) - Wayne County, Akron OHIO
  JAM Jingles [CDR]  
WORC (Oldies 98.9) - Webster/Worcester, MA
  TM Century "Washington's Oldies" Jingles [CDR]  
World Chart Show (Radio Express)
  Show Imaging including jingles by Zone Radio Imaging [4xCDR]  
WOHO - Toledo, OH
  Music K (Chris Kershaw) "Back To Basics" Session  [WAV]  
WOWO - Fort Wayne, Indiana
  JAM "Digital Mix/Brite & Sunny" Jingles (Composite Package)  [MP3]  
WPCH-FM (Peach 94.9) - Atlanta, GA
  Oct 1988 JAM "Coast To Coast" Jingles [WAV]  
  Feb 1992 JAM "Continuous Coast" Jingles [WAV]  
  Feb 1993 JAM "Continuous Coast #1" Jingles (1 Cut) [WAV]  
  Nov 1993 JAM "Continuous Coast" Jingles and Custom Acappellas [WAV]  
    Aug 1994 JAM "Keep On Coastin'" Jingles [WAV]    
    2000 Groove Addicts "WPCH 2000" Custom Jingles (Main Cuts Only) [MP3]    
  2002 Groove Addicts "WPCH 2002" Custom Jingles (Main Cuts Only) [MP3]  
WPLJ - New York City
    Feb 1992 TM Century "The New WPLJ" Custom Jingles [CDR] Non-Tradable    
  2003 TM Century "24 Hours Of Christmas" Cut [CDR]  
WPLM-FM (Easy 99.1) - Plymouth-Boston, MA
  2001/2 On-Air JAM Jingles/Bob Brooks Sweepers [CDR]  
WPRO-FM - Providence, RI
  1988 Century 21 "Proton" Jingles [CDR] [X] - (Cuts 12/15 only)  
  19?? JAM "KIIS/90" Jingles [CDR]  
  1998 JAM "Z+" Jingles [CDR]  
  2002 JAM Custom "PRO Choice" Jingles (Main Mixes) [CDR]  
  Dec 2001 On-Air Imaging/Brian James Sweepers [CDR]  
WPXY (98 PXY) - Rochester, NY
  JAM "Skywave" Jingles [WAV]  
WQGN (Q105) - New London, CT
    JAM "Hot Wired" Jingles (From Playout) [CDR]    
  06/02 Reelworld "Today's Best Music" (KDWB Package) Jingles [CDR]  
  10/02 Reelworld "Today's Hit Music" Jingles [CDR]  
WQKL (Cool 107)
  Thompson Creative "San Antonio's Hot New Country/Dallas Mix 2" Jingles [CDR]  
WQSR - Baltimore
  2004 JAM "Home Of The Hits" (WCBS-FM Custom 2004) Jingles [CDR]  
WQXA (Q106) - Harrisburg, PA
    JAM "Christmas" Jingles [CDR]    
  JAM "Meltodown" Jingles [CDR]  
  JAM "Double Plus" Jingles [CDR]  
WRBQ (Q105) - Tampa, Florida
  19?? JAM Jingles [CDR]  
WRCQ (Golden 91Q) - Durham , New York
  TM "You" Re-Sings [CDR]  
WRZE (The Rose) - Hyannis, MA
  TM Century "Southern California's KIIS" Jingles [CDR]  
  Reelworld "I-96" Jingles [CDR]  
  TM Century "KVIL 90s" Jingles [CDR]  
WSHE (Kool 100) - Orlando, Florida
  Aircheck Montage Inc. Sweepers And Jingles [CDR]  
WSM (Live 95) - Nashville
  1995 JAM "After Burner" Jingles [CDR]  
    2003 TM Century "Seven" Jingles [MP3]    
WSPD - Toledo
  Heller Custom Jingles [CDR]  
WSSH (Wish 99.5) - Boston, MA
  199? JAM Jingles (Coast Re-Sings) [CDR]  
WSSP (The Beat) - Charleston, SC
  Nov 1999 Reelworld "Kiss 108" Jingles [CDR]  
  1984-85 JAM Jingles [CDR]  
  1990s JAM Sonovox Cuts [CDR]  
  199? JAM "Z+" Jingles [CDR] (main cuts)  
  1999 Reelworld "I-96" Jingles [CDR]  
  Apr 2001 TM Century Morning Show Jingles [CDR]  
  2001 Reelworld "Z100" Jingles [MD]  
  JAM Morning Show Jingles [MD]  
  2001/2002 On-Air Sweepers & Promos [MD]  
WSTW - Wilmington
  JAM "Hit After Hit" Jingles [CDR] [#]  
  JAM "Z World" Jingles [CDR] [#]  
    200? On Air Station Imaging (inc. JAM "Dimension 2000" Cuts) [CDR] [#]    
  200? JAM "Dimension 2000" Jingles (3 Cuts: #2, #3 & #4) [CDR]  
WSUY (Sunny 96.9)
  Mar 2000 Reelworld "WLIT" Jingles [CDR]  
  Oct 2000 Reelworld "Lite 105" Jingles [CDR]  
  2004 Reelworld "WNIC" Jingles [CDR]  
WSWT (Lite Rock 107) - Peoria, Illinois
  JAM "Metroline" Jingles [CDR]  
  Thompson Creative Composite Jingles [CDR]  
  TM Century "Dallas Power" Jingles [CDR]  
WTJM FM (Jammin' 105) - New York
  JAM/PAMS "New York's Jammin' Oldies" Jingles [CDR]  
  19?? PAMS City Song [CDR]  
  PAMS Series 18 Jingles [CDR]  
  19?? PAMS Series 27 Jingles [CDR]  
  19?? TM "Phase II" Jingles [CDR]  
  1989 Century 21 "Talk Radio WABC" Jingles [CDR]  
  1998 Tony Griffin "News Now" Jingles [CDR]  
  1999 JAM "Attitude Control" Jingles [CDR]  
WTOD - Toledo
  1975 JAM "Country JAM" Jingles [WAV]  
  CRC 47 Ratings Grabber Jingles [CDR]  
  TM Half Btass Half Acapella Jingles [CDR]  
  Tanner Now Sound Jingles [CDR]  
  TM Phase II Parts 1-3 Jingles [CDR]  
    TM Phase II Year Sings [CDR]  
  TM Airworks Jingles [CDR]  
  TM Fusion Jingles [CDR]    
  PAMS Solid Rock 1 + 2 Jingles [CDR]  
  1982 TM Productions "Stereo Rock" Jingles (Mono) [MP3]  
WVJS - Owensboro KY
  JAM "The Only One" Jingles [WAV]  
  1979 JAM Jingles [CDR]  
  1980 JAM "Pro-od/Meltdown" Jingles [CDR]  
  1985 JAM "The Fyre" Jingles [CDR]  
  1987 JAM "On Target" Jingles [CDR]  
WVRE (101.1 The River)
  2003 Reelworld Jingles [CDR]  
WVXL (XL-102)
  200? Sweepers [CDR]  
WWBB (B101) - Providence, RI
  1997 JAM "Do It Again" Jingles [CDR]  
  2001 Tony Griffin Jingles [CDR]  
WWLI (Lite 105) - Providence, RI
  1998 JAM "The Big Diff./Sunset Blvd." Jingles [CDR]  
  2002 On-Air Jingles/Sweepers [CDR]  
WWQM (Q106) - Madison, WI
  1977 TM 'Stereo Rock' Jingles [MP3]  
WWWJ (News Radio 95 WWJ) - Detroit, IL
  Axcess Broadcast Services Jingles [MP3]  
WWWW (W4 Country)
  2004 Thompson Creative "High Roller/Cool Country" Jingles [CDR]  
  Jan 2005 TM Century "The New WPLJ" Jingles [CDR]  
WWYL (Wild 104)
  2002 N2 Effect "Kiss 106.1" Jingles [CDR]  
WWYZ (Natural 92) - Waterbury, Connecticut
  JAM "Magic Music" Jingles [MP3]  
WXHT (B95.3)
  Reelworld "WSIX" Jingles [CDR]  
  JAM "Turbo Z" Jingles [MP3]  
  JAM Composite "Z World/Warp Factor/Breakthrough/KIIS/90" Jingles [MP3]  
  JAM "Hot Kiss" Jingles [MP3]  
  JAM "Rockin' For America" Jingles [MP3]  
  JAM Composite "Turbo Z/Hyperlink" Jingles [MP3]  
  JAM Composite "Turbo Z/Hyperlink/Warp Factor" Jingles [MP3]  
  JAM Composite "Turbo Z/Skywave/Hyperlink" Jingles [MP3]  
  JAM "Warp Factor" Jingles [MP3]  
  1979 JAM "Lea High Valley's Country" Jingles [CDR]  
WXLM (Mix 102)
  Thompson Creative Jingles [MD][X]  
  Mar 2003 Liners & Sweepers [CDR]  
  Reelworld Jingles [CDR]  
WXLY (Oldies 102.5) - Charleston, SC
  1997 JAM "Stay Kool" Jingles [CDR]  
  Aug 1999 JAM Jingles [CDR]  
  Oct 1999 JAM "A Touch Of Christmas" Jingles [CDR]  
  Sept 2000 JAM Jingles [CDR]  
  1986 JAM "Bright Light" Jingles [CDR]  
  1988 JAM "On The Coast" Jingles [CDR]  
  1989 JAM "Rockin' For America" Jingles [CDR]  
  1990 TM Century Jingles [CDR]  
  1992 TM Century "KFRC-FM" Jingles [CDR]  
  1994 TM Century Morning Show Jingles [CDR]  
  1986-94 Various News/Traffic Beds [CDR]  
  1986-94 JAM/TM Century Shouts And Chants [CDR]  
  1986-94 Randy Reeves Sweepers & Promos [CDR]  
WXXY - Chicago, Illinois
  1998 JAM Jingles [CDR/MD]  
  JAM Add-Ons [CDR}  
WXYZ (1270 AM) - Detroit, MI
    1971 TM Productions "Free Design" Jingles [CDR]    
    1972 TM Productions "Composite A" Jingles [CDR]    
  1972 TM Productions "Composite B" Jingles [CDR]  
WYYY (Y94 FM) - Syracuse, NY
    Aug 1989 Century 21 "Proton" Jingles [CDR] Non-Tradable
Proton #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 (Another Free Money Winner), #7, #8, #9, #10 (Merry Christmas), #11 (Weekend), #12 (Rowland Radio Show), #13, #14, #15 (Y94 FM 4-Day Forecast), Jock Shouts
  Aug 1989 Century 21 "Proton" Re-Sings [CDR] Non-Tradable
Proton #15 (Y94 FM 4-Day Forecast), WYYY Syracuse Acappella, Proton #6 (50 Minutes Of Music In An Hour), Proton #15 (Y94 FM 4-Day Forecast - More Favourites, Less Talk Sings),
    Thompson Creative Composite Jingles [CDR]    
  200? On-Air Reelworld "WLOL 1999" Jingles/Sweepers [CDR]  
WZYQ (Z104)
  JAM Composite Jingles (Main Cuts) [CDR]  



[CD] - Master CD from Production Company
[CDR] - CD copy from Collector, Radio Station or Production Company
[MD] - MiniDisc copy from Collector or Radio Station
[MP3] - MP3 Media File copy from Collector, Radio Station or Production Company
[X] - Package not as original (i.e. a few cuts or re-mixes may be missing
[#] - Sound quality not perfect
[E] - Cuts have been edited (e.g. Where package has been dubbed from 7.5 ips reel and fades have been added to reduce hiss)


  • The above list is not necessarily a list of items available for trading. Certain items on this list may be not be available for swaps due to circumstances beyond my control.

  • Most of the jingle packages within my collection were copied from the master disc/tape sent to the radio station by the audio imaging production company (or a generation of that disc/tape). However, certain packages were copied from the actual radio station studio carts, DAT, MiniDisc or computer playout system (or a generation copy) which therefore include only the imaging used on-air. These packages may have certain jingles missing from the original full package but will include additional station internally produced work and sweeper mixes. They are described on my above list as 'On-Air' Jingles.

  • I have the capability to provide jingles for trades as MP3 files (or WAV files where applicable) via the internet or on CDR via conventional postal services.

  • I do not sell jingles from my collection; trades only.